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6 Changes to Make After A Breakup

Start over after a breakup with these fre changes:

Everyone handles a breakup differently.

Some sulk for a short time others want to move on, to start anew as soon as they can.

But regardless of how you handle yourself post-breakup, there will be a little sadness.

So the best thing to do is to get a fresh start.

Here are # changes you can make after a breakup to get a fresh start:

1. Change Your Ex’s Name In You Phone

This is probably one of the first things to do post-breakup.

You don’t want to receive a call from “Baby” or “Honey” and stir up your emotions.

Change it to something funny or silly like “Do Not  Answer”, “Sasquatch” or “Voldermort” (if you are a Harry Potter fan.

This will definitely help you on your way to forgetting your ex.

And may even stop you from drunk dialing your ex.

2. Get A Hair Cut

This may seem strange.

What does your hair have anything to do with a breakup?

The basic idea here is to have a change.

New hair style, hair colour, it is completely up to you.

It’ll make you feel better and look better (the best revenge is to look hot!).

3. Wardrobe Update

You’re single now and whether you are ready to jump back in the dating game or not.

It’s the best time to update your wardrobe with some retail therapy.

Spoil yourself and buy items that make you feel sexy.

Besides, shopping will make you feel better.

4. Update Facebook

The modern world deserves to know that you are now single….!

Well not really. Facebook has just become a big part of our social profiles.

Updating and changing your status is really for you.

It is a step toward accepting a world without your ex.

And it’s not harm letting others know you are now available….

5. Make A New Music Playlist(s)

New life, new soundtrack right?

The power of music can be amazing.

You would want music that makes you feel good, excites you and just makes you want to jump.

And whenever you feel a little down, listen to your new soundtrack.

6. Make Weekend Plans

OK one of the biggest issues post-breakup is your mind straying to thoughts of your ex.

So you need to keep busy, in a positive way.

Here is where the support of friends comes in.

Make weekend plans with your friends, whether to have a marathon run of your favorite series or going out for an activity.

Just stay busy.

When it comes down to it, you can make many changes whether big or small post-breakup. These are just a few that can be done instantly.

But don’t change who you are, because of your ex.

Be you and be happy.

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