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NESCAFE’s New Mountain Wash Decaffeinated Coffee

NESCAFE has launched a decaffeinated coffee to join their ever popular coffee range. It’s called NESCAFE Mountain Wash  and we in Malaysia are the first to get our hands on it.

The coffee was inspired by the traditions of a hidden village in Vietnam named Tri-An, where the beans are soaked for long hours to gently remove the caffeine.

Here is a video overview on the story of NESCAFE Mountain Wash.

The Review

The Name

The name strikes me as slightly odd. When you say “mountain wash” fast, it sounds like “mouth wash”. However, since the coffee range draws inspiration from the village in the mountains, I can understand the origins of the name.

The Packaging

The packaging is a nice, medium sized canister with an artwork of a mountainside scenery.

The Coffee

The taste is very similar to that of other instant coffees by Nescafe. I like that it wasn’t as sweet and had a lighter body.

I was suprised by the smooth texture, making it extremely easy to drink.

The coffee has a nice smell to me(maybe because of the familiarity). Let’s just say you would know that it is from NESCAFE


I drank the coffee at night (11 PM) to test potential caffeine effects. Well there was none. I had no problems falling asleep that night. Since caffeine in general has little effects on me. I tested with my brother and he had no problems sleeping that night either.

I took another cup in the morning (10 AM) and the coffee woke me up sufficiently (without a caffeine buzz).


The Mountain Wash range retails at RM 14.84 for a canister of 12 sticks or RM 14.85 for a bag of 15 sticks.

This is more expensive than NESCAFE’s Original instant coffee which retails at RM 13.99 for a bag of 30 sticks.


I did not expect too much the NESCAFE Mountain Wash, since it was a decaffeinated coffee, but they have done a good job overall. It is a decent  alternative to the regular instant coffee.

I would recommend that you try this coffee out for yourselves.


You can find out more at:

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