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LunchClick.co : The New Era Of Dating

If you’re in the dating scene, you’ll know that nothing is straight forward. 

Online dating or mobile dating can be a little more complex because you don’t necessarily get what it seems you’re getting. LunchClick is aiming to change that. Mobile digital dating is not a new trend, but it certainly has room for improvement.

Violet Lim, a matchmaking expert (founder of the Lunch Actually Group) has launched LunchClick, Asia’s first mobile dating app. Having been in the business for over 11 years, Violet has observed the behavior of singles and those masquerading as singles on existing mobile dating apps, she knows more than a thing or two about mobile dating. From her observations, she noticed the limited features of the said apps. She aims to make it different and better with LunchClick.

LunchClick features genuine, quality matches, face-to-face dates, and is the result of months of research and securing feedback from singles who have used various mobile dating apps in the market. If you’ve used some of these mobile dating apps, you’ll know that it’s all just about swiping and “likes”. However, there are no actual date results, thus, not making it very successful.

LunchClick is the first of its kind in Asia and Malaysia. It aims to replace the endless swiping and fruitless messaging, and instead, encourage face-to-face dates, which let’s face it, is the whole entire purpose! The app acts as a platform for serious daters to look for other like-minded and genuine daters.

Instead of relying on singles viewing profiles of other singles and making their own judgement, LunchClick promises to help singles who are genuinely looking for long-term relationships in finding romance through the ancient art of matchmaking – by generating possible matches through compatibility of profiles.

It also protects women’s privacy with its female-friendly features. This deters men from frequently swiping or clicking ‘Like’ repeatedly to accumulate mutual likes, without considering the other party’s profile.

So, how does this work? First, you need to create a profile in LunchClick and in order to do so, the user must first synchronise the app to their Facebook account. You’ll be glad to know that every profile will be screened through and approved manually to avoid attached people masquerading as singles. That’s another feature which we appreciate.

There are too many attached people masquerading as singles these days especially online, so this really helps to weed out any kind of “nonsense”. The app will then pull relevant info from the users’ Facebook profile and matches the user up with potential dates.

Unlike other ‘hook-up’ focused dating apps in the market that provide hundreds or thousands of profiles at one’s swiping pleasure, LunchClick focuses on giving users one curated match each day at noon that he/she can either like or pass within 24 hours before proceeding on. With this feature, women’s profiles will not be exposed unnecessarily to many male users.

Many people are busy working and don’t have the time for the never-ending back and forth messaging. Women who are using existing mobile apps also complain that they receive inappropriate messages containing sexual content. They feel unsafe to give out their mobile number to strangers. Violet has taken that into consideration seriously and is determined to make it a safe dating environment for women.

LunchClick offers singles an accurate and secure chat format. Once a mutual like emerges, the singles will be invited to interact through a Q&A session, instead of opening up a chat messaging window.

They can choose from more than 100 multiple-choice questions which cover topics such as values, opinions, interests and aspirations. This facilitated and focused interaction allows the matched couple to know each other better before deciding to go on a real-date, rather than wasting time on small chats which are often awkward and unproductive.

To ensure that real dates do happen, LunchClick has an in-built ‘propose-a-date’ function which allows singles to arrange a date easily. One just needs to click on “ask her on a date” or “ask him on a date”, and the user will be prompted to choose a location and suggest several days or timing via the app. The selected match can accept, re-propose or reject.

LunchClick’s ‘Datebook’ feature will then organise pending and upcoming dates for the user’s perusal and users will be auto-reminded.

Another unique feature in LunchClick is the post-date feedback feature. Current apps do not have any means to track the success rate of their users, as most of the matched couples will leave the app and communicate via other messaging apps, after getting matched up.

With LunchClick, singles will be prompted to give their feedback about each other after a date. This feedback is kept confidential, and will not be revealed to the other party. The information will enhance a matching algorithm to curate more accurate matches in future.

The revolutionary experience makes LunchClick the only mobile dating app that captures after-date feedback for singles, thus helping couples gauge the success level of a date.


The Lunch Actually Group has more than 350,000 users with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Jakarta. So, if you’re in the dating scene but haven’t yet found the right one, why not give this a go? You’ll never know till you give it a try – you might strike gold here!

LunchClick is a free-to-use app. For singles who would like to accelerate their dating success on LunchClick, they can hire a ‘Love Assistant’, who is a dating consultant at RM99, for the following services:

  • Handpicked matches
  • Advanced match preferences
  • Dating 101 Starter Pack
  • Profile analysis
  • Guaranteed 1 x offline date
  • Money-back guarantee

Other packages are also available at RM69 and RM249. LunchClick is available for download now at the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

For more information, please visit www.lunchclick.co.

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