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10 Characteristics of A Low-Maintenance Girl

We believe many guys out there love to lead simple, drama-free lives.  This is the reason why they are attracted to women who are simple, chilled out and down to earth.  A low-maintenance girl doesn’t take things too seriously, and doesn’t put too much thought into things that don’t matter much. Here are the 10 low-maintenance characteristics all guys want in a woman.

1. She tends to use her boyfriend’s cloths as her pyjamas.

One of the reasons girl uses her boyfriend’s clothes as her pyjamas is because it is comfortable and it gives her a sense of security. It also means that she doesn’t need to spend unnecessarily for sexy pyjamas because the boyfriend will find it equally sexy when his girlfriend wears his clothes.

2. She knows the importance of punctuality.

Being punctual is very important and she doesn’t abuse it by saying, “I’m a girl, so it’s okay to be late”. Many girls perceive that it’s alright to let their boyfriend wait while they take their time to be pretty.

3. She doesn’t force her boyfriend to pay for her shopping spree.

Girls and shopping, those 2 words can never be separated and guys know that for a fact. But that doesn’t mean that the boyfriend should be the one paying for her shopping frenzy.

4. She knows the importance of money.

Girls who know how to spend sparingly are the best. She doesn’t waste money on branded bags and purses. She would rather spend money on things which would make her happy or spend quality time with her boyfriend.

5. Eating pizza is as good as eating in a 5-star hotel.

Girls who know how to enjoy good food, may it be from a hawker stall or a Mamak stall deserves all respect. Not all delicious food are only available in a 5-star hotel.

6. She has no problem getting a little dirty.

Girls who have problem getting a little dirty has a problem. Going hiking or getting a little wet from the rain would not hurt you.

7. She prefers simple hairstyles.

Her vocabulary of hair styles is limited to, down, pony tail and messy bun. She doesn’t understand curls, because it takes too much time, effort and cost a fortune to maintain.

8. She repeats her outfits.

She always wear the same dress over and over until it’s worn out. When someone compliments her dress, she likes the dress more and would wear it more often. However, another school of thoughts, when someone says that the dress looks beautiful on her, she throws it away because if she wears it again, people would notice that she’s worn it before.

9. She leaves the house without make-up.

She doesn’t understand make up and make up doesn’t understand her. She has probably only worn make up twice in her life. Once during her prom, and another would be on her graduation.

10. She only owns 2 pairs of shoes.

She is satisfied with a pair of sneakers for casual outing and a pair of heels for work. Some girls has at least a dozen pair of shoes. Each pair for different occasions – work, lunch, dinner, sports, travel, formal event, wedding reception, casual outing, party, and the list goes on.

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