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The Language Of Flowers & The Meanings Behind Them

Who loves flowers? We’re not sure about you but if we were to get some flowers, it always brightens up our day. 

Did you know that there are meanings behind flowers and even a language to them? Sure, not everyone is particular about the meanings behind flowers but there are a number of people who are and thus, it does pay to know what’s what in the flower world, especially when you’re giving flowers to someone to send the right message through.

The key to picking out any gift for anyone is finding out what they really love, and sharing that. When it comes to sending flowers, it will mean even more if you match your gift to the recipient’s personality and, of course, the occasion.

Some florists will suggest asking these questions before you order flowers.  If you can answer these simple questions, you’re more likely to pick flowers that the recepient will love.

• What colors does that person like?
• Does that person have a favorite flower?
• What kind of message do you want to convey through sending the flowers?
• What adjective best describes that person’s personality?

If you can answer these questions, it’ll help your florist create an awesome floral creation for you. If you’re wondering why one of the questions is asking what adjective is best to describe the person you’re sending flowers to, it’s because it’ll help the florist come up with an arrangement best suited to that person and also because these are “known” categories when it comes to selecting the right kinds of flowers for someone.

Natural: People who are casual, earthy, and prefer the outdoors. Flowering or green plants, meadow flowers, and woodsy accents suit this personality best.

Romantic: People who are generous, spontaneous and extravagant. Bouquets of soft colors, light fragrances, and accents of lace or ribbon might suit romantics.

Expressive: Individuals who seek personal betterment and are attracted to the unconventional, from new age to the arts. Exotic flowers and unusual combinations of shape, color and texture will match their creativity and artistic bent.

Traditional: Family oriented people who are trustworthy and prefer classic styles. They appreciate lush arrangements with a variety of flowers.

Contemporary: Individuals who are cutting-edge trendsetters and live in the moment. Vogue styles such as monochromatic bouquets or modern minimalistic arrangements are popular.

If you’re wondering what the flowers you got recently meant, here’s a handy infographic that explains some of the meanings behind some flowers. If the meanings don’t match the floral creation you received, don’t look too much into it. Some people don’t know the meanings of flowers and chose it merely because they liked the look of it and if so, don’t dwell on it too much because it’s the thought that counts. Just send them this article and hopefully, the next time you get flowers, it’ll mean exactly what they want to convey.

Source: Blooms Today

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