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7 Characteristics and Qualities Men Are Attracted To

All of us look for different things in our partners, whether from a physical standpoint or otherwise.

But with all the technology that was design to aid modern day courtship, such as tinder and social media platforms.

How far beyond the physical do we really get?

Though, some may say that attraction is a science (maybe it is), there are certain things both men and women look for that goes beyond the physical.

Men just like women want certain things in a partner.

Here are some qualities and characteristics that Men and attracted to.

1. A Sense of Humour

Just like women, men too want to be able to have someone that makes them laugh.

Laughing makes us feel good, that’s why it is important to have a partner that matches your sense of humour.

Besides, a lady with a sense of humour won’t take herself too seriously and that’s a good thing.

2. Confidence

Modern men want modern women.

A woman that is confident in herself, won’t need to cling on to her partner.

This makes for a much more dynamic relationship and allows both of parties to grow both as individuals and as a couple.

3. Affection

Men are extremely physical beings.

And just like women, men like it went you reach out to grab their hand or hug and kiss them, randomly.

So affection is high on the list.

Besides, who would want a partner that has no affection?

4. Intelligence

Intelligence is sexy.

An intelligent woman will be able to engage her man in simulating conversations.

She knows about the world around her, have interest in cultures and/or other subjects.

She has the drive to succeed and pursue her passion.

And can be insightful when it comes to making important decisions.

5. Humility

An important characteristic to have, especially when paired with intelligence.

Intelligence without humility is dangerous, for anyone.

Humble people will focus their energy outwards and exude compassion for others.

This can be very attractive when a man is searching for a partner.

6. Independent

A woman that is able to independent is very attractive.

She knows herself, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.

An independent woman is often seen as being strong.

And having a strong partner is very important.

7. Supportive

For a man, it is important to have a supportive partner.

But not one that supports him blindly.

A woman that can supportive him in his endeavors and understand them, is the type of partner a man will look for.

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