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How To Unlock Your Creative Genius

Have you been there when you’re in need of ideas but are just stumped? 

We’ve been there and know that at times, coming up with creative ideas can be a little challenging, especially when one is feeling tired, drained or overworked. The thrill of starting something new and getting the creative juices flowing is quite inspiring, but that’s just it. We may need the inspiration to kick off those creative juices flowing.

Many would agree that starting something new is the easiest part of the creative process. It is the ‘seeing through from the start to finish’ part that not only takes the most effort but it’s also the most tedious. Nonetheless, the rewards are great and that’s probably why we see it through.

It can be discouraging once we reach the peak of your initial inspiration. We get so carried away by our passion that the completion of the project/piece wasn’t yet planned out. So what do we do?

In this infographic provided to Entrepreneur Magazine, there are 21 ways to get the creative juices flowing. Frankly, when it comes to garnering more ideas and ways to get creative ideas, the more the merrier. This way, you try them out and see what works for you. We all have a few methods we tend to lean on which we have found work for us. However, it could prove beneficial to start trying new approaches to revamping your creative energy.

An interesting avenue is to take a look outside of the industry you’re currently working in. Seeing things from a different perspective can help you see things from another view point, which could well help you get what you’re looking for.

Another effective way of getting new ideas is reaching out to others that are in the field you’re interested in so you can get information on what you need and get your research done more thoroughly, if needed. Information is always a good thing. It can even be crucial in unlocking the rest of your inspiration!

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