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Day Trip: 101 Sekinchan Guide

A picturesque beach side village surrounded by paddy fields, Sekinchan (in Chinese pronounced: “shi geng zhuang”) has been gaining popularity since it was chosen as a location for several TV dramas. The village itself is located 1.5 hours drive, out of Kuala Lumpur, and is a great destination for a weekend getaway.

So if you decide to head to the beautiful and bountiful village, here’s a rough guide to help you out.


You would probably want to maximize your experience at the village by staying the night. Waking up to the sound of waves and the beautiful views would only be awe inspiring if not a welcoming change from waking up in the city.  Here are some of the best rated accommodations for you to check out.

A+ Boutique Hotel

A boutique hotel with a modern retro vibe, A+ Boutique Hotel has a 4 out of 5 star rating on trip advisor. The hotel itself is located along the main road of Sekinchan and is a short drive to the paddy fields and Redang Beach. Room rates range from RM59 – RM239

East Sun Hotel

This beautiful and modern hotel gets a 3.5 out of 5 rating on trip advisor. The East Sun Hotel has a very modern design and the Rooms are fitted with all the modern creature comforts. Price range in RM88 – RM198.

Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel and Resort Sekinchan

If you want something a bit simpler, the Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel would have you covered. Call for room prices.


If there’s one thing to do in this village is eat. Being blessed by the ocean’s bounty, seafood is in abundance and readily available for your feasting pleasures. Sekinchan is a fishing village after all.

Restoran Cha Po Tion

Famous for a variety of seafood dishes such as shark soup, seafood porridge, vermicelli (mee hoon) seafood soup, steamed lala and deep fried calamari. The Cha Po Tion Restaurant is a favorite among local and tourist alike.

Food Blogger Auntie Lilly from headed to Sekinchan for some food trippping, and Cha Po Tion was one of her stops. Read it here.

Cha Po Tion Restaurant
9990B Jalan Besar Bagan, Bagan Sekinchan
45400 Sekinchan, Selangor
Tel: 016 – 6761 769

Restoran Loong Hua

HungryGoWhere lists Loong Hua in their Sekinchan food trail article. and highlights their signature dish, the The claypot yellow eel. The restaurant is of course stocked with other amazing and fresh seafood dishes.

Loong Hua Restaurant
73 Lorong 3, Bagan Sekinchan,
Sekinchan, Selangor 45400

Began Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant seems to be a popular one along the seafood street. Of course it has some awesome seafood dishes to try out that are surely to be delicious.

Note: You should know you could grab some grub right at the beach, prawn crackers, fresh fruit juice and Raw Oysters! Sounds just delish. Fair warning though, the area is very popular hence cleanliness isn’t top priority.


Sight Seeing

Going over from the city, there are tones of things to do. First on the list, sightseeing, grab a breath of fresh air and take in the beautiful view of a beach side village surrounded by paddy fields.

Make A Wish

Stop by at the Pantai Redang Beach and make a wish by throwing red ribbons onto the tree. It’s a fun thing to do whether you believe in it or not, and is surely be able to lift your spirits.


Get ready your SD-cards for a no hold bared photo shoot. The village is picturesque scene, with tones of great angles to be discovered. Hopefully you’ll find enough to keep your trigger finger happy for awhile.

Head Over To The Fisherman’s Wharf

If the only place you’ve seen fish is in the supermarket, or at the pasar. Stop by the fisherman’s wharf and see how it’s done. Seeing it for yourself would be rather a good experience.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

The main thing is to relax and enjoy yourself on the trip. The change of scenery and pace from your normal daily life should at the least revitalize you for when you head back. So sit back, relax, breath in the fresh air and enjoy the view, in the little village of Sekinchan.

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