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8 Foods For Pain Relief

Do you suffer from migraines and headaches regularly? Or do you get pains in your arms? What about pains in your feet, back or even your neck?

For some people, aches and pains are an unfortunate daily occurrence. It can be stress induced, due to lack of sleep, or poor diet. Even poor posture can be a strong attribute to your pain by the way you sit at your office desk or by the way you stand and walk.

Pain relief varies from person to person as our tolerance and pain threshold is quite different. Some people get pain relief by having a massage or a hot pack to get some relief. Others resort to natural treatments such as these natural therapies for headaches and there are also others who resort to taking OTC (off the counter) medications like Panadol for pain relief.

However, did you know that you can aid your pain relief by changing your diet? It is no secret that certain foods are great for us so, it should not come as a surprise that eating certain foods can also help with pain relief. Surely eating foods to help your body fight pain is much better than taking medications.

Believe it or not, these foods can do more than just feed our bodies well—many of them are considered to have anti-inflammatory properties. Yes, sometimes inflammation can be a good thing because inflammation protects our body when we’ve been injured but it can also be painful. Just remember the last time you had a sore throat, a bad cut, scrapes or worse, an asthma or arthritis attack and you’ll know how painful inflammation can be.

While some foods can help with pain, it’s crucial to be aware that there are also some foods that are linked with causing inflammation. Foods such as chocolate, eggs, wheat, meat and even, corn are known for that. So, if you’re prone to having pain in some way or other, it’s best to avoid these foods that can cause inflammation.

The infographic below shows you the 8 foods that are able to save you from pains. These remedies are not only helpful and effective, but also tasty.

Try the recommendations and share your results in the comments with us!

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