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8 Tips For Taking The Perfect Flat Lay

Learn how to take the perfect flat lay with these tips:

We have all seen it, the beautiful display of products or outfits laid flat on the floor in that perfect way.

It no surprise that this picture perfect display style has been popular.

It is visually pleasing, classic, simply and very chic.

But taking the perfect flat lay is not as easy as it may look.

Instgramers give a good amount of taught and effort into their flat lays.

Here are some tips on taking the perfect flat lay:

1. Choose A Basic Background

If you have seen a number of flat lays, then you would realize that the background if often simply.

A simple background will allow the items to stand out even more.

Backgrounds with intricate patterns will make it difficult for you to arrange the items in a visually pleasing way.

The best background are simple and bright, like simple white or a wooden floor (for a more rustic look)

2. Daytime Photography

Utilize natural daylight in your flat lays.

It will give you a more even and natural lighting effect.

It will also keep the photo looking fresh.

Unless you have the lighting equipment, shadows created by indoor lighting will be unflattering to your photo.

3. Testing and Experimenting

Fashion blogger and Instagramers will try many different arrangements for their flat lays.

They would add different items to the overall photo.

Fold clothes in neat halves r in a boxy shape to create texture.

Avoid making the clothes look bulky or stretched.

4. Spacing between Objects

This is very important; you don’t want the image to look cluttered.

 Leave some breathing space in between objects.

Tip in Tip: think of things in squares.

The iPhone’s square frame camera feature is great for arranging your flat lays.

5. Pick A Style

The more flat lays you see, the more you notice the different styles.

Some are absolute perfectionist with same amount of spacing between every object, symmetrical arrangements and clean lines.

Others like a more rustic approach where items are more free and scattered (this is difficult to do without making it look cluttered).

6. Pick A Theme

It is important to pick a theme and stick to it.

Too many items with different elements will be confusing.

Show viewers what you want to say

If you want to go rustic, then use rustic items.

If it’s modern, then use modern items.

For example, a minimalistic outfit of the day (#OOTD) shouldn’t be presented with too many items or even colour.

7. Main Pieces

When it comes to choosing the items, choose one to three main pieces.

Everything else is either complimentary or fillers.

For example you can have a top and bottom, complimented by accessories and maybe even a flower for visual appeal.

8. Balance it Out

The biggest part of any flat lay is the balance and proportions between items.

You want to balance out large items with smaller ones.

This will give the items some scale in the photo.

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