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    [Tried & Tested] Eye Treatments Galore – Cream, Gel, Balm

    The quest for the perfect eye cream is a very hard one, we can tell you that!

    The area around our eyes is sensitive and prone to damage from the environment as well as one’s lifestyle. Hence, we need to take extra care to help keep the windows to our soul looking fresh and beautiful always. The VenusBuzz.com team tries out a variety of eye treatment – from cream to gel, balm, and concealer – for an eye-opening review.

    For intensive treatment


    Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm

    This balm is formulated with Alguronic Acid, which is a compound with anti-aging properties. It claims to be able to diminish signs of aging and fatigue, decrease the appearance of puffiness and dark circles while tightening and firming the skin around the eyes.

    The consistency is somewhere between yogurt and soft cheese, so you’d need to gently pat it in for a few minutes until dry. We can’t say for sure that there is a marked difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but the balm does provide hydration to the eye area. The Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm feels light enough for both day and night use.


    Algenist Alguronic Acid + ProPeptide3 Firming & Lifting Eye Gel

    From the same Algenist brand is this eye gel that works to rebuild skin density and tighten the skin around the eyes. It has Alfalfa seed extract, lupine protein, caffeine and chamomile to reduce puffiness and soothe tired eyes.

    What’s satisfying about the Algenist Firming & Lifting Eye Gel is how lightweight it feels and can be easily absorbed into the skin. This product can complement your other anti-aging products for visible lifting around the eyes. Unlike the other eye creams that come in jars, this one is dispensed in a single pump, thus assuring us of good hygiene.


    Tarte Marajuca C-Brighter Eye Treatment

    This eye cream is designed to refresh, renew and recharge tired eyes with C-brighter technology, or in other words, an infusion of vitamin C. It also contains other botanicals and antioxidants to hydrates, firms and brightens the delicate eye area.

    The Tarte Marajuca C-Brighter Eye Treatment is a very creamy moisturizer that might feel a bit greasy to some. We’d recommend keeping this eye cream for the evenings when you need a bit more nourishing and extra TLC. It has this emollient effect, giving you the feeling of restful sleep the next morning.


    Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment

    The silky texture provides a smooth application to revitalize the eye area. It is formulated with amino acids and antioxidants to improve softness and prevent the signs of aging. It also contains Coix seed and vitamin E to reduce puffiness and dark circles, while willowherb along with other ingredients helps support natural cell renewal.

    For an eye treatment, the Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment gives a light coverage that is not too heavy or oily for day and night use. You won’t see an immediate reduction in fine lines or dark circles, it is just a good and fast-drying moisturizer for the eye area to last you a couple of hours.

    For de-puffing and hydrating


    Soap & Glory ‘Puffy Eye Attack’ Turbo-Boost Hydragel

    The light cooling gel is said to be able to combat dark circles and undereye puffiness. It has a blend of botanical peptides, oxy-ginseng complex and cool cucumber, so what you get is a soothing eye treatment.

    The gel-like substance is easy to use and a jar goes a long way. You just need a little dab to cover the eye area. Upon application, you’ll be able to feel the cooling and tightening effects. It works well as a quick anti-puffiness solution, but do not expect any dramatic difference in dark circles or eye bags. Good to use the Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack in the morning when you need to de-puff fast!


    Boscia Super-Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm

    The balm has a 7-peptide complex to help diminish puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. The formula of licorice root extract also acts as a soothing antioxidant to nourish and protect the eye area, while the blend of botanical oils provides sheer hydration.

    The method of application is definitely one of the best thus far, just uncapped and spread on the lower eyes. The light hydration is perfect for an instant pick-me-up and it has a slight tingling sensation, so you can use this throughout the day after a particularly tiring meeting or a crying bout. As for dark circles and fine lines, you’d need a longer period to see how well it works. Currently, the Boscia Super-Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm does just that, de-puff!


    Sephora Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel

    The gel supposedly contains a multi-action formula to create a refreshed look in the eye area instantly. It has an extract of red vine leaf to diminish the appearance of dark circles while the licorice extract helps to support better blood to skin circulation so eyes look fresher and brighter.

    The only thing we liked about the Sephora Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel is the roll-on applicator, which comes with a three-beaded tip. It feels like you’re having a mini eye massage to help drain away from the puffiness and refresh tired eyes. Other than that, the gel is not as effective as we would like it to be to reduce eye issues like dark circles and dry skin.


    First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy

    This eye treatment works in three ways – instantly brighten, depuff and smooth the delicate eye area. It comes with a blend of anti-aging ingredients like Retinyl Palmitate to support natural collagen production, Caffeine to enhance blood flow to reduce puffiness and Red Algae Coralline Extract to nourish and condition the skin.

    The first thing to know about the F.A.B. Eye Duty Triple Remedy is that it is a tinted eye cream in a beige tone. Secondly, the stainless steel applicator is shaped like a finger to help you blend the cream seamlessly so it creates the illusion of smooth and brighter skin. Thirdly, you can use this as a concealer for those late nights you’ve been clocking in to help eliminate oxidative stress.

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    Tried & Tested: Radiance Oxygenating Masque & Skinstant Mask Magic by Peter Thomas Roth

    If face masks are what you’re looking for, you’d be glad to know that Peter Thomas Roth has just released an effective oxygenating mask, as well as a nifty pack of their most popular masks!

    Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Oxygenating Masque

    This bottle of bubby fun is set to be your go-to solution for when your skin needs a quick pick-me-up.

    The Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Oxygenating Masque is a unique radiance-boosting mask that’s equipped with effective brighteners, hydration, and anti-oxidants that help oxygenate and refresh dull and dehydrated skin.

    This is all made possible with a long list of key ingredients. FIFLOW® helps revitalize skin cells by bringing oxygen to the dermis, thus leading to the appearance of a more luminous, healthy-looking complexion.

    Moving on to SYMWHITE™, GIGAWHITE™, Glucosamine, botanical brighteners, Bearberry, Mulberry, Licorice and Vitamin C, these ingredients help to even the appearance of skin tone as well as reduce the look of UV-induced skin pigmentation.

    To keep skin soft, smooth and looking years younger, the product turns to Sodium PCA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Mango Butter and Vitamin E. Talk about an abundance of awesome stuff eh?

    Now on to the main question – does it work? You bet it does!

    True to what it promises, the Radiance Oxygenating Masque by Peter Thomas Roth effectively left our combination skin face looking visibly refined, brighter and with a polished rosy glow, even after just one usage.

    We also like how 10 minutes is all you need to get these awesome results, and the fun, bubbly sensation you get from the oxygenating mask.

    Peter Thomas Roth Skinstant Mask Magic

    Exclusively packaged for Sephora, the Skinstant Mask Magic collection includes not one, not two but three of Peter Thomas Roth’s bestsellers in one nifty pack!

    Intended to effectively detoxify, repair, and polish your skin, each box set comes with these three 50ml bottles of mask:

    Cucumber Gel Mask

    Refreshing, cooling, moisturizing, and calming, this gel mask helps soothe dry, irritated skin with its cucumber, papaya, chamomile, pineapple, and aloe vera extracts. We suggest you refrigerate the bottle for an extra cooling effect.

    Rose Stem Cell

    Formulated with state-of-the-art breakthrough stem cell technology, this rose-scented gel mask helps counter visible signs of aging such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dullness, and sagging. It also refreshes your skin, is non-sticky and has rejuvenation properties.

    Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

    Smelling like pumpkin pie in a jar, Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is a powerful and highly effective exfoliating treatment. The dull, aging and congested complexion is effectively diminished with the help of three ingredients: pumpkin enzyme to exfoliate, alpha hydroxy acid to peel and aluminum oxide to polish – which is exactly why this is our personal fav out of the trio!

    The Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Oxygenating Masque and Peter Thomas Roth Skinstant Mask Magic are currently available at Sephora outlets nationwide.

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    Tried & Tested: Anti-Aging Skincare Expert Algenist Arrives In Malaysia

    Make way for anti-aging expert, Algenist

    More often than not, signs of aging would be followed by bouts of distress, concerns and ‘no, that is definitely not a wrinkle I see… right!?’ All these simply direct us to this fact — thank goodness for anti-aging beauty and skincare goods!

    That said, one of the veterans in this field has just arrived in Malaysian shores. Say hello to Algenist!

    Hailing from a biotechnology laboratory in San Francisco, Algenist is a brand developed by dedicated scientists who were supposed to be researching for alternative renewable energy sources.

    Upon realising that one of the renewable sources, Microalgae, can do wonders to the human skin, the same team of scientists have decided to focus on developing a collection of Microalgae-based skincare items.

    Exclusively formulated with patented Alguronic Acid and/or Microalgae Oil, the clinical Algenist products are combined with innovative and targeted active ingredients selected for their ability to further enhance and benefits the skin.

    To put it in simple terms — Algenist has successfully utilised Microalgae (Alguronic Acid) to create beauty and skincare that will help inhibit signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles and lack of elasticity.

    From face wash, exfoliators, serums to even a primer, Algenist is certainly one anti-aging innovation that aims to help you maintain youthful, healthy and beautiful skin. To give you a better idea of what Algenist is about, here are a few products that are definitely worth checking out.

    Algenist Multi-Perfecting Detoxifying Exfoliator

    Oil-free and clay-based. The Algenist Detoxifying Exfoliator is formulated with exfoliating granular minerals from algae to resurface and visibly diminish pore size. It also aims to lift away impurities and rejuvenate the skin surface for a brighter, more even skin tone. We can vouch that it did leave our skin feeling smooth and looking radiant, even after just the first usage.

    Algenist Pore Corrector Anti-Ageing Primer

    Not only does this neutral-colour primer do wonders in prepping your skin pre-makeup application, its anti-aging properties help makes pores less visible, refine fine lines and imperfections, and improve skin texture and tone over time. We recommend to use this in moderation as it is quite oily and a little would go a long way.

    Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturiser

    Luxurious in texture, this moisturiser’s active hydrating and anti-aging ingredients release over time to nourish and regenerate the skin. Application is smooth and just a little would do wonders in minimising wrinkles and leaving your skin looking radiant, as well as noticeably younger. The only thing to be wary of is its strong smell.

    Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum

    This potent serum is designed to deliver visible and dramatic results, such as minimising the look of deep wrinkles, restoring skin density and elasticity feel and smoothen skin texture — all in just 10 days. Nonetheless, as effective as this may be, those who are not used to rich products should use this with care.

    Algenist products are now available in Sephora stores nationwide. For more details on the brand, click here.

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    Clarins Shaping Facial Lift: New & Improved

    Make way for the new and improved Shaping Facial Lift by Clarins.

    Whether we admit it or not, Asian women tend to have slightly rounder faces. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is no secret that achieving and maintaining more refined and sharper features would especially appreciated; what more since the roundness of faces would be further affected by bad habits (e.g. hectic lifestyle, irregular exercise routines and imbalanced diet).

    Enter the Shaping Facial Lift by Clarins.

    Understanding these concerns, Clarins has especially formulated a contouring serum unique to Asian women – the Shaping Facial Lift. While not exactly new in the market, this bestseller product has recently received an upgrade in terms of packaging and ingredients used.

    The fourth generation of Shaping Facual Lift goes even further in facial refining performance. To effectively deliver an overall refining of the face, reduce the volume of the cheeks, as well as lift sagging chins and jawline, the product utilises three key ingredients and actions:

    Now on to the main question — does it work? The simple answer is yes.

    You’d be glad to know that this specially created range for Asian women sees clinically proven results. Based on an in vivo test where 32 Asian women used the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift for 4 weeks, there was:

    • 22.8% decrease in face roundness.
    • 5.4% decrease in puffy cheeks
    • 13.2% decrease in jawline to chin sagging

    In addition to giving overall women refining affects, the new Shaping Facial Lift is easy to apply, smells great and leaves the skin incredibly soft and silky-smooth. Definite plus points, if we don’t say so ourselves!

    Nonetheless, do take into account that not all women and skin are alike — meaning that results might vary.

    Together with its accompanying products (the Clarins Defining Eye Lift and the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Wrap), the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift range is priced between RM190 to RM245. It is currently available in all Clarins retailers nationwide.

    To find out more about the product and Clarins, click here

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    10 Makeup and Skin Care For The 2014 FIFA World Cup

    Banners are up everywhere, energetic songs are being played on the airwaves and bets are already being placed. Ladies and gents, the 2014 FIFA World Cup fever is in full blast!

    High in spirits with all the great football energy and vibe, we’ve prepared a special piece to help get you beauty junkies hyped — a VenusBuzz.com curated list of World Cup worthy makeup and skincare products!

    Whether it’s to give your look a colourful Brazilian touch, or to make you appear less like you spent the whole night watching the matches (don’t worry, we’ll be one of you too!), here are 10 makeup and skincare products for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

    1. Urban Decay’s Electric Pressed Pigment Palette (RM 170)

    If you’re inspired by the bright colours and culture of Brazil, this is for you. Coming with 10 colourful velvety shades, the Electric collection is perfect for those who want a pop of colour (or more) on their face. Shades include:

    • Revolt (metallic silver shimmer),
    • Gonzo (bright turqoise matte),
    • Slowburn (bright red-orange mattee),
    • Savage (bright hot pink matte),
    • Fringe (bright metallic teal),
    • Chaos (bright blue matte),
    • Jilted (bright metallic fuchsia),
    • Urban (bright metallic purple),
    • Freak (bright green)
    • Thrash (bright limegreen matte)

    Plus, what we like best is the fact that the eyeshadow pigments in this palette are being pressed to obtain a better pigmentation hence a high colour payout.

    2. Sephora’s Body Moisturising Sorbet – Sorbet Corps Hydratant

    In line with the FIFA World Cup 2014, Sephora has released a 2014 Summer Limited Edition – Diva Carioca. Part of the collection, Agua De Rio is filled up in a generous amount (250ml) and aims to act like an ancient beauty secret as you ole ole ole the football season away. This sorbet-like lotion hydrates your skin effectively with its’ creamy yet refreshing texture. The sorbet easily dissolves into your skin while leaving an aromatic sense.

    3. Sephora’s Tropical Paradise Mascara

    One other product to look out for from Sephora’s special range is this interesting double-ended masacara that contains two shockingly bold cocktail-inspired shades, green and yellow. Make your eyes stand out amongst the crowd  and instantly look like the Queen of Rio with this mascara!

    4. Sephora’s Colourful Eyeliner Waterproof 24HR

    If you’re not keen with the idea of bright and colorful eyelashes, here’s another option that’s less loud but would still do the trick of enhancing your eyes. Named the Waterproof Saga collection, this range of waterproof liquid liners carry up to 16 different colours, from black to pink to white.

    5. Sephora’s Velvet Eyeshadow Waterproof 16HR

    Also from the Waterproof Saga collection, Sephora releases a range of velvet eyeshadows (5g) that comes in 12 different colours. There are nude colours, brown and also some bright ones too! You could try using neutral, warm colours to compliment your colourful eyeliners or mascaras, or vice versa, to balance your makeup and result in an outstanding eye look.

    6. Nails Inc’s Gel Effect Polish

    Not forgetting about our nails, Butter London’s range of Gel Effect Polish provides a plumping effect just like a gel manicure in a nail parlor. This highly pigmented nail polish (0.27oz) comes in many perfect shades that suits almost every occasion. From pale pink to deep violet, you’re bound to find that perfect shade to compliment your look.

    7. Butter London’s Cotton Buds Nail Lacquer

    Or if you want to keep your nails on a neutral tone, might we suggest Butter London’s basic. A basic bright white, this nail lacquer is great for nail art or as an undercoat for bright colors and neons.And if you’re skilled enough, you can even turn them into soccer balls!

    8. Marc Jacobs’ Highliner Gel Eye Crayon

    Gel crayon is an innovative waterproof pencil eyeliner, which is exactly what you need to intensitfy your look for this festive football season! This highliner has very rich pigments and provides a smooth application that your eyes will thank you for later on. You could last an entire day with this incredible technology. Available in black and other unique shades.

    9. Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Aging Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50 Sunscreen Stick

    What’s fun in the sun without proper skin care, right? Suitable for all skin types, this sunscreen (15ml) provides great protection and easy application. It is non-greasy, fragrance-free and it could be absorbed almost instataneously into one’s skin. This magical sunscreen also contains various vitamins to help defend against free-radical damage and enironmental aggressors. Apply this baby to your face and neck before makeup or any sun exposure.

    Alright, so you’re done with looking fantastic with your creatively colourful makeup, it is time to pamper your tired face with this next item:

    10. Soap and Glory’s Beauty Sleep Accelerator

    Sleeping masks are a godsend — especially during busy times! To be applied as face cream, it contains various ingredients proven to increase face elasticity, and has detoxifying and moisturising elements. This product (45ml) is a guarantee to pamper your face overnight as you rot for your favourite team, and leave you looking fresh and hydrated the next day.

    These products are available in Sephora stores nationwide. 

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    Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector for Finer Pores

    Pores are a key skin issue for women, regardless of age and only become more prominent as skin is exposed to daily aggressors throughout the day, resulting in a rough and uneven texture in the long run

    With these needs in mind, Kiehl’s chemists have created a new solution that instantly smoothes skin, providing a ‘soft-focus,’ more uniform appearance while delivering lasting skin-perfecting benefits with its multi-benefit Micro-Blur Skin Perfector, a lightweight skin-smoothing formula that provides both an immediate blurring effect to visibly transform the look of skin in seconds, and an improvement of pores and skin texture over time.

    The Micro-Blur Skin Perfector offers women the opportunity to treat immediate and long-term skincare concerns with one product as clinical studies demonstrate immediate, visible improvement, and after only 4 weeks, a significant reduction in the number and size of pores.

    The formula contains light reflectors to visibly transform skin, creating a smooth, pristine complexion. With Lipo Hydroxy Acid (LHA) and lentil extract, this skin care formula also provides long-term results, helping to refine skin texture, diminish lines, and reduce the appearance of pores when used daily.

    The Micro-Blur Skin Perfector is an elegant formulation, engineered as a water-based emulsion to make it unexpectedly lightweight on skin and the result is a healthy-looking finish and a texture that isn’t heavy or waxy on the skin.

    The Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector is formulated for usage during the day and can also be used at night – the final step of a daily skincare routine. During the day, it is recommended to be used over UV protection and can also be used after a BB Cream.  For nighttime use, it should be applied as the last step of a skincare routine.

    Offering immediate benefits, this Kiehl’s formula is non-comedogenic, therefore it will not clog pores. It is sheer upon application, and is suitable for all skin tones.

    Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector will be available in Malaysia in May 2014, at the recommended retail price of RM110 for 30ml. For more information, visit the Kiehl’s Facebook page.

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    Marine Elements: ‘Zonase X’ for Dry and Eczema Prone Skin

    If there’s one thing eczema and dry-skin sufferers really want, it’s a non-steroidal solution for their skin woes

    Unfortunately, products that do not contain harmful ingredients such as steroids and parabens are often not strong enough to repair the skin and the ones that do are usually not recommended for extended use over long periods of time due to health-damaging side effects. Therefore, eczema and dry-skin sufferers only have temporary solutions which often leads to frustration and an impaired quality of life.

    The good news is that there’s constantly research on the subject, and a new exciting addition to the Malaysian skincare market, Marine Elements features a dermatologically-tested line of products with active ingredients derived from clean marine sources from Europe.

    Made especially for dry and eczema-prone skin, Marine Elements is more than just regular topical skin care, as the “Dry Skin Management System” features a Body Wash, Body Lotion and Intensive Cream. Featuring the patented ‘Zonase X’, this active ingredient contains natural proteins and enzymes derived from the hatching fluid of salmon eggs sourced from the pure waters of Norway, and has been extensively researched and developed in cooperation with Norwegian Universities. The fish hatchlings remain unharmed in the eco-friendly process of extracting the enzyme.

    Zonase X was first discovered at a fish hatchery in Norway, where it was reported that hatchery staff members began to observe surprisingly smooth hands, despite immersing their hands in intensely cold water for long periods of time. The smooth skin was in fact due to the enzyme in the water secreted by fish larvae inside the egg just prior to hatching. Further research revealed that the egg shells had a protein similar to that of human skin protein, therefore granting the hatchery staff the soft and smooth skin.

    The defining benefit of Zonase X is its effective micro-exfoliation which targets only the scaffolding between dead skin cells, allowing a very gentle exfoliation of the skin surface without causing inflammation. This new and natural ingredient is scientifically proven to accelerate new skin cell growth. Finally, its skin moisturizing properties delivers results that include a healthier, strengthened and rejuvenated skin surface.

    By combining marine technology and skincare science, the non-steroidal, hypoallergenic and paraben-free product range by Marine Elements is formulated to help improve skin conditions by regenerating fresh skin cells and providing a protective skin barrier.  Marine Elements is the perfect solution to help relieve skin against moisture loss due to conditions such as harsh weather or dry temperatures, as well as to calm inflamed skin whilst leaving a protective barrier on its surface. Best of all, the skincare range is suitable for all skin types and can even be applied on babies and toddlers.

    Marine Elements is priced at RM65.00 for Body Wash (500ml), RM67.50 for Body Lotion (200ml) and RM78.50 for Intensive Cream (50ml). The formula is suitable for all skin types, and is available at selected pharmacies or online via Plincco.

    For more information about Marine Elements skincare range, head on to the website.

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    Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration for Very Dry Skin

    New formulation provides improved 24 hour hydration and leaves skin looking visibly smoother!

    In a predominantly “oily skin” society in hot and humid Malaysia, dry skin has not gotten as much attention as a social topic -but that tight-skin effect you get after using a harsh cleanser, or even after going for a dip in the pool can often leave your skin dry, flaky, and begging to be hydrated once again.

    So if you’ve suffered from one of the following symptoms, you could be in need of a super hydrating solution:

    –       A feeling of skin tightness, especially after cleansing, showering, bathing or swimming

    –       Uncomfortable tautness

    –       Skin that feels and looks rough rather than smooth

    –       Redness

    –       Itchiness

    –       Skin that appears shrunken, parched or dehydrated

    –       Premature aging – fine Lines

    –       Slight to severe flaking/ peeling

    –       Stinging/ burning sensation

    –       Cracks (in very serious conditions)

    The good news is that you’re not alone. Many of us resort to making home concoctions and DIY remedies such as cucumber and yoghurt masks, while some have been desperate enough to try bizarre sounding remedies such as using Head & Shoulders as a treatment for dry skin just to alleviate their condition!

    While there aren’t guaranteed results with any of those remedies, Kiehl’s has launched the new Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration is a revolutionary product that provides intense hydration in a lightweight formula for dry to very dry skin conditions.

    Clinically tested in one of the world’s extreme climates with extreme users, the Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration was specifically tested in Phoenix, a city known for its extremely dry, hot climate (the hottest city in the USA and among the top 10 hottest regions in the world), and on frequent swimmers, due to regular exposure to chlorinated water.

    Containing Enriched Hyaluronic Acid and Refined Apricot Oil, instrumental results showed significant improvement in skin hydration and skin barrier protection in 100% of subjects, and clinical results demonstrated significant improvements on visible skin dryness in just 7 days.

    The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration is now available in stores at the recommended retail price of RM100.

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    8 Reasons Why Your Skin Is Oily

    Shine, excess oil and midday makeup meltdown are all the results of an oily skin epidemic. Read along on what are the common causes. 

    Oily skin is super frustrating to deal with. When you try too hard to minimise the oil production, you may be indirectly causing a surge instead as your skin attempts to protect itself.

    While the good news is that oily skin generally helps skin to age more slowly with fewer lines, the bad news is that your appearance tends to suffer more from acne, and well, oil.

    Let’s take a closer look at this condition and its causes.


    Yep, our genes play the biggest role in this. When oily skin runs in the family, chances are every member will have larger sebaceous glands that produce excess oil. Hence, you’re more prone to clogged pores and breakouts.

    Skincare Products

    Most of us have the notion that we should religiously clean and exfoliate to get rid of the oil. But overuse of skin care products and improper application technique – too much pressure/too much product – can aggravate your skin’s condition.


    While makeup is great for covering up acne, oil and breakouts, it can also be the cause of oily skin. Oil-based or poor quality cosmetics can make the condition worse. Additionally, makeup removal plays an important role too so as not to affect your sebaceous glands.


    Unfortunately, living in a humid country like Malaysia can cause skin to sweat a lot and produce excess moisture and oil. Likewise in colder climate, our skin gets dehydrated and attempts to overcompensate with more oil.


    Our skin tends to overproduce oil when we’re both emotionally and physically stressed. In the ‘fight or flight’ mode, your body experiences a hormonal surge in response to the “threat” it feels and this leads to increased oil production.


    Whatever we put into our mouth and body, it’d show up on our appearance. For some people, consumption of high glycemic, oily and spicy foods may lead to overactive sebum production.

    Hormonal Changes

    One of the many primary causes of excessive oily skin is due to the presence of hormones especially DHT/androgens. The fluctuations of hormone can cause the sebaceous glands to become overactive, which leads to extra oil production.

    Menstrual Cycle

    Our body goes through a regular cycle of hormone production every month and as we experience the highs and lows, this would stimulate the oil glands too. Now doesn’t that explain the PMS breakouts?

    Sources: Women’s HealthSkin Inc, Derma Doctor

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    DIY Coffee Scrub For Beautiful Skin

    If you love your coffee, this will appeal to you no doubt!

    The combination of coffee beans and caffeine have the power to ease a number of skin issues. Apparently, a good coffee scrub for the body can help with improving the skin tone especially in areas riddled with cellulite.


    Well, coffee contains natural caffeine which has a diuretic effect so it dilates blood vessels to increase speed and volume of blood flow at any one time. In theory, this helps to remove excess water from our tissue leading to an improved skin appearance.

    Nevertheless, caffeine can work wonders by tightening up cells and blood vessels, treating redness and inflammation, revitalising cells and more. By incorporating caffeine into your skincare routine, it can reveal an evenly toned and smooth skin all over your body.

    A coffee scrub is described as a gentle exfoliator and it is one of the easiest ones to make. Here’s how:


    • 3 tablespoon coffee grounds (used) – dry them out or use freshly brewed
    • 1 tablespoon natural oil – olive oil, grapeseed, coconut, almond, etc.
    • 1 tablespoon sugar – white/brown or a mixture of both


    1. Mix all dry ingredients together.

    2. Add oil based on your preference for the consistency you like.

    3. Massage vigorously for a few minutes then shower.

    4. Store leftover in a tightly lid container.

    For more scrub recipes, check it out here.

    Source: TipNut, Livestrong, Natures Home Spa