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The Cooler Lumpur Festival Is Back!!

One of Kuala Lumpur’s best literary arts festival returns for the second time and they’re coming back with a bang!

Have you heard of The Cooler Lumpur Festival? Well, if you haven’t, you ought to make a visit to the festival this year. The festival was established last year and the whole purpose of the festival is to encourage dialogue and establishing rapport among people who have the same passion and ideas. Thinkers, writers, musicians, artists, etc are all welcome to come and share with each other.

The festival is all about the future this year. “Dangerous ideas” is the theme for the festival this year and their aim is to challenge urbanites to bring their controversial or thought-provoking ideas to the festival. Ideas, be it big or small are what makes things happen and from an idea, is where people start to make changes and thus, reshape the world.

It’s essentially the main thing that the organisers are hoping to happen at the festival. They want to hopefully encourage their audience to view things in a different light.

The Cooler Lumpur Festival will take place on the 20th of June to the 22nd of June at Publika in Kuala Lumpur. The festival will host a diverse creative range of things. The festival is also a collaboration between PopDigital, BMW and the British Council.

If you’re new to the festival, expect to see and hear well-edited selection of lectures, panel discussions, screenings, workshops, as well as the highly anticipated Poskod Journalism Campus. Expect to hear some good debates and discussions, and keeping the discourse will provide the tools to implement great ideas. Having ideas come to fruition is what it’s also about.

Here are some of the interesting activities happening during the festival:

* The Living City, which is  an interactive exhibition that explores the idea of city making using Lego blocks (very cool!) and a performance-lecture by academician and singer songwriter Azmyl Yunor; and Poskod Journalism Campus.

* The Writers Residency, the festival’s pilot programme to train promising writers, which is happening from the 18th to 20th of June 2015.

*Workshops at Cooler Lumpur, a place where you can hone your writing skills and gain new insights at one of these classes: ‘Writing for the Arts’, ‘No Fear’, ‘The Great Gatsby Masterclass’, ‘The Task of the Translator’ and ‘Tell Us What We Don’t Already Know’.

* Boys and Girls Together: Sex and Sexuality in the 21st Century, sexual identity has never been more discussed and these days, it’s become more fluid.  Discussions and forum on sex and taboos as well as how society can deal with the tidal wave of social and sexual change in the 21st century will take place.

* Cooler Lumpur Junior, kids are not forgotten at the festival. Bring your kids along to enjoy the activities happening at The Bee Publika. There’ll be storytelling sessions, games and doodle workshops.

* Star Wars and Shakespeare: A Conversation With Ian Doescher, this is something that’s very intriguing. Fiction author Ian Doescher will speak about how Shakespeare’s writing style is incorporated into the ‘Star Wars’ vernacular – definitely not one to miss out on!

* Killing Sacred Cows: Comedy in the Age of Offense, Ezra Zaid is moderating this talk about comedy and whether comedians are given a certain contextual immunity for topics such as sexism, racism, fat-shaming or even rape. Panellists for this discussion are Lindy West and Harith Iskander.

Among the notable speakers at this year’s festival are Miguel Syjuco, Filipino author and grand prize winner of the Man Asian Literary Prize for his novel Ilustrado; Myanmarese blogger and activist Nay Phone Latt; the Inspector Singh series author Shamini Flint; oral traditionalist/storyteller Kamini Ramachandran; British journalist Damian Barr; and novelist Adam Foulds, whose book The Quickening Mazewas shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

For more information, visit their website here.

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