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Eye Want Candy: Jay Park

Jay Park: The Korean American Superstar!

Who is Jay Park?

If you haven’t kept up-to-date with the latest in the Korean Music, it’s time you check out Jay Park; singer, dancer, rapper, music producer, songwriter, model, choreographer, entrepreneur, and actor. Jay Park grew up as a b-boy and dancer and was describe as a “born entertainer”.

Jay Park was born in Edmonds, Washington in the Seattle metropolitan area. Developing an interest in Dancing and Hip-Hop from an early age, he later when on to be one of the first members of the Art of Movement (AOM) in 2003, a Seattle-based b-boy crew.

Rising to fame as the leader of Korean boy band 2PM in 2008, Jay Park then released his first solo EP in 2010.

Currently gaining more popularity among fans, and taking his music and dancing career to new heights. Having recently been chosen as Dance Master on a Korean dance survival show titled “Dancing 9”. Jay park has also released his second full album Evolution. He also participated as a judge on Mnet’s Show Me the Money 4, in 2015.

5 Reasons to Scream ‘Eye Want Jay Park!’

  1. He is super Talented

Jay Park is clearly a talent to be reckoned with. His talents cover everything from Singing and Dancing, to Acting. This Born Entertainer will have you mesmerized with this dance moves.

  1. Creative Wonder

It takes a lot of creative energy to be able to do all the things that Jar Park does. Creativity is trait guys should cultivate more.

  1. He Doesn’t Forget His Roots

Despite being born in Washington, Jay Park connects with his Korean roots strongly. This shows that he has respect and love for where he comes from. Even with his dance crew Art of Movement, of which he was one of the first members of, and is still presently associated with.

  1. His Korean

Well it’s a given, but the people are on still in love with popular Korean Culture. What puts Jay Park above the rest is his talent and background, from dancing, writing, producing and rapping. He definitely stands out of the crowd.

  1. His Music

With prolific lyrics in both Korean and English, backed with catchy beats Jay Park will have you shaking your tail feathers in an instant.

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