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Fruit For Health

Fruits are good for you. Most fruits are packed with lots of vitamins and necessary fiber that is a must for our daily balanced diet. 

What kind of fruits are you eating and are you eating the right kinds of fruits that will do you good? There are fruits with the highest sugar and lowest sugar counts to be aware of, especially important if you’re a diabetic because sugar found in fruits can also have adverse effects on someone diabetic if one isn’t careful.

Adopting a healthier living lifestyle will only do you good in the long run so why not increase your fruits intake today? A lot of us don’t eat enough fruits and in our Asian diets, many tend to skip having fruits as part of our daily balanced diet.

If you’re not a fruit fan, have them in a juice or smoothie form. They’re easier to drink and also packed with nutrients essential for you. Juicing is the way to go these days and if you’re not keen on making your juices because of the hassle of cleaning up the juicer, etc, buy the juices or better still, have the juices delivered to you.

Adopting a raw diet is probably not that feasible for most of us but increasing your fruits intake can have its perks, such as aiding your weight loss journey (if you consume the right kind of fruits), increase your energy levels, you’ll have better skin and feel better overall.

The infographic below shows the benefits of different kinds of fruits. It’s always good to know what one is consuming to avoid unnecessary additives into our system.

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