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HappyFresh & The Food Aid Foundation Initiate The “Meal For A Meal” Campaign

With this month being Ramadhan where it is the month for fasting and self-reflection, there is no better time to do whatever one can do to help those in need. 

A lot of times, the less fortunate amongst us cannot partake of clean water and have food because they lack access to clean water or do not have enough food.

With HappyFresh being a leader in delivering fresh groceries, they believe that it is important to be socially responsible and to give back to the community. Together with the Food Aid Foundation, they’ve established the “Meal-for-a-Meal” program where HappyFresh will donate a bag of groceries to the people in need for every order placed via the HappyFresh app.

Taking place from the 18th of  June to the 17th of July 2015, HappyFresh and the Food Aid Foundation will work together to fairly distribute the groceries amongst people in need in the Klang Valley, to ensure a lasting change and to offer a helping hand where practical help is very much needed.

Each recipient will be provided staples comprised of fruits, vegetables, rice and meat. At the end of the Ramadhan period, HappyFresh will host the HappyFresh Charity Day where the company staff will collectively take all the donated grocery bags to the Food Aid Foundation kitchen. The Food Aid Foundation will then prepare healthy and tasty meals that will be personally delivered by HappyFresh drivers to the people in need.

There is no minimum amount required to replace an order on HappyFresh, which is great because this means that for every transaction done, it would result in a bag of groceries donated. So, the next time you need to get some groceries, use the HappyFresh app instead and get your groceries through this app and help someone in need at the same time!

To contribute and make a difference, consumers need only to download the HappyFresh app from the App Store or Play Store to help the people in need and ensure that they too can have a great Ramadhan. For information about this programme or about HappyFresh, please refer to the HappyFresh website.

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