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10 Things Only A Low-Maintenance Woman Will Understand

Are you a low-maintenance Woman? Then you would relate to these things:

Somewhere hidden in waves of ‘generation Me’  are people who are simple, care free and simply low-maintenance.

A low-maintenance individual in this day and age?

Sure, read 10 Characteristics of a Low-Maintenance Girl

If you think of yourself as a low-maintenance woman, then you would be able to relate to these things.

1. Three Main Hairstyles

Ladies are known to spend a good amount of time on certain aspects of their appearance. It is important to look good!

But the low-maintenance girl goes for simplicity and has three hairstyles. You letting your hair down, pull it back in a ponytail or up in a bun.

2. Contacts vs. Glasses

You would rather use glasses that make the effort to put on a pair of contacts, although you do own a pair.

3. A Pair Of Shoes To Go With Everything

Most women would have a closet full of shoes. You have one pair that goes with most of your outfits. At most you would own a pair of sneakers and a pair of heels (just in case).

4. Basic Makeup Is Enough

Forget contouring, different shades of eye shadow or even mascara. As a low-maintenance woman, you really couldn’t be bothered with too much make up. You get the basic down, use it once in a while and you’re happy with that.

5. Very Casual Style

When it comes to personal style, you would forgo the complexities of putting an outfit together and opt for the casual jeans and a t-shirt.

This makes pairing your outfit with your sneakers easier.

6. Simple Dresses

Though your style is simple, you are not above using dresses. You prefer something like a simple skater dress or a sundress. They do make you look like you put in a good amount of effort into getting ready. But you really didn’t.

7. Love Hate Relationship With Heels

As a woman, you have to get dressed up once in awhile for an occasion or other. Heels just don’t excite you, but when you use them you like them and think you should use them more often, but then again…

8. Men’s Style Envy

You envy the fact that men can get away with pairing sneakers with a suit. And it is considered stylish no less.

9. Friends Want To Dress You Up

Your friend’s constantly want to dress you up every occasion they get. Sometimes it is nice, other times a little annoying.

10. Nothing To Wear

Unlike others, when it comes to dressing up for occasions, you really have nothing to wear. You probably have a few items for special occasions and use those over and over again.

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