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6 Style Tricks With A Bandanna

Adding a little extra something to your outfit doesn’t always require you to use statement jewelry. The bandanna is a fabulous statement accessory that is easy to use.

Bandannas as an accessory is making a comeback and has been spotted in Fall 2015 runways and recent fashion blogs.

Let’s take a look at some style tips:

1. Classic Western

The simplest way to accessorize with a bandanna; fold it in half so that the ends meet and form a triangle, then tie it around your neck.

2. Tucked In

Take the classic style a step further by tucking in the bandanna for a neater and slicker look.

3. Headband

Cute retro classic: Roll up the bandanna and tie it at the top of your head. Move the knot around from top, bottom or even to the side.

4. Neck Scarf

This style gives a bit more of a feminine flair. Roll up your bandana and use it like you would a neck scarf, tying a knot at the front.

5. Wrap Around Your Wrist

Creates an edgy style. Just roll up the bandanna and wrap it around your wrist, casual.

6. Upside Down Kerchief

If you are the fashion forward type, try it out. Fold your bandanna in two and wrap it around your head, tying the knot in front.

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