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    Father’s Day: 10 Gifts for Dad Under RM100

    Mother’s Day passed not too long ago and while that is over, Father’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks! For us ladies, it sometimes can get pretty difficult when it comes to buying gifts for our fathers because we never know what they want and some products may be really expensive. Well, here are our 10 picks under RM100 gift ideas for Father’s day.

    1. River Island, Plain Tie

    A simple tie can make or break a formal attire. Getting the right tie would be a great addition to the other bunch of ties your father would own. This simple tie is a great and classy one for a formal outfit.

    2. River Island, Belt Basic Pu Belt

    A very simple but classic silver buckle belt is essential in a man’s closet. Sometimes, it tends to wear out and when that time comes, its time to get a new belt! This belt is currently on sale, so make sure you snag it before it sells out! A gift perfect for everyday wear.

    3. Zalora, Basic Long Sleeve Oxford Bundle Pack

    Another classic piece that would be perfect for your father would be a basic long sleeve shirt. The best thing about this gift is that it is a bundle pack, where you get two shirts at a lower price. With two classic colors of black and white, this bundle is totally worth it!

    4. 24:01, Textured Faux Leather Analogue Watch

    Is your father a more into casual looks? This brown analogue watch is perfect for taking everyday wear a notch up. A very modern masculine watch, this would be great for fathers who have a bit of an edge to their style.

    5. Swiss Polo, Swiss Polo Wallet

    A sleek black wallet is always a good gift for any guy, especially if its for a father. This classic black wallet is not just high quality but truly of a class of its own. Currently, on an RM20 markdown, get it now for this Father’s Day!

    6. Zalora, Laptop Satchel

    Another item on markdown! This laptop bag is chic and could turn your father into a ‘cool dad’. The best part is, its practical for not only work but for short travels as well. Convenient and on sale right now!

    7. Mango Man, Braided Leather Bracelet

    Some fathers love to accessorize and if that is your father, this chic braided leather bracelet is perfect. Either for casual or even formal wear, this bracelet is an easy addition to any man’s closet and also a good gift for any father.

    8. RAV Design, Leather Wallet

    Not into the classic black wallet? This brown leather wallet is a different take from the classic wallet. Edgy and unique, this leather wallet would last for a long time and may even look better when it gets worn out, giving a more rustic look.

    9. 24:01, Men’s Analogue Watch With Canvas Strap

    If your father is into expensive watches but it is out of your budget, this analogue watch from 24:01 is not only high quality but it looks chic and expensive (when in reality its less than RM100!). This watch is perfect for a high-end look at a low price.

    10. Puma, Fundamentals Sports Bag S

    If your dad is into staying fit or plays sports, this Puma bag would be the perfect father’s day gift. This simple gym bag is big enough to fit the essentials, making it easy to carry to and from a gym or sports court. The plus point is that it looks trendy too!

    Now you’ve seen our picks, make sure to get your hands on them just in time for Father’s Day! Under budget and suitable for almost every father out there, we hope these picks would give you inspiration or help you in selecting the perfect gift.

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    Descendants Of The Sun Fashion

    We are self-professed addicts of the popular show Descendants Of The Sun, a Korean romance starring Song Joong Ki as Captain Yoo and Song Hye Kyo as the doctor he is wooing.

    In this article, we scoured local online shops to find lookalike pieces so that other fans can get the DOTS to look too.

    Denim Skirt

    Song Hye Kyo’s A-line denim skirt goes well with a variety of casual tops.

    Get a similar one here with Espirit:

    Espirit Denim Skirt

    Or a cheaper (and shorter) version with Something Borrowed:


    Something Borrowed Denim Skirt

    Beige/Pink Sweater

    Song Hye-Kyo’s style is modern feminine with minimal accessories and light colors that are matched with loose-fitting clothes.

    We found a version of her light beige/pink sweater here:

    ASOS Tunic With High Neck In Cashmere

    Checkered Blouse

    Here she finds out that Song Joong-Ki is returning to Korea the day after. You can get a similar looking blouse from Uniqlo:

    Uniqlo Check Long Sleeve Shirt

    This recaps 3 pieces to get the look from Descendants Of The Sun! Keep checking back as we share similar outfits from more of our favorite tv series.

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    Simple Black Dress: 3 Easy Ways to Style!

    We all know about the little black dress that is a must-have in every woman’s closet. It is versatile, easy to dress up or dress down for every occasion. There may be various kinds of simple black dresses but here are our 3 picks and how you could style them from day to night.

    1. Casual

    ZALORA, Basic V Neck Skater Dress

    One of the most basic ways to style a simple black dress is for a casual day out. Wear the dress with a pair of cute flat sandals and a crossbody bag and your casual look is good to go! Add some basic bracelets for an added touch.

    2. Formal

    ASOS, Clean Deep V Tailored Midi Dress

    For a more formal look, wear a pair of high heels and red lipstick. Add on a cute clutch and a simple necklace to keep it classy. This dress is super easy to style as it may be worn on casual days as well but the deep v neckline is perfect for a formal event.

    3. Edgy

    MISSGUIDED, Curve Hem Waffle Textured Bodycon Dress

    If you want to go for a casual look but have a more rough style, you can opt for the edgy look. Easily wear the dress with a pair of sneakers or boots and add on a bunch of chokers to finish it. Carrying a backpack instead will add to the look. You could also take the look a step up by putting on dark lipstick.

    The thing is, all three of these dresses can be switched up to all three styles. Great isn’t it? Get yourself a simple black dress now so that you don’t have to worry about future occasions of not having anything to wear!

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    10 Trendy Sportswear to Stay Active

    Most of us really dread working out. After a long tiring day of classes or work, all we want to do is come home and not do anything anymore. One way to get yourself up and going to the gym or even just out for a jog around your neighborhood would be wearing sportswear that will make you look and feel good. What makes good sportswear is how comfortably it fits to ensure it does not get in the way of your workout. Here are our 10 favorite trendy sportswear that could possibly motivate you to exercise!

    1. ZALORA SPORT, Sport Lattice Back Top
      A simple design can go a long way in making your attire stylish.

    2. YoFit, Style Mesh Sports Bra
      Even with a top over it, you’ll still feel pumped!

    3. Under Armour, HeatGear® Armour Printed Shorty
      Comfortable and stylish, who wouldn’t love it?
    4. Adidas, Techfit Triax-Print Long Tights
      The textured design adds a very interesting twist which will help you strikeout.
    5. New Look, Must Go To The Gym Sports Tank Top
      We seriously love this top. What better motivation?

    6. The drop of Mindfulness, Stella-Maris Top
      A small touch of color will help brighten up your mood for the gym.

    7. Under Amour, HeatGear® Alpha Stripe Capri
      The brighter the better!

    8. Under Armour, UA Tech™ Space Dye 1/4 Zip
      Cover up with something bright to keep yourself feeling energetic

    9. ZALORA SPORT, Sports Burnout Batwing Top
      A simple top to wear over after a good workout.

    10. Impression, Sports Bra For High Impact Sports
      Wearing a bright sports bra underneath will help boost your confidence.

    Whether its yoga or running, wearing sportswear that makes you feel most comfortable and confident is the key to pushing yourself to the gym. We hope our picks would give you the first step of motivation to hit the gym. Happy working out!

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    5 Beauty Trends That are Out of This World (Seriously!)

    We have so much time in the world these days to come up with the weirdest things. Some of those things are beauty trends. Some will go way beyond and do the most outrages things to stay in trend. But will you? Here are 5 beauty trends that we think are seriously out of this world.

    1. Bubble Nails

    This may have been one of the weirdest trends to ever pop up. Who even came up with the idea to make big chunky nails? It’s difficult enough to maintain a fresh manicure, what about this?? This really got us scratching our heads. This particular nail art was made for Easter, so that makes a little sense, right?

    2. Glitter Roots

    First of all, we all know how difficult it is to remove any kind of glitter off your skin. Can you imagine trying to get the glitter out of the roots of your hair? Way too much effort! It does kinda look pretty if you’re going to Coachella or a rave party. But is it worth it?

    3. Clown Contour

    You’ve probably heard of this everywhere but why would anyone do it? We have no idea. Although the clown contouring was made as a joke, some people took it seriously. Yet again, too much effort for us to want to do it. Lets just stick to the basics, shall we?

    4. Fur Nails

    Everyone knows there is bound to be one weird trend that comes from fashion week. At the Libertine’s F/W 2016 runway at New York Fashion Week, the fur nails were introduced. Just imagine trying to wash the dishes or your hair with these nails. It is rather… troublesome. But we must say it does look pretty cool!

    5. Stuck Together Lashes

    Another weird trend from fashion week is from Vivienne Westwood’s A/W 2016/2017 fashion show. Now, this is something beyond. This look was created by MAC Cosmetics and we are just wondering, will they be selling these weird lashes in-store soon? You definitely wouldn’t need to bother about combing the excess mascara off now, that is for sure. But would you go out looking like this?

    So far, we don’t think we will be trying out any of these odd beauty trends soon. Some of these trends may suit your style, so don’t be afraid to try it out! We would probably try these out for a fashion photoshoot but not for an everyday look. Let us know what you think!

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    6 Dresses for Day to Night

    Too lazy to go home and change into something fancy for a dinner after a long tiring day of shopping? Don’t fret, we’ve got that covered for you! A good rule for day to night wear are outfits that strike a balance between casual and formal. Here are our 6 picks on how you can get one dress and switch up from day to night in an instance.

    1. Bright Coloured Skater Dress

    With a bright-colored skater dress, you can easily go from the day: wearing a pair of cool sneakers and a crossbody bag for the night: wearing a pair of heels and changing your bag to a clutch, and there you have it! Simple and stands out!

    f block, Cut In Flippy Dress

    2. Black Bodycon Dress

    This one is really simple. Go edgy during the day: wearing a pair of Converse or Vans with a backpack and switch it up for the night: wearing heeled sandals with a clutch. Most effortless one of all.

    ASOS PETITE, Asymmetric Sleeveless Bodycon Dress

    3. Textured Shift Dress

    We admit, shift dresses aren’t the easiest style to pull off as it doesn’t fall on your curves but it sure is one of the easier ways to transition from the day: wearing platform boots and hologram sunglasses for the night: high heels, curled hair, and a fancy sling clutch!

    Maxqullo, Plain Shift Dress

    4. Floral Dress

    Wearing a floral dress can be a little bit tricky for the day to night transition but it sure works as well. Wear this during the day: with natural hair and cute flats and then switch up during the night: styled hair with curls and high heels.

    Ginger Fizz, All Over Floral Bodycon Dress With Cut Away Neck

    5. A-Line Dress

    This is best pulled off when the dress is black. The simple way to do it during the day: wear chunky platforms with a cool sling bag and then during the night: wear some pumps and add a really bold lipstick color.

    Miss Chase, Cut Out A-Line Dress

    6. Boho Style Dress

    While this style may favor only some, it is definitely one to experiment with. During the day: dress it however you want, boho always looks good during the daytime! During the night: switch it up for a good pair of wedged heels and a dazzling waist belt.

    Brave Soul, Angel Sleeve Printed Dress

    Try out all these different styles to see which suits you better and how you can easily change a dress from day to night.

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    Pink it: 5 Pink Must Haves!

    You may or may not like the color pink but every girl needs at least one pink item in their closet/make up stash. Why do you ask? Pink adds that extra touch of bright color or even femininity to your simple everyday outfit! Here are our top 5 picks for must-have pink items!

    1. Hot Pink Bodycon Dress

    ASOS, NaaNaa Cross Front Midi Bodycon Dress

    Whether it’s for an event or a night out with the girls, a hot pink bodycon dress will help you stand out. Be bold and don’t be afraid to put one on!

    2. Bold Pink Statement Necklace

    My Fame Diva, Bold Coral Gem

    Maybe you’re not a fan of the color pink and don’t want to incorporate too much of it into your outfit. A bold pink statement necklace is the right pink item for you. Just put on over a white or black outfit and bam! Your outfit is instantly more striking!

    3. Pink Statement Shoes

    ASOS, Hexagon Embellished Heeled Sandals in Pink

    May it be heels or flats, having a pair of pink statement shoes will help you stand out from the rest out of the crowd.

    4. Hot Pink Purse/Clutch

    Howstore, Korea Design Handphone Wallet Phone Pouch in Pink

    Pink purses or clutches can make a huge difference in your outfit especially if it’s for a dinner out with friends or even a formal event. Simple and bright, it’s the small touch of color that makes a big difference.

    5. Pink Lip Tint

    TonyMoly, Lip Tone Get It Tint in Pink

    Okay, we get it, maybe all you want is a tiny hint of pink. Get yourself a good bright pink lip tint (or even lipstick if you’re bold enough!) to brighten up your face.

    Get up and start getting your pink-essentials to brighten or add femininity to your outfits!

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    Melissa Launches Online Store In Malaysia

    Pioneers of colorful jelly shoe melissa have finally launched an online store in Malaysia.

    The website was launched on 1 April 2016 (yes this is not an April’s Fools joke) and will be offering free shipping in Malaysia with no minimum purchase.

    New arrivals at the MDreams online shop are currently on sales with discounts up to 60% on some designs. We double-checked this with local online shop Zalora.com.my and confirm that the new arrivals for Melissa shoes were sold at full price there.

    We’re not sure how long this promotion will last so do buy a pair before it disappears.

    In conjunction with the launch of the e-store, from April 1st to June 30th, 2016, Melissa will be running the ‘Wanna be Carioca’ contest. Open to all Malaysians, the grand prize winner will win 3 days and 2 nights stay for two-person at the 5-star Angsana Velavaru Resort in Maldives worth RM 10,000. Nine consolation prize winners will receive a pair of Melissa shoes work RM350 each.

    To shop the Melissa shoe collection and enter the contest, visit www.mdreams.com.my.

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    5 Flattering Swimwear For Your Body Type

    When it comes to clothes shopping, few things give women more anxiety than finding a swimsuit. The perfect swimsuit is the right balance of functional yet flattering for our body shape and finding it is like winning a mini lottery.

    Our editorial team has waded through scores of online stores so that you don’t have to. We excluded bikinis from this list and focused on monokinis so that all swimwear address the dreaded tummy bulge. Here is our list of swimwear for common body types:

    Big Bottoms

    LASH Sexy Pin Up One Piece

    If you are blessed with voluptuous booty, high-cut swimwear can often be a bit too revealing and a tad uncomfortable. You should opt for swimwear with solid color bottoms and ample fabric so that it sits comfortably without riding up.

    Small or Flat Bottoms

    MALIBU BEACHWEAR Caviar One Piece In Cateleya

    Opting for high cut swimwear can create an illusion of a fuller bum. Also, swimwear with prints will draw attention to more flattering areas of your body.

    Tummy Pouch

    SPEEDO Twist Front U-Back 1 Piece

    A swimsuit with a ruching effect can easily hide a tummy. Pieces with a plunging neckline can also keep the focus upwards, rather than on your mid-section.

    Straight Body

    ASOS Scuba Swimsuit Peplum

    Peplums are not only great for the office but they also create an illusion of curves for your beachwear.

    Love Handles

    APRIL FOOL DAY Capsule Two-Piece Swimsuit

    While this isn’t a monokini, it has a high-waisted bottom that works wonders to cover the bulge since it extends above the belly button.

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    5 Items We Covet From Epik-Shop [Store Stalk]

    From Lego cufflinks to handmade zodiac rings, this new online store has started its journey to curate the best of Southeast Asian fashion and home items for its shoppers.

    Epik-Shop is a gem of a marketplace that quietly entered our radars at the end of 2015 and has since curated an impressive array of South East Asian labels for men and women clothing, accessories, and home items.

    Our overall impression of Epik-Shop is positive. The website is easy to use, visually appealing and carries items for both men and women.

    The prices in Epik-Shop.com seem on the high side, with women’s clothing starting at RM38 for a t-shirt to RM350 for an overcoat. However, we like that the offerings are different from other online stores available, with Common Ground from Casey Gan and handmade Obi clutches from Moniko.

    If you are looking to do some online shopping too, here are our editor’s picks from the store:

    Cork Purse by Verdez Olivia.

    Enamel 3 -Tier Tiffin Carrier – Small (Smith) by Arcadia.

    Cynara Ruffle Bustier Crop Top (Navy) by Love, Bonito.


    Fukuro Obi Clutch by Moniko.

    Cufflinks | Finley Liberty Jailbird Orange by Zoo For People.