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Do You Have A Phobia of Being Without Your Phone?

When was the last time – which you could remember – being without your phone?

We have all had that feeling. Reaching over to our pocket worried that our mobile isn’t there; or having a slight panic attack when you cannot find your phone or just feeling uneasy when your phone is dead.

These days our mobile phones are more important to us are they not? They help us organize our lives, set reminders and alarms, surf the web wherever and whenever we want and… well you get the idea.

Mobiles phones have become an extension of our person. And we would do just about anything to make sure our phones do not die on us during the day (or at any time for that matter).

Whether it is a fear or total dependency on the phone, there is now a name for the condition.

In an article for Scientific American, Piercarlo Valdesolo, a professor at Claremont McKenna College, states that researches call this unfortunate condition “Nomophobia”. The scientific term for “no-mobile-phone-phobia” – you can see where they got the name nomophobia.

According to researches the phobia has too main premises.

“The feelings of anxiety or distress that some people experience when not having their phone”

We have all felt this at some point. Other get even more distress than others though.

And the second

“The degree to which we depend on phones”

Different people have different degrees of dependency on their phones – that is no surprise. But there are those among us that are too depended on our phones.

Though between the two, the latter has a more significant psychological effect, according to Valdesolo.

“Dependence has important psychological consequences. For example, research on transactive memory finds that when we have reliable external sources of information about particular topics at our disposal, then this reduces our motivation and ability to acquire and retain knowledge about that particular topic.”

In my opinion, this was inevitable and something we all have to deal with. I would really recommend unplugging once in a while to get back in contact with yourself.

Write things in note books (traditional as it may seem) as oppose to keying it in your mobile phones.

And if you are really adventurous; try a little experience and go without for phone. Of course you would need your phone for work and connecting with friends etc.

But try to disconnect when you don’t need your phone. But when is that?

Try turning off your phone when you go to sleep (if you don’t already do this). Then, advance to turning it off after hours.

Well, only if you are adventurous that is…

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