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5 Flattering Swimwear For Your Body Type

When it comes to clothes shopping, few things give women more anxiety than finding a swimsuit. The perfect swimsuit is the right balance of functional yet flattering for our body shape and finding it is like winning a mini lottery.

Our editorial team has waded through scores of online stores, so that you don’t have to. We excluded bikinis from this list and focused on monokinis so that all swimwear address the dreaded tummy bulge. Here are our list of swimwear for common body types:

Big Bottoms

If you are blessed with voluptuous booty, high-cut swimwear can often be a bit too revealing and a tad uncomfortable. You should opt for swimwear with solid color bottoms and ample fabric so that it sits comfortably without riding up.

LASH Sexy Pin Up One Piece
RM 75.00

Small or Flat Bottoms

Opting for high cut swimwear can create an illusion of a fuller bum. Also swimwear with prints will draw attention to more flattering areas of your body.

MALIBU BEACHWEAR Caviar One Piece In Cateleya
RM 169.00

Tummy Pouch

A swimsuit with a ruching affect can easily hide a tummy. Pieces with a plunging neckline can also keep the focus upwards, rather than on your mid-section.

SPEEDO Twist Front U-Back 1 Piece
RM 269.00

Straight Body

Peplums are not only great for the office but they also create an illusion of curves for your beachwear.

ASOS Scuba Swimsuit Peplum
RM 203.00

Love Handles

While this isn’t a monokini, it has a high-waisted bottom that works wonders to cover the bulge since it extends above the belly button.

APRIL FOOL DAY Capsule Two-Piece Swimsuit
RM 280.00

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