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7 Worst Things To Write on Your Tinder Profile

The world has open up about internet dating. With tonnes of dating websites and apps like Tinder, it has become a social norm.

Besides an amazing photo, what you write in your profile is crucial for standing out. To help with that, we have compiled a list of things you really shouldn’t be writing on your Tinder profile:

1. “I’m Looking For A Knight In Shining Armor”

It’s not the Middle Ages. Stop waiting to be rescued.

2. “I’ve been told I look like (some Celeb)”

Even if you do look like Kendall Jenner’s long lost twin, do not write this on your profile. It makes you seem vain. And if you don’t look like the celebrity, that makes you seem delusional.

If you really do look like said celebrity, your date will have eyes to confirm this, you do not need to point it out.

3. “I’m Living The Dream”

I know this is weird but some people do write this on their profiles. If they are really living “the dream”, would they need to point it out? Looking for validation perhaps?

4. “I’m Obsessed With My Cat”

Sometimes cute, other times creepy. It is great if you are an animal lover but telling the world you are obsessed with your cat is… well… unnecessary (unless you want them to run).

5. “I Don’t Like Playing Games”

Writing this just makes you seem the opposite.

6. “I Love To Laugh”

Saying you love to laugh is like saying you love good food. Who doesn’t like laughing? Would you like to be with someone who makes you cry all the time? You really do not need to state the obvious.

7. “I’m (whatever age) But Feel/Act/Look (whatever age)”

Throw this line out and lock the door. It makes you come off as insecure or trying too hard. Imagine your aunt telling you that they are “hip” and trying to act cool….. (awkward).

Talking about your taste in music would give a better picture of your personality in this case.

Extra Tip: Stay away from cheesy lines like “I’m looking for someone to help me explore this crazy adventure we call life” or “I am seeking for true love. Could that be you?”

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