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TGV Cinemas Introduces Movie Screenings Specifically For Parents & Babies

Parents with young children and babies can now rejoice that going to the cinema will now not be as stressful anymore if you’re worried about getting cold stares from other movie goers.

TGV Cinemas has introduced something very family friendly and it’s called the Family Friendly Sessions. These sessions are specifically for parents with babies and children to watch a film on the big screen without having to worry about disturbing others.

TGV Cinemas are glad to announce that these sessions will be held in brightly-lid surroundings, which will be safer for parents who need to navigate through the seats and steps to go in and out, should the need arise. The volume in the cinema will also be at a lowered volume so it won’t be too loud for the young ears.

However, the best thing about these Family Friendly Sessions are that the children will be free to roam around, run and even scream (hopefully not but that does happen often). All of which will not be disturbing other movie goers because everyone in these sessions will be families who understand that this is a special kid-friendly cinema session.

Currently, the Family Friendly Sessions is only available at TGV Cinema at 1 Utama. As for facilities for parents, there will also be a diaper-changing table and a dustbin placed inside the cinema hall, which means you can do a quick diaper change without having to lug everything to the toilet and miss parts of the movie.

Kick off the weekend with a Family Friendly Session at TGV Cinemas with the latest and highly-anticipated Minions movie. Details are below:


20 June (Saturday) & 21 June (Sunday)

Session 1
11 am: Pre-Show Activities
12 pm: Movie Screening

Session 2
4 pm: Pre-Show Activities
5 pm: Movie Screening

Tickets are now available at RM20 (inclusive of 1 movie ticket, 1 goodie pack, 1 instant photo and pre-show activities).

For more information, see the link here.

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