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Coca-Cola Zero Surprises Malaysians With Great Taste!

Coco-Cola zero delivers the great taste of Coca-Cola with zero sugar AND zero calories!

Coca-Cola has brought us a new beverage which may have a similar look, and while it tastes and refreshes like a regular Coca-Cola, it’s not the same as your usual Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola zero has the same sweeteners (a blend of aspartame and acesulfame-K) as Diet Coke aka Coke Light, and it offers a unique taste that is all its own. The very best thing about this new drink is that it has totally zero sugar and zero calories! That perked up our ears when we first heard about it.

Malaysia now joins 149 other countries around the world as the 150th country to offer Coca-Cola zero, one of the most successful innovations from The Coca-Cola Company in the past 25 years.

A market research for Malaysia, showed that Malaysian consumers were initially skeptical about the taste of Coca-Cola zero when they were told it had zero sugar. However, upon tasting it, the consumers were pleasantly surprised and found that it tasted as great as Coca-Cola without the sugar and gave positive results.

Introduced globally since 2005, Coca-Cola zero now debuts in Malaysia, being sold in both cans and PET bottles.  Coca-Cola zero is in line with the dedicated commitment of  The Coca-Cola Company to offer more options to Malaysians, in support of the Ministry of Health’s call to the industry to offer more options for beverages.

Is it all hype? We did a taste test both on ourselves and on others.

We’ll tell you why we choose Coca-Cola zero:

1. It is more flavourful than Coke Light/Diet Coke.

2. Unlike other diet soft drinks, the taste of aspartame isn’t as obvious, which is great!

3. To some others, who didn’t see the can or did not know what they were being served, they thought they were drinking regular Coca-Cola.

4. The design of the Coca-Cola zero can is super cool!

5.  It is halal! The Coca-Cola zero for the Malaysian market will be produced at the Halal certified factories belonging to Coca-Cola in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Go out there and grab a Coca-Cola zero now and tell us what you think!

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