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Holiday Gift Guide For Him

If you had already read our Holiday Gift Guide For Her. Here is the reverse, with holiday gift ideas to get for your guy or boyfriend.

1. Antony Leather Billfold Coin Wallet by Ted Baker

Men eat through their wallet, I kid you not. Getting a guy a wallet is always a safe bet. He can either keep it for later or use it right a way. This leather wallet by Ted Baker is priced at RM 250.

2. Leather Strap Watch by Ben Sherman

It’s no secret that men have a thing for watches. Some even collect only the best. This classic looking watch by Ben Sherman is stylish and elegant. Priced at RM 535

3. Long Sleeve Military Shirt by ASOS

Military style is in and has always been cool. So if you really don’t know what to get for your friend this shirt by ASOS would be an idea. Priced at RM 168

4. Bomber Jacket With Asymmetrical Zip by ASOS

Talking about military style, this bomber jacket looks really stylish. Yet it is slightly different from the usual thanks to the asymmetrical zip. Priced at RM 300.

5. Pebbled Leather Brogues by River Island

This is a personal favorite of mine. A nice pair of brown wing tips can be very versatile. This pair of pebble leather brogues by River Island is priced at RM 417.

6. London Leather SM Rivendale Small Messenger by Burberry

A good bag can go a long way, a stylish good bag will go even further. I’m a fan of this bag as a gift idea because it can be used as a casual bag on weekends or even as a bag to the office. This messenger bag by Burberry is priced at RM 5,100.

7. Chapter Wash Bag by Herschel Supply Co

Most guys will not bother going out to get themselves a wash bag (although it is important to have). This is one of those things that most guys will wait to receive as a present. The Chapter Wash Bag by Herschel Supply Co is priced at RM 166.

8. Pistol Cufflinks With Swarovski Crystals by Simon Carter

A fun pair of cufflinks will make a nice holiday present. These pistol cufflinks are both stylish and fun to be used. Priced at RM 334

9. GoPro4 Sessions

If the person you are looking to get a gift for is anything like me, he would want a GoPro for whatever nonsensical reason, just because (or maybe he has more use for it than I do). Either way gadgets are oool gift and the GoPro is a great option. Priced at RM 1,700.

10. PS4 500GB with 2 DS4 Controller

If the person you are buying a gift for doesn’t have one of these, that this gift idea will definitely bump up your status. If he is into games, he will love you for this gift. The PS4 is priced at RM 1,900

11. Logitech Ultimate Ears UE Boom

If you have read our review on the UE Boom, you would know that we are in love with it. Plus, this would make a great gift item for any music junkie. The UE Boom is prced at RM 1000.


Plaited Leather Bracelet by Ted Baker

Something that looks stylish and rugged yet be able to hold some sentimental value. A bracelet like this one by Ted Baker would make a sweet gift. Priced at RM 233.

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