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Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips For A Healthy Relationship & Sex Life

There are lots of tips on how to have a better relationship and sex life, but did you know that it also comes down to your diet?

A good diet can do wonders. Not only will it help you stay healthy at your optimal best, but having the right kind of diet will you a world of good in more ways than one.

Certain types of foods can help boost libido and certain types of food, particularly a poor diet can also contribute to a whole lot of health issues for you. A poor diet unfortunately can also find its way into your bedroom and mess up with your mojo seriously if you’re not careful! Obesity and diabetics are often linked with poor diets and erectile dysfunction is very often linked with both obesity and diabetes.

If you’re keen to keep your sex life in its ultimate “shape” as it were, maintaining a healthy diet is essential. Sometimes, that calls for lifestyle changes. Changing your eating habits and eating behaviours for the better will make you feel better but best of all, it won’t affect your sex life badly.

Here are the top 5 Healthy Eating Tips For a Healthy Relationship & Sex Life:

1. Eat together 

Being together is a bonding experience for any couple at any time. The brain is the most important sex organ and sex isn’t just about the act itself. Look at it from a holistic point of view. It begins with signs of affections, building trust and intimacy together and desiring your partner. Having meals together helps both of you to get to know each other better and helps bond the both of you tighter together in a relaxed scenario.

2. Healthy Diet

Our bodies need food. However, it’s fueling the body with the right kinds of food that isn’t always so easy. Eating the right kind of foods has been linked to better mood and greater energy (and of course, better health). Omega-3s, for example, help to improve heart health, and reduces the risk of depression (which is often linked to the loss of sexual desire) by increasing dopamine production, and may have a positive impact on libido. A healthy diet can help maintain a better mood and thus, helping you to be able to support a healthy relationship.

3. Support one another

We’re not just talking emotionally, although that is very important in any relationship. We’re referring to supporting each other by having a good diet and encouraging each other to stick to those good dietary habits. If your partner is on a weight loss journey, be supportive by helping them in any way possible. They will greatly appreciate that support.

Don’t criticise or nitpick on their bad eating habits. Help them find out why they are having difficulty sticking to their diet and help them come to a solution. Be supportive, not destructive. When one is supportive to their partner, that bonds a couple even more and thus, creating more love and desire between them.

4. Food Conflicts

Are you a meat eater and your partner is vegan? Or are you a strict Buddhist vegetarian whereas your partner doesn’t really care and eats anything and everything? Whether you like it or not, these matters count. It is important for all couples to discuss personal issues with each other honestly.

Cultural differences, religious dietary requirements, personal choices, medical diets or just plain fussy eaters all can make or break a relationship. Talk it out and try to come to a compromise between the both of you. If there is no mutual respect or understanding between the two of you on something so basic but crucial, there isn’t much hope for the relationship, making it a real killer for your sex life!

5. Diet & Nutrition

A good diet is well balanced with good nutrition. Having a diet filled with arginine help maintain healthy blood flow. Arginine is also an amino acid which makes nitric oxide in your body. It is an important chemical involved in helping blood vessels relax, which undoubtedly helps with maintaining erections. Arginine can be found in foods such as walnuts, almonds, fish, whey, fruits and leafy vegetables.

Zinc is also one thing that you ought to have in your diet. Zinc is a mineral that is interrelated with the body’s production of testosterone, and is necessary for development of sperm/semen in men. Having adequate amounts of zinc in the body helps boost male and female fertility as well. Foods such as seafood especially oysters and almonds are great sources of zinc. So, increase zinc in your diet. It definitely helps rekindle that sexual desire and will give your mojo a major boost!

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