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Beauty Risks That Look Amazing

Whether you are the adventurous type with a wild child attitude and a dramatic fashion sense, or you feel like the girl next door, take some risk with your looks and have some fun.

Stephanie from shows us some of her favourite beauty risks and how to rock them:

A Dramatic Change of Hair Colour

This is the easiest to achieve and may also be the most dramatic (depending on your choice of colour). At some point or another, we’ve all felt the need to change our hair colour. It’s almost the go-to thing if we feel the need for a change. But instead or going for a safe colour, try something bit more dramatic like platinum, or bright red. Have fun with it and own it.

Stephanie unleashed her inner wild child with her platinum and silver hair:

A Neon Lip Colour

A simple yet dramatic change every girl could take, trying out a neon lip colour. Depending on your personal style, you can go for edgy high fashion look with colours such as green or orange or take the sweet route with pink.

Do Your Own Nails

Nail Art is pretty and fun, it’s even more fun if you take the risk of doing it yourself. Come up with some cute, crazy or fun designs all on your own or follow some great tutorials that easy to find online, and try this risk out for yourself.

Check out Stephanie’s DIY: Hello Kitty French Tips Tutorial

Statement Brows

Statement Eyebrows are being sported by many top models these days and can help add definition to your face. Though Cara Delevingne’s bold and eye catching eyebrows may come to mind, you can try something not as dramatic. Simply brush the brows up with a brow comb before filling in with powder for a soft natural look.

No Makeup

This may be as dramatic as it gets for some girls. When was the last time you went makeup free? It may be scary to think about, but once you’re able to own your makeup free look with confidence, you may even feel more relaxed.

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