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Conscious Exclusive At H&M: Style With Sustainability

When H&M’s Conscious Exclusive line first launched, it was well received as it believed in fashion and style with sustainability.

This Sping, the new Conscious Exclusive collection has gone a bit edgier yet infused with a spirit of elegance with its sustainable materials. Edgy yet elegant? Not a combination one can necessary pull off, but H&M has managed to do just that.

One will notice Asian influences in the collection this season. From Japanese draping to African embellishments, the pieces are distinctly individual with their own twist on fashion. Dresses and handcrafted prints are the heart of the collection this time around and they’ve even added something new this season by adding in recycle sequins and beads to the pieces. Using such recycles materials makes the clothes more sustainable than ever before!

There is something for everyone in this collection. From the diversity of ideas from the designers at H&M, they have achieved individual elegance in a way which makes it all their own.

The new Conscious Exclusive collection will be available in around 200 H&M stores worldwide on April 16, as well as online. 

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