10 Grammatically Wrong Sentences Only Malaysian Will Understand

We Malaysians have our version of English sentences that foreigners might not be able to understand. Yup, we do know that they are grammatically wrong, but who cares! because we like it that way. Here are 10 sentences only Malaysians will understand

1) Open the lights

What we mean | Turn on the lights
What it really means | Disassemble the lights


2) I always sleep late

What we mean | I always go to bed late
What it really means | I always sleep for a long time (or wake up late)


3) I’m going outstation tomorrow

What we mean | I’m going out of town tomorrow
What it really means | I’m going to a station or a branch situated at some distance tomorrow


4) My handphone is spoilt!

What we mean | My handphone is broken
What it really means | My handphone is “pampered”


5) I see how first

What we mean | Let me think about it


6) Please fill up the form

What we mean | Please fill in (or fill out) the form
What it really means | Please fill up the form full with liquid


7) That restaurant got air-con or not

What we mean | Is there air-conditioning in that restaurant?


8) Is it like that?

What we mean | Is that so?


9) Where got such thing!

What we mean | There’s no such thing!


10) Last time he’s not like that..

What we mean | He was not like that in the past
What it really means | “Last time, when?” (because Last Time refers to a specific occurrence of something)

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