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7 Things We Love About Matte Lipsticks

Lippies, lippies, lippies everywhere! We first started the craze when Kylie Jenner started over lining her lips and applying matte lipstick. Ever since then, everyone has been so obsessed with lipstick and mostly matte ones. There are matte lip creams, matte lipstick, matte lippies, matte everything! We love everything about matte lipsticks and here are our 7 things we love most about matte lipsticks.

1. They stay on for what seems like forever
If you purchase the right brand of matte lipstick (we personally love NYX and Sephora!), it would feel like you would need to only reapply once. Fuss free!

2. They are easy to wear
So easy, you can wear it almost everyday! No worries about transfer or not being able to match your outfit, its so easy to wear.

3. They come in the most unique colours
The best part about matte lipstick is the crazy colours you can get! Electric blue to bright orange, it looks so cool!

4. They are usually very pigmented
One swipe is usually all you need! Gloss may look pretty but the pigmentation would never be the same as matte lipsticks. The colour you see in the tube is exactly what you’re getting!

5. There is hardly any transfer
Worried about getting lipstick stains on your glass or when a the guy your kissing? Worry no more! Matte lipstick hardly transfers, seriously. Kiss all the way!

6. They are very trendy
Ever since it was introduced, it has been in trend until today. And it has all the right to be! Having pucker lips without the gloss can look really amazing.

7. They suit almost everyone!
Fair, tan or dark, for those with a full face of makeup or for those who only want to put some lipstick on, matte lipstick is the way to go.

Seriously, if you have not tried matte lipsticks, you really should! Its perfect for almost every occasion, even on casual days. Here is a tip, exfoliate your lips half an hour before applying matte lipstick for the perfect smooth pout.

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