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Maxis Introduces World’s First “Kid-Sourced” Voice Navigation On Waze

Maxis has made headlines with the introduction of the world’s very first “Kid-Sourced” Voice Navigation on Waze!

It is called the Safe Mode Kids and it’s the first of its kind collaboration between Waze and Maxis. This came about after Maxis was inspired by a survey which found that 97% of Malaysian parents claimed they drive much safer when children are the car. With that information, Maxis decided to take it a step further and developed the Safe Mode Kids project.  “kid-sourced” voices of Malaysian children aged 3 to 12 to develop an innovative way of reminding parents to drive safer.

Why is it “kid-sourced”? It is called that because the voices of Malaysian children aged 3 to 12 years of age was used to develop an innovative way of reminding parents to drive safer. A rather genius way to promote safer driving on the roads, and particularly timely with the Raya season upon us.

This is quite different from the other Waze special voice packs that usually feature a single celebrity voice. Maxis’ Safe Mode Kids did it differently as they invited different children to donate their voices for Waze directional prompts with charming reminders to drive safe.

Instead of the standard Waze navigation prompts you will hear sentences such as  ‘All set. Don’t forget your seatbelt’, ‘Re-routing. Eyes on the Road!’ and “Accident reported ahead. Please be careful, ok?”. The best thing is, Safe Mode Kids will be available to all of Waze’s more than 50 million users around the world!

The Head of Marketing Services, Sulin Lau said that with the festive season approaching and knowing that Malaysia ranks 17th in the world for ‘most dangerous roads’, they felt that the Safe Mode Kids could be a charming and effective way to remind our fellow Malaysians to drive safer.

Commenting on the partnership, Eleanne Hattis, Waze, Head of APAC said, “Safety is the utmost mission for any new feature or campaign Waze develops as we work together with citizens to improve their time in the car. We’re proud to work with Maxis on this project, amplifying a common goal to use mobile technology to promote safer roadways. People generally drive safer with children in the car, and we believe this is an attention-grabbing feature that will assist in spreading the cause.”

Here’s how to get the Safe Mode Kids voice pack:

  • Download/open Waze
  • Select Settings
  • Click on Sound
  • Go to Voice Language
  • Select “English (US) – Safe Mode with Kids” (powered by Maxis)

For more information, please visit Don’t delay getting this app, parents! Road safety is paramount at all times and if having little reminders like these help us drive safer, that surely can’t be a bad thing.

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