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11 Qualities That Make Him A Keeper!

How do you know you’re with the perfect partner? Here are key traits to look out for.

1. Openness To Dealing with Relationship Issues

It’s well known that men often don’t like to deal with relationship issues. Some may even ignore a particular issue until it blows over, or up. This is dangerous as keeping emotions bottled up can lead to longer term problems, or issues in the future.

A man that is open to dealing with the issues in a relationship head on is not disconnected from his own emotions. This willingness to work things out, also show that he is putting in the effort to make things work, and a willingness to commit.

2. He Makes You Feel Comfortable

One of the most important qualities in a partner is his (or her) ability to make you feel comfortable.  Having a partner is about sharing your thoughts and life together. A man that is able to make you feel at ease is on that is easy to share things will, this means the lines of communications are open.

3. Knows How to Comfort You

Making you feel comfortable is one thing, but knowing how to comfort you is a different quality all together. We look to our partners for support, and his ability to comfort you, especially on those bad days is a tremendously important quality to have.

4. Has The Ability to Forgive

We are all only human and everyone makes mistakes. An understanding partner won’t just blow his top whenever something goes wrong. This quality often extends to beyond the relationship, and how he treats other people. Besides, arguments are inevitable and we all need a little give and take.

5. He Is Understanding

Having a partner that understands your issues and the things that you are going through is critical to a long lasting relationship. A good partner is aware and understands the things that you need him to.

6. Knows You Better Than Anyone

He knows you better than anyone, your quirks, likes, dislikes and everything in between. This shows that he pays attention to you and the little things about you. A must have quality in a keeper.

7. Honesty (That Is Uplifting)

If not the most important quality, he needs to be honest, and have the ability to be honest. This extends to giving feedback to you when you need it, like your work for example. He’s ability to give you an honest critic that will help you rather than upset you is a star quality in a keeper.

8. A Gentleman

We often hear the phrase “Chivalry is Dead” this isn’t entirely true. Though the rules have change and nobody expect a guy to pull out a chair for a lady (though he should), it’s the simple things that still matter. Like holding a door open, switching off your phone on a date, escorting a lady down a staircase or even up an escalator. Either way he should display qualities of a gentleman.

9. Knowledgeable

An advantageous quality to have in a partner. Whether he is knowledgeable in a specific subject or several. And if he knows things like plumbing, that would be a huge help when you need it. This also allows you to see whether he has broad interest and a wiliness to explore, or a narrow one.  Besides, knowledge can always be shared, or passed on (to the next generation).

10. He Makes You Laugh

If a guy knows how to make you laugh, he is a keeper for sure. Having the ability to show you a fun or funny time will definitely keep you happy, or at least laughing.

11. Commitment

Most importantly, he shows that he is not afraid to be committed. Whether it is commitment to the relationship of anything else, the last thing you want is a partner with a flaky personality. It’s also important to know that he is working towards asking you that special question.

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