6 Amazing Story Telling Nail Art

Getting your nails done in pretty colors is a fun way to express your style.

So why not raise the bar on your nail art by telling a story.

Checkout these 6 interesting ‘story telling nail art’:

1. Blowing In The Wind

Probably my favorite on this list. It has a simple and clean look – and very poetic. Somewhat make me think of Bob Dylan’s Blowing In The Wind.

Check out @ane_li’s Instagram for some really nice nail and tutorials

2 Free Birds

This one uses decals for the Nail Art. And it looks amazing. She titles this one ‘Free Birds’. You can see the nails conveying a philosophical meaning of being freed from their cages.

Check out

3. Stages of Life and Love

This real life inspired nail art @MissAdelline shows the stages of Life In Love. Isn’t this beautiful? Such a sentimental story.

4. Colours Of Spring

This complex piece really looks like a art painting. Telling the story of the Colours Of Spring and it’s seasonal beauty.

Check out @riddhisn’s Instagram here

5. Autumn Leaves

Heart warming Autumn Inspired nail art by @wondrouslypolished. The nail art even has the reflection of the tress in the lake and the autumn blue sky.

6.  Dream Catcher

This beautiful dream catcher nail art really conveys a positive messages and this blogger has done it a beautiful way. Only let those positive dreams come true... Dream On!

Check out @tachmedeiros Instagram here

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