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H&M x Balmain: 5 Most Ridiculously Marked Up Items On Ebay

At the launch of the H&M x Balmain collection on 5th November 2015, fans lined up from the day before, the website  crashed shortly after going live and items started selling out within minutes.

Now, hundreds of lucky shoppers have taken to eBay to sell their collection pieces at a huge mark up.

Here are some of the most expensive pieces that we have found on eBay so far:


1. Beaded Velvet Jacket

Retail: RM 2,397 / USD 549 

eBay: RM 11,790-21,834 / USD 2,700-5,000

Mark up: 5-9x

2. Biker Jacket

Retail: RM 1,740 / USD 399 

eBay: RM 2,838-3,712 / USD 650-850

Mark up: 1.5-2x

3. Beaded Dress

Retail: RM 2,834 / USD 649 

eBay: RM 7,200 / USD 1,650

Mark up: 2.5x

4. Black Beaded Velvet Blouse

Retail: RM 2,180 / USD 499 

eBay: RM 3,000-5,240/ USD 700-1,200

Mark up: 1.5-2.5x

5. Velvet Dress

Retail: RM 2,616 / USD 599 

eBay: RM 7,532 / USD 1,725

Mark up: 3x

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