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8 Best Types Of People To Travel With

Do you love traveling? We know we do and although traveling alone can be fun, traveling with someone can be fun!

Travelling is one of the greatest things to do. It gives you new experiences, as it allows you to experience new foods, new cultures, to meet new people and to do new things. All of which can enrich one’s life. Traveling with someone, as we said can be fun but it can also make or break your trip.

The next time you want to go traveling, these are the 8 best types of people to travel with.

1. The Internal Sat-Nav

When one has a great sense of direction, you’ll find that you won’t get lost and frankly, this one is also very resourceful. Want to go to the market to check out great local foods or go to the hippest bar in town or even, to find the nearest toilet? This person will help save your day because they’ll be able to navigate their way around with ease. A definite plus when you’re traveling, let us tell you.

2. The YOLO-er

This person may shake you to the core and well, at times, that is just what you need. Travel, as we said, it about getting new experiences so with this companion, expect to do the unexpected and to also be spontaneous. Sleep is for the dead, as some of these YOLO fans would say. From skydiving to just jumping onto a train to see where that takes you to decide to take part in a town’s local food fair, it’s all in good fun and in accumulating life’s experiences. Carpe diem is the name of the game here.

3. The Food Fan

Most of us Malaysians like food and can take our food quite seriously but if you go with a foodie, you won’t be bored at any meal whatsoever. They’ll be game to try anything once and one of the best ways to experience a new culture is through the cuisine. So, broaden your taste horizons and go with the flow. Be it good or bad, you’ll be in for some fantastic food experiences (and with interesting stories to regale your friends and family with).

4. The Planner

Now, we appreciate going with the flow but when it comes to traveling and getting the most out of your stay, you need to plan and here, is where the planner comes in handy. From researching where the best place to stay within your budget is to book tours or escapades to finding out the top 10 things to do in the place you’re visiting, to getting the best flight deals to getting the best rates for travel insurance, you’ve got everything covered here.

5. The Photographer

In the selfie and wefie generation, it’s super handy to have someone who is an avid photographer as they’ll help you keep a photographic journal of everything that you did and what you saw. They don’t need to be professional but in their love for photography, they’ll take extra efforts to make that photo look good, especially if they’re keen Instagrammers.

6. The Culture Buff

Being a full-fledged culture buff isn’t a bad thing. The culture buff wants to most of their time by exploring the town and cities to see what they have to offer – be it a museum, visiting churches, vineyards, gardens, cultural centers, cheese making, visiting a rural village, going on sand dune rides, etc, they’re up for it, making your trip a most interesting one.

7. The Survivor

This one will be able to survive in any situation, no matter where you are. They don’t panic, they’re usually calm and collected, are street smart and have their head screwed on right. Even if there is a situation where you’ve no money or map, this person is resourceful enough to find their way back to where you’re staying. No problem is too big and neither will it rattle their cage. A definite plus to have on any trip.

8. The Savvy Spender

Travelling can rack up expenses if one isn’t careful. With this person traveling with you, you’ll find that this person isn’t going to spend freely and will seek out the cheapest places to eat, the best and cheapest places for you to stay at, etc. You won’t be spending unnecessarily and that will help you enjoy your trip without going into debt.

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