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Eye Want Candy: David Beckham

Who is this David?

Unless you have been on a personal media boycott for the last decade, or suffered from a curious allergy of eye candies – you would have heard about THE David. At the tender age of 17, he got his major football debut with Manchester United. And the rest is history – including his glorious title as England captain for 6 years since the year 2000. He is currently signing with LA Galaxy, a low key football team.

This 2-time runner-up for FIFA World Player of the Year does not only succeed in football, for his high profile family consists of ex-Spice Girls cum designer/celebrity wife Victoria Beckham and 4 wonderful boys – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. His worldwide advertising campaigns from Emporio Armani underwear line (with Victoria)  to the most recent David Beckham for H&M bodywear line are deemed as successful.

6 Reasons to scream ‘Eye Want David!’

6. He’s a Brit

For the same reason we fall for Colin Firth, we fall for David. Born and raised at the Great Britain land, his British accent is an inseparable part of him, although the Beckhams have moved to LA for quite some time. His kids mess with him for the British accent, but he is proud of his native. ”I’ve lived in Spain, Milan and Manchester for so many years but I’ve never lost my East End accent and never will.” he told Mirror.

5. He is a natural shy

In the midst of the recent Superbowl, David Beckham’s H&M sexy underwear ads was shown and he didn’t quite know where to look. The footballer watched the major annual event with around 20 people. O ow! ‘I’m very shy’, said David as he went on-air in a radio show with Ryan Seacrest the next morning. In the same show, Ryan thanked Beckham for the bodywear line campaign in the name of all ladies in the station.

4. He coaches football for kids

Mothers, get ready to melt. David Beckham coaches football in his free time for Romeo’s peers. Last weekend he argued with a referee at a kids’ soccer game. David did not like seeing the kid being sent-off, regarding the referee as being too harsh. ‘Come on, he’s 7 years old, referee! You can’t send him off.’ Soon after, Beckham was sent out of the field as a result of the red card given by the referee to him.

3. He is an underwear expert

Whether or not his H&M bodywear line is a publicity stunt, David seems to know his stuffs – in this case underwear science. ‘It has to fit right first off, and has to look right. Whoever’s going to see it is going to want to see something nice. The fit is important and comfort is very important.’, said David in an interview. Hats off, David!

2. His love story seems like a matchmade in heaven

There’s at least a couple different versions of David & Vic’s love story. A true romantic version says they both admired each other even before they met in real life, thanks to telly and magazines. The other version stated Vic was ‘advised’ to get into a relationship with a footballer to hype up her public image. Although the boat was rocked a few times by his affair rumours, the footballer seems to only really fall for her. ‘I knew I wanted to marry her, have children, be together always. I could have told her on that first date as we drove round the M25 in her MG. I was that sure that quickly,’. Cold queen Victoria who speaks less about the relationship, could not help but show her affection to him after their first baby boy Brooklyn was born: ‘He has my nose and David’s thighs.’

1. No question: he is 37 and he can still flaunt it all!

He is a father of 4 and he can still stuns in underwear ads. How rare is such quality! He confessed to never use any boosters to make his manhood looks bigger in any ads. And oh, a family man that looks extremely hot? Ah, David you’re so surreal!

What you’ll need to make your man looks like David Beckham:

– Hair gel. We all love his crew cut or bald do, but no doubt the faux hawk is David’s signature.

– Football jersey, full of dirt

– Diesel’s Zatiny 73J distressed jeans and slim-fit, bootcut denim

– Sunnies

– Belt with hardwares

– Long wool scarf

– Man purse

– Slouchy knit hat

– Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit

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