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9 Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas From Instagram

It is time for Halloween!! And here are some amazing Halloween Makeup ideas from Instagram:

The night of costumes is upon us.

So, whether you have already picked out your outfit or just looking for some last minute inspiration for Halloween.

Here are some amazing Halloween Makeup inspirations from instagram.

1. Sugar Skull by @lisa_benefit

The classic sugar skull makeup.

Sugar Skull is a South Mexican tradition used to celebrate ‘the day of the dead’.

@lisa_benefit has done an impressive variation on her makeup for Halloween.

Here’s a nice makeup tutorial from Shonagh Scott.


2. Creepy Doll by @katesbeautystation

This is a really simple yet super cool look to go for this Halloween.

@katesbeautystation pulls off this creepy doll look wonderfully.

Here is her tutorial.


3. Jigsaw by @inspiracaomakee

Who has not seen the SAW series!

Well even if you haven’t, you might have heard of JIGSAW!! And his immortalized creepy doll from the movie.

This jigsaw makeup by @inspiracaomakee is perfect for the occasion.

Check this tutorial out from Eyedolize Makeup.


4. Black Swan by @xx_tinchen

The dark depiction of the ballet classic Swan Lake would too have its place this Halloween.

Natalie Portman’s character would make a beautiful costume.

@xx_tinchen pulls it off effortlessly here

Do the makeup yourself and pair it with a white dress and some flats.

Here a video tutorial from CarrosBeauty.


5. Cute Dear by @larlarlee

If you’re up for something cuter, this look would do you good.

@larlarlee does this super adorable dear makeup for Halloween.

Here is her tutorial.


6. Gangster Clown by @chrisspy

A really creative way and a great alternative to the normal clown makeup.

@chrisspy‘s gangster clown is simply to do.

But is Bad A**!

Here is her tutorial.


7. Leopard by @peinadosymaquillajetop

Prowl the night as a Sexy Leopard!

@peinadosymaquillajetop does this gorgeous leopard makeup, puling her back for full cat effect.

Here is simple video tutorial by Madeyewlook for you to get in touch with your inner cat.


8. Scary Zombie by @epicfaylure14

This amazing Halloween makeup is done by @epicfylur14 right here from Malaysia.

Check out her other makeup looks on her instagram.

This is pretty advance stuff, but if you want to give it a shot here is a good tutorial by Bonnie Corban SFX.


9. She-Wolf by @queenofluna

@queenofluna is a Malaysian makeup artist with amazing talent.

Here is her She-Wolf look, which is very well done.

Her other works are just as superb.

Here is a She-Wolf makeup tutorial by Amy Fenwick for you to try yourself.


Happy Halloween Guys! Have fun Tick-or-Treat-ing!

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