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Plate Culture (Review) @ Mun Wei’s My Hakka Kitchen

A cozy home setting, friendly people and good home cooked food. Would I recommend Plate Culture to you guys? Read on to find out:

I had not heard of Plate Culture previously. But perusing their website I was intrigued. They have a good variety of cuisines to choose from; all prepared by home chefs that open the doors to their homes.

From traditional Hakka to Malay as well as Western cuisines are offered. Some even offer cooking classes for you to learn about the cuisine.

PlateCulture aims at connecting people who love cooking and hosting with people who love eating.

“Social Dinning At Local Foodies’ Houses”

They operate in several countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.  It’s really simple to use, you just request a dinner on your chosen date, Chef approves, you confirm and secure your payment and head over on your chosen date to enjoy the PlateCulturing experience.

My Hakka Kitchen

I was invited to a PlateCulturing experience at Mun Wei’s (Yuki): My Hakka Kitchen.

Yuki was previously a chef at a café that served fusion Italian food; however, she gave that up to be a homemaker and especially to care for her, now, 3 year old daughter.

I asked her “why she decided to join plate culture and serve Hakka cuisine instead?”

Yuki told me that she loves cooking and as she grew up on traditional Hakka cuisine, wanted to offer the opportunity to try it to others.

She was introduce to Plate Culture by her brother who is a Western cuisine chef.

Getting There

Yuki’s home is located at Jalan Kuchai Lama and the dinner was at 7PM on a Tuesday, so any of you who are familiar with KL would know my issue here. The usual Jam. But I had expected it and had left for dinner earlier to arrive on time.

Getting there wasn’t too much of an issue other than the short crawl along the Federal highway on to Jalan Klang Lama. Once in the housing area, it was a little confusing and there were two streets with the same name. But it didn’t take long before I found Yuki’s house.

As I arrived, Ken (Yuki’s husband) open the door for me and welcomed me warmly, I walked in entering the hallway that lead up to the dining area. The kitchen was on my immediate right as I entered where I met Yuki.

Upon meeting, Yuki asked if I ate pork, as she would be serving pork (it is traditional Hakka). Due to a lapse on my part and excitement, I had forgotten about asking about this earlier (sorry guys).

After the initial meet Ken guided me to the dining area. The home was nicely decorated with a cozy dining area that was next to a little outdoor garden (as you can see in the photo).

Ken is an interior designer and humored my curiosity on the subject. It was no wonder the home nicely decorated.

Before long the food came.


Yuki served up 5 dishes that followed with desert. Despite my earlier mistake, Yuki did her best to accommodate, which was really nice of her. But she also presented the dishes so I could take photos for you guys

The dishes served were; Stir fried roast pork (cooked with garlic and soy sauce till crispy), Fried fucuk crab balls (filled with squid, prawn and fish paste), a Hakka style Yong Tau Foo (filled with salted fish and mince pork), Ginger wine chicken, two veggie dishes and followed by dessert.

The dishes were served along with a bowl of rice.

As I ate, both Yuki and Ken entertain me with delightful conversation,  educating me on Hakka Cuisine.

As far as I can tell you, is that the food was very well prepared. The veggie dishes were well seasoned and I tried the ginger chicken that was really delicious. The ginger gave a good ommph to it and the chicken was flavourful.

Yuki uses free range chicken and only seek the best quality of ingredients.

The stars of the dinner however, were the stir fired roast pork, fried fucuk crab balls and the Hakka style Yong Tau Foo.

The dinner ended with desert. I was given warm sweet soy milk cooked with egg. And trust me,  I was surprised at how nice it was. It was well balanced and sweetness did well to balance out the saltiness of the Hakka cuisine. Though Yuki usually serves barley and fucuk with ginkgo nut for desert.

Would I Recommend Plate Cullture?

I really like the concept of Plate Culture. My first thought was to have dinner parties, where you and friends could choose a cuisine to try and have it there.

If the experience I had at Yuki’s is anything to go by, with good quality authentic food, friendly people and a cozy home setting; I would definitely recommend you try out.

Plate Culture Website:

Mun Wei’s: My Hakka Kitchen

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