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Keep Future Music Festival Asia 2015 Alive & Well!!

You may have heard of the permit issue for the FMFA 2015 in Singapore but all is not lost because Livescape is working around the clock to ensure the show goes on!

Livescape has asked members of the public to give them 48 hours to work on this permit issue and an update will be provided by Friday or Saturday.

At present, Livescape has gone up to the highest level to appeal for the festival to proceed. The Singapore Police Force have concerns due to the isolated drug related incidents that happened in Malaysia last year. Isolated incidents which happened outside of Singapore cannot and do not carry any implication that FMFA is in any way linked to drug use nor is it any indication that there will be drug abuse at the event.

FMFA firmly stands behind their goal of creating a drug-free event for festival goers to enjoy and are working to the best of their ability with the best international organisations in the world with a combined 50 years of experience working on similar events to ensure that this is the case.

Contingency plans are in place and on standby if the appeal does not go through. The backup plan is to have FMFA within various venues in Singapore, such as clubs, indoor arenas, etc.

FMFA believes that music unites, and that together all of us can make a stand for our right to #KeepFMFAAlive and #Drugfree.

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