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    5 Ways How Social Media Negatively Affects You

    While social media seems to be the way the world connects these days, it can affect you in more ways than one according to these researches. 

    Social media makes you want to spend more money

    Research says that if you’re a heavy social media user, you may experience a lower self-control. Something which marketing experts believe could influence behaviour and lead to higher spending. With the many pages or brands that you follow religiously on Facebook, Instagram and such, you may buy into the thinking that you need or want a particular product more than you actually do.

    Social media can alter your appetite

    Studies suggest that looking at “food porn” photos can make us fat. These visual indulgences apparently increase our food craving and instantly trigger us to consume more than our normal portions. Some women also reported that they do not feel satisfied even after eating a full meal when they look at these food images.

    Social media gets you to bow to peer pressure

    Social media users are more likely to be influenced by peer pressure or popularity. A study from HP Labs found participants were more prone to changing their minds about a particular post after enough time have passed and they see that the other post was moderately more popular.

    Social media makes you feel bad

    Researchers from two German universities discovered that social media could leave users with a negative experience. One in three Facebook users reported feelings of envy, misery and loneliness after skimming through photos of friends’ life successes. The frustration came from users comparing themselves socially to their friends and feeling dissatisfied over the lack of attention from having fewer comments, likes and feedback.

    Social media drives your addiction

    Social media users rely strongly on mobile phones and thus, most people do develop an unhealthy attachment to wanting to always be in the know. A study from University of Virginia showed students to be particularly affected by this addiction. It appears like we’re connected but without an authentic connection with each other.

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    Top 8 Reasons Why You’ve Been Unfollowed On Twitter

    If the number of your Twitter followers are constantly decreasing, then honey – it’s not them, it’s you.

    Social media has become a significant part of most of our lives – which makes sense as to why one would be affected when he or she gets unfollowed on Twitter. However, whether you admit it or not, the fact is that most of these unfollows are prompted by your own actions.

    To clarify ourselves on what we just said, here are some of the top reasons why people unfollow a person on Twitter.

    1. The top reason for unfollowing a person in Twitter is simply because the user is being too noisy and producing a lot of spam. Meaning that if you have a habit of constantly tweeting minute after minute, it’s time to say hello to Twitter loneliness.

    2. Following spaming and an influx of tweets, most people also don’t like it when self-promotion is the purpose of the Twitter account.

    3. The egg icon. Take a look at your Twitter profile, is the avatar still the unhatched egg? If yes, please do yourself a favour and change it. Let’s just put it this way: Why would a person want to follow someone who doesn’t even put effort into completing their Twitter profile?

    4. It is neither safe nor great to keep on tweeting about your Foursquare and check-in activites.

    5. To all you hashtag abusers out there, #please #stop #doing #this. Your followers find the habit annoying and pointless.

    6. Another pet peeve of most Twitter users are grammar correctors. Whether it’s in real life of on the Twitterverse, nobody likes a grammar guru being corrected.

    7. According to a study, approximately 21% would unfollow an individual if there are no conversational tweets. Come on now folks, it’s a social media platform – go forth and socialise.

    8. Last but not least, being sad all day long and constantly asking for retweets are also big no-nos. When you post about how bad your life or situation is 24/7, it’s only a matter of time your followers get fed up.

    Do you have any other legit reasons to unfollow a person on Twitter? Do share with us by commenting below!

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    Confirmed! Samsung Galaxy S5 Launching in April 2014 Globally

    Right move along now S4, there’s a new player in town and it’s your cooler brother – the Samsung Galaxy S5!

    All eyes were on the Samsung Galaxy S5 yesterday at the Mobile World Congress. After much speculation, Samsung finally unveiled its latest smartphone, the S5 to a packed conference.

    The latest device apparently comes with water-resistant casing, improved 16-megapixel camera, heart rate sensor and also fingerprint technology! We can’t help but feel that they got inspired from a certain fruity tech giant.

    The phone runs on Android 4.4 Kit Kat and has a slightly bigger screen than its predecessor at 5.1 inch.

    One welcomed update is that the S5 will be replacing the S4’s glossy plastic battery cover with a “modern glam” perforated finish that will be much more comfortable to hold and doesn’t slide off surfaces as much.

    Samsung will be offering the S5 in four different colours – black, white, blue and gold.

    The S5 will be available starting April 11th in 150 countries. But don’t hold your breath for the local release here in Malaysia, it will probably take a few months before reaching our shores.

    No word on pricing yet but it should be announced nearer to the launch date.

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    LINE’s Moon Speaks Manglish in Special Sticker Set

    Nope, it’s not Merdeka yet – but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Malaysian awesomeness today and every day!

    Nothing like communicating in our own tongue to bring us closer to our friends and loved ones and recognising this, Line has recently launched the first ever localized stickers in Malaysia to add more local flavor for users in their daily chats.

    In an initiative to identify with Malaysian users, Line has introduced its popular Moon character expressing Malaysian phrases such as ‘Jom’, Syok-nya’ ‘Settle!’, and ‘Yamcha’ in this special edition sticker set with 16 different images.

    Available for free downloadable to all Line users, the special stickers are named Malaysian Moon’s Special Stickers on Line’s sticker store.

    A leading mobile platform with more than 330 million users, Line has also created the #LINElah hashtag for all Malaysian promotions that is taking place currently in its platform.

    For more information, visit the Line website.

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Get The Motorola Moto G

    Is the Moto G by Motorola just what the price-conscious tech junkie ordered? Most likely!

    Motorola has long stayed silent in the smartphone arena, but their latest baby is nonchalantly making their absence worth it. Fresh out the official launch in Malaysia, below are five reasons why you should seriously consider getting this smartphone.

    1. All-Day Battery Life

    It is time to say hello to seamless multitasking and web-browsing without relying on battery packs and car chargers! A careful combination of an Android 4.3 Jellybean OS (soon-to-be Android Kit Ka), an admirable processor (Snapdragon 400 processor featuring a quad-core CPU), and the phone’s specs assures users an all-day battery life.

    2. A Tough Screen and Interchangeable Cases

    The Moto G’s 4.5-inch HD display LCD touchscreen is made from Gorilla Glass 3, making it one hella tough device! In addition to that, the Moto G is bound to makes those who love variety in their life happy as its shell covers are interchangeable!

    3. It Fits Perfectly In Your Pocket.

    Having a big screen on your smartphone is great for watching videos and playing games. However, portability might be an issue for some; especially if you’re one who’s used to putting your phones into your pockets.

    The phone’s dimensions are 129.9 x 65.9 x 11.6 mm – which makes it minimally bigger than an iPhone 4s. In addition to that, the phone’s stylish design and comfortable curved back makes it a delight to hold in your hands.

    4. Complimentary Google Drive Storage Up To 65GB.

    Each purchase of the Moto G comes with 15GB of Google Drive storage; but that’s not what we want to highlight. On top of that 15GB, Moto G users will also get an extra 50GB of Google Drive storage free for two years. Meaning that you’d have a whopping total of 65GB to store and share your photos, videos, music and other documents! Keep in mind that this offer must be redeemed within 30 days of activation.

    5. Value For Money.

    The Motorola Moto G is CHEAP! And when we say cheap, we don’t mean that it’s trashy or second-rate – the smartphone is value-for-money personified. Priced at RM698 for the 8GB version and RM 798 for the 16GB version, the Motorola Moto G is a sight for sore eyes as many smartphones out there with specs similar to the Moto G are priced above the RM1000 benchmark.

    To put it simply, this is one smartphone that promises to give users a premium experience for one third of the price of its high-end competitors. And as if noteworthy specs and free Google Drive storage packaged nicely into an agreeable price tag is not enough, the good folks of Motorola have decided to throw in a free Motorola Shell and clear screen protector along with every purchase. Talk about budget friendly eh!

    The Moto G by Motorola is exclusively available for pre-order from today till Januray 20, 2014 via Lazada.com.my. It will then be officially available for sale through major wireless operators, major retailers, consumer electronics store and Lazada.com.my from 21st January onwards. For more information and retails listing, visit Brightstar.

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    Why OtterBox Cases Should Be Your Phone’s BFFL

    Let us introduce to you one of the best friends for life a smart device could ever have – the OtterBox case series!

    We coddle over our smartphones like overprotective parents and we try our best to keep them safe from harm. However, it can’t be denied that accidents are still prone to happen; which is exactly why it is important to invest in a foolproof case that can steadfastly double as your phone’s trusted bodyguard.

    This is where OtterBox comes in. Hailing from North America, OtterBox has left a bold mark in the electronic accessories world by focusing on that one principal fear of all device users — a cracked and busted gadget.

    As shared by the folks behind OttorBox themselves: “Our cases are dedicated to all the klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device or valuable due to their active lifestyle and like our customers, we’ve been there too!”

    Strong, sturdy and will put you in peace; OttorBox’s many case series are certainly something to look out for! To make things easier for our readers, here are some of the brand’s star products, along with what they have to offer for you and your electronic device.

    OtterBox Reflex

    Even the most basic case series are serious bodyguards! With air pockets to absorb impact, these lightweight and thin cases protect devices against drops, bumps and shock. Each case consist of one tough layer and also comes with a self-adhesive screen protector to prevent scratches

    OtterBox Commuter Wallet

    If you’d like extra protection and thickness is not of concern to you, then the Commuter series are for you! This multi-layer case safeguards your device and has a streamline design. And get this – they come with a wallet case drawer that can securely and safely hold up several cards and cash!

    OtterBox Defender

    One of the most coveted OtterBox case, the Defender series are robust three layer ages of protection that have port covers to keep out dust and debris. To top it all off, it has a built-in screen protector and comes with a holster-style belt-clip. A perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts!

    OtterBox Preserver Series

    Key words: seriously waterproof. On top of that, this series can also protect your device from drops up to 2 metres high! They come in two-piece cases that are easy to assemble, have internal foam cushions to soft-cushion your smartphone, and are completed with an adjustable lanyard for convenient carrying.

    OtterBox Symmetry Series

    Prominently the most stylish one of them all, the Symmetry series are slim, pocket-friendly and come in several stylish colours and graphics. Constructed with dual-material, these beauties are able to absorb shock, withstand drops, and protect touchscreens – all in fashionable style.

    For more information and to check out the remaining offerings of OtterBox, please proceed to their official website. Last but not least, here’s your chance to be the proud owner of one of these bad boys – VenusBuzz.com and OtterBox are holding a giveaway! Click here to find out how to join, good luck

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    Polaroid ‘Socialmatic’: Instagram Digital Camera Coming To Life!

    Polaroid is making our Instagram dreams come true!

    In May 2012, photography enthusiasts went ecstatic as news of a real-life ‘Instagram camera’ surfaced around the web. Nonetheless, there was no news on the progress of the camera, nor did it ever make it into stores.

    That is, until the recent Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas.

    It is finally time to say hello to Instagram Socialmatic.

    Manufactured by camera and film company Polaroid, the Socialmatic is an Android-powered digital camera that comes with a built-in ZINK printer for instant on-the-go photo print outs – just like how Polaroid cameras should be! The device has a 4.5” touchscreen LCD display and an internal 4GB storage.

    Most importantly, yes – this dedicated Instagram camera does come with a variety of filters for to prettify, hipster-fy and vitage-fy your snapshots!

    Socialmatic is equipped with two cameras – a back-facing 14MP and a 2MP one for selfies – and comes with both wi-fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Meaning that if you don’t want to print your photo out, you can also immediately share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other site with the cam.

    Scheduled for a Fall 2014 release, the bad news is that the product’s price – costing $299 (approx. RM980), this dream-come-true camera is not exactly easy on the wallet.

    For more information on the camera, check out Socialmatic.

    Sources: Socialmatic, PhandroidABC

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    Sticker Store: Customized Facebook ‘Likes’ for Messenger App

    Facebook is making its Messenger App more and more exciting with the introduction of the ‘Sticker Store.’

    Every time you think of cutting down on your Facebook time, they just think of ways to keep you on there longer. The latest tactic is to introduce the Sticker Store on the Facebook Messenger app, which now offers more options besides that cute grey Pusheen cat (who is now fighting hunger with the World Food Programme)!

    Here are some of our favourites:

    There’s the customized Facebook ‘Likes’ so you can give someone flowers, tell them you’re sick with an injured finger or just wish for world peace.

    The Heromals are hero animals that have come to save your day.

    If you haven’t had enough of Legoland, the Lego Minifigures are breaking out of the toy box and onto the scene.

    Bounce around with Happy-Go-Lucky and see the cute in everything around you

    Thinking of annoying a buddy? Try going bee-doo-bee-doo with Despicable Me 2.Have mystical monster fun with Bigs and Yeti.

    Or just take a walk down memory lane with good ol’ Snoopy.

    Which is your favourite? Leave your comments below!

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    Send Private Videos and Pictures with Instagram Direct

    Our favourite photo-sharing social network just got more awesome with a new feature to send photo and video messages directly to friends!

    Think of Instagram Direct as almost a Whatsapp-like function of Instagram: Any pictures or Instavideos that are perhaps more personal in nature, can now be sent to your significant other, or close group of friends without having to flood your timeline with private moments that you’d rather keep within your inner circle.

    The Instagram Direct page tells it like this: “There are moments in our lives that we want to share, but that will be the most relevant only to a smaller group of people—an inside joke between friends captured on the go, a special family moment or even just one more photo of your new puppy. Instagram Direct helps you share these moments.”

    Let’s face it, Instagram has become just as relevant if not more than other social networks that even renowned blogger  Xiaxue has stated her preference for Instagram-ing over blogging due to the ease of updating while on the go, especially since most of us only have short spurts of time to do any updating in between our hectic schedules.

    So through Instagram Direct, it’s combines both social networking and messaging service in one  – using the power of visual communication which we think it’s absolutely brilliant.

    After all, everyone could use a bit of Valencia-filter magic over their pictures – private or otherwise!

    According to the site, Instagram for iOS version 5.0 is available for download in Apple’s App Store, and Instagram for Android version 5.0 is available  on Google Play. Instagram for Windows Phone is in beta. Stay tuned for future updates and for more information, visit the Instagram Direct page.

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    Recycle Old Phones, Get RM200 Off New Devices!

    Want to own a smartphone or tablet at a cheaper price while helping out Mather Earth?

    In hopes of generating a positive and sustainable change for our environment, and also to help unclutter some of our mess at home, Ninetology and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) have came up with a special rebate programme — the ‘Smart Ecology 2.’

    Conceptualised for a good cause, the programme aims to preserve the future and decrease pollution by recycling parts of mobile devices. This is executed by allowing customers to trade in their old phones in exchange for a RM200 rebate off selected Ninetology smartphones and tablets. Sounds like a great deal right; and especially apt for the Christmas gifting season!

    The concept of the programme is simple – sign up for the programme, bring your old device to a selected dealer and voila, you get a new Ninetology smartphone at a cheaper price!

    Running from now until 31st January 2014, the Smart Ecology 2 initiative is applicable for these Ninetology devices:

    1. Smartphones — Black Pearl, Black Pearl II, Pearl Mini, Inisigh, Palette, Stealth, Stealth II
    2. Tablets — Outlook Pure, Outlook Tablet, Outlook XPRESS

    So, if you are in need of a nifty new smart device, and would like to give your old phone a second lie, why not consider the Smart Ecology programme. For more details and Terms and Conditions of the programme, click here. You can also give the Ninetology Facebook Page a like.

    Or, if you’re feeling creative and lucky, you can try win a free Samsung Gslaxy S4 Zoom here