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    5 Beauty Trends That are Out of This World (Seriously!)

    We have so much time in the world these days to come up with the weirdest things. Some of those things are beauty trends. Some will go way beyond and do the most outrages things to stay in trend. But will you? Here are 5 beauty trends that we think are seriously out of this world.

    1. Bubble Nails

    This may have been one of the weirdest trends to ever pop up. Who even came up with the idea to make big chunky nails? It’s difficult enough to maintain a fresh manicure, what about this?? This really got us scratching our heads. This particular nail art was made for Easter, so that makes a little sense, right?

    2. Glitter Roots

    First of all, we all know how difficult it is to remove any kind of glitter off your skin. Can you imagine trying to get the glitter out of the roots of your hair? Way too much effort! It does kinda look pretty if you’re going to Coachella or a rave party. But is it worth it?

    3. Clown Contour

    You’ve probably heard of this everywhere but why would anyone do it? We have no idea. Although the clown contouring was made as a joke, some people took it seriously. Yet again, too much effort for us to want to do it. Lets just stick to the basics, shall we?

    4. Fur Nails

    Everyone knows there is bound to be one weird trend that comes from fashion week. At the Libertine’s F/W 2016 runway at New York Fashion Week, the fur nails were introduced. Just imagine trying to wash the dishes or your hair with these nails. It is rather… troublesome. But we must say it does look pretty cool!

    5. Stuck Together Lashes

    Another weird trend from fashion week is from Vivienne Westwood’s A/W 2016/2017 fashion show. Now, this is something beyond. This look was created by MAC Cosmetics and we are just wondering, will they be selling these weird lashes in-store soon? You definitely wouldn’t need to bother about combing the excess mascara off now, that is for sure. But would you go out looking like this?

    So far, we don’t think we will be trying out any of these odd beauty trends soon. Some of these trends may suit your style, so don’t be afraid to try it out! We would probably try these out for a fashion photoshoot but not for an everyday look. Let us know what you think!

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    6 Favourite Moments at Malaysia Fashion Week

    Here is a recap of our favorite fashion moments at Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 November 4-7 2015:

    Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 has just ended it’s three day run at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Center with much pomp and circumstance; from trade exhibitions to fashion shows, showcasing over 100 local and regional fashion designers/labels.

    Since 100 pictures would be overkill, here are 6 fashion pieces that made the Venusbuzz team debate endlessly:

    1. That Wig-Hat Combination

    Is it a wig? Is it a hat? Does it come in Asian black hair? So elegant, yet so quirky. We love it!

    From: Whee up by Whee Jin (Korea)

    2. That Face Mask

    The Venusbuzz team had a love-hate relationship with this flower inspired outfit. The mask was beautiful enough to stop us from Instagramming our shoes… but we wished that the accompanying dress have more structure.

    From: Emma Rachman (Singapore)

    3. That Teddy Bear

    Fairuz Ramdan is undoubtedly a fan favorite, having won awards almost yearly since he launched his menswear label in 2011.

    Finally branching out to womenswear in 2015, he has translated his popular polo tees designs to female-friendly proportions. Our favorite accessory is undoubtedly the teddy bear necklace.

    From: Fairuz Ramdan (Malaysia)

    4. That Jacket

    Interesting yet elegant. Perfect outerwear for a day-to-night outfit.

    From: Jihnoy (Korea)

    5. That Outfit

    Artistic and well-crafted.

    From: Yuna Yun (Singapore)

    6. That Entire Collection

    Venusbuzz team’s favorite menswear collection from the entire show. With a heavy emphasis on nature and comfort (it is the Spring/Summer collection after all), we liked the floral knee length coat the most.

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    Meteorologists Are Wearing The Same 23 Dollar Dress

    This imgur user shared a dress that quietly went viral all over the US.

    The user revealed that female meteorologists are wearing the same US$23 dress from Amazon.

    Meteorologists revealed that they are not allowed to have short hemlines, lace, or cleavage, Refinery 29 reports. Solid colors also avoid creating a busy pattern on the camera.

    “Many stations even have consultants that come in and tell you colors you should and shouldn’t wear,” KOCO meteorologist Shelby Hays tells Tech Insider (white is bad and green would vanish with the green screen).

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    10 Alternatives for H&M x Balmain

    Didn’t get your hands on a H&M x Balmain piece? Here are a few H&M x Balmain alternatives:

    H&M launched its the much awaited collection a few days ago on November 5, 2015.

    The fans queued and waited patiently for hours, for the doors to open to them.

    Some had even been waiting a day before.

    The H&M x Balmain collection didn’t take long to sell out.

    So whether you missed it or just want a piece to emulate the look, here are a few alternative pieces to check out:

    1. Sequin-embroidered Dress

    Alternative: ASOS NIGHT Metallic Wrap Plunge Mini Bodycon Dress

    2. Wool Jacket with Satin Lapels

    Alternative:  ZALORA Pant Suit Jacket

    Modify the jacket with some gold buttons, to get a similar look.

    3. Velvet Dress with Braiding

    Alternative: ASOS Skater Dress With Empire Line in Velvet

    4. Beaded Velvet Dress

    Alternative: ASOS NIGHT Armour Sweetheart Mini Bodycon Dress

    5. Leather Jacket

    Alternative: ASOS Leather Biker Jacket in Boxy Fit

    6. Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

    Alternative: ZALORA Festive Sueded Luxe Tuxedo Jacket

    Again modify the buttons to make it look closer to the one above.

    7. Striped Silk Blouse

    Alternative: One Teaspoon Le Player Dress in Stripe

    8. Sandal Boots

    Alternative: Missguided Heeled String Gladiator Sandal

    9. Suede Boots

    Alternative: Vero Moda Sofia Leather Buckle Biker Boots

    10. Leather Biker Pants

    Alternative: ASOS Skinny Biker Trousers with Coated Front and Zip Detail

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    Beauty Trends with Bobbi Brown – Spring /Summer 2016

    Fashion is more than just clothes, its style and presentation, and makeup plays a big part. New York Fashion Week saw models strutting down the runway with latest the fashion world has to offer for Spring/Summer 2016 collections. And with upcoming clothing trends being showcased, beauty trends naturally followed.

    Yahoo Beauty’s editor-in-chief recently appeared on with Good Morning America says that three big beauty trends stood out at Fashion Week.

    “The entire look for the season is all about natural, comfortable, easy and it doesn’t take a lot of work” – Bobbi Brown

    1. “No Makeup” Makeup

    A big trend at Fashion Week was the no makeup look. Bobbi Brown says it can be worn with a nude lip or bright red lips, similar to the models at the Jason Wu show.

    Bobbi Brown said in the interview “Some designers sent models down the runway without a stitch of makeup on, just some moisturizer”

    Image via Youtube

    Though Brown notes that the models are in their 20’s, making this trend a “don’t try at home”.  We suggest go for it if you are bold enough.

    2. Accented Nails

    A trend that was spotted by Brown was the Accented Nails. She says “A black dot, a white stripe and then colors coordinating with the clothes on the side of the nail,” talking about the looks seen on the runways of Tibi, Public School and Adam Selman.

    Brown says that this is a very modern trend and easy to apply, and definitely something to try at home.

    3. Beachy, Wavy Hair

    Brown describes the hair trend as “kind of a downtown, cool girl.” Noting that there shouldn’t be too many curls and just a little bit of waves.

    Brown does suggest pulling out the curler and trying it yourself.

    You can find and purchase beauty products here.