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    Tamagotchi Returns With More Friends And Updates

    Here’s something to make us feel young or old again, depending on which side of the fence you’re feeling today. The 90s craze Tamagotchi is set to make a comeback and taunt us again!

    Japanese toymaker, Bandai is celebrating the 17th birthday of Tamagotchi with a re-launch of the keychain toy some time next year.

    The news of the remake have been widely covered by the media in Europe and the US. There’s no word yet if the toy will make it to the Asian region. Though, we reckon this will only be a matter of time.

    Called Tamagotchi Friends, the interactive virtual pet game’s premise will remain the same and that is to care for the “pet.” The update however will come with new characters to raise.

    One key element of the new update is the “short range communication” feature which allows owners to bump their Tamagotchi Friends devices against each other so that they can interact and go on “play dates” together.

    Tamagotchi was first launched in 1996 and it quickly grew to become one of the most popular games around with 79 million units sold worldwide.

    If you remember, owners were required to spend hours throughout the day tending to the virtual pets’ happiness and hunger levels. Much to the chagrin of school officials!

    Now a whole new generation of Tamagotchi caregivers will get to build that same kind of lasting friendships with Tamagotchi Friends. A website featuring the new characters has already been launched at www.tamagotchifriends.com where you can also be part of the Tamagotchi community.

    Source: Newsday, Engadget

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    CONTEST: Win A Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom for Christmas!

    Christmas is just around the corner, and we’ve got an amazing giveaway for you!

    It’s the holiday season, and whether you’re celebrating with the family or planning a New Year’s getaway one thing is for sure – you’ll need a phone and a camera to stay connected with your loved ones!

    So instead of lugging around a phone, camera, tablet, and laptop around with you, all you will need now is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom which combines both the functionalities of a smartphone and the benefits of having a proper camera with up to 10x Optical Zoom, instead of the regular phone cameras that have limited capabilities.

    It’s also got a multitude of cool functions and our favourite is the Photo Suggest which shows you pictures that have been taken at the location by other people before you, so you can decide which is the best angle to take a photo with the Eiffel Tower for example.

    The Smart Mode in Light Trace will also allow you to take gorgeous shots with fireworks or a hand sparkler for creative pictures that will definitely impress your friends and family! And that’s not all, there are 24 other options in Smart Mode to make sure your pictures are unique and look the absolute best!


    Absolutely need a new phone and camera? Well, because it’s time to celebrate the year end and we’re feeling extra generous, VenusBuzz and Samsung will be giving away one (1) Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom worth RM1,699 to a lucky reader in this simple competition!

    All you need to do is follow @VenusBuzz on Instagram, and post a photo and caption on what Talk, Zoom or Share means to you! Be sure to tag us @VenusBuzz, and hashtag #mys4zoom and #VenusBuzz, and also ensure that your privacy setting is set to public (or else we won’t be able to see it).

    The contest will run from November 26 to December 10, and the winner must collect the phone from our office in Petaling Jaya by December 20. The winner will be announced on our VenusBuzz Facebook page, so make sure to follow us there to see if you’ve won.

    Good luck, and snap away!

    *Terms & Conditions apply. VenusBuzz and Samsung reserve the right to change the T&C at any time. 

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    Why We Love The LG Charcoal Lightning Heater Microwave Oven

    Are you on the hunt for a convenient all-in-one microwave oven?

    They cook, they grill, they heat up leftover foods and they make the lives of women all around easier – yup, microwave ovens are truly a godsent! Though, as with any other electronic device out there, the decision to pick out the oven of your life is not an easy task.

    With that in mind, mind we suggest this particular unit from LG? Here are five reasons why we think the LG Charcoal Lightning Heater is one of the niftiest microwave ovens available in the market:

    5. It Has An Easy Clean Coating.

    It’s no secret that one of the most dreaded part of cooking is the clean up, but LG has tried to minimise that daily concerns of cooks with an Easy Clean Coating – a special protective coating that prevents stains from seeping deep into the interior coating, making cleaning easy. To clean food stains, just add water, wipe and voila!

    4. The World’s First Charcoal Lighting Heater Technology.

    The LG Charcoal Lightning Heater Microwave Oven operates with a revolutionary charcoal filament – making it the world’s first microwave with Charcoal Lighting Heater!

    The microwave oven’s revolutionary charcoal filament and heating grill enhances water heat absorption and yields dishes that are tastier, deep and even cooking in a shorter time. This makes cooking more natural and efficient when compared to conventional ovens, or even real charcoal grilling.

    Charcoal cooked dishes sans the soot, heat and tedious clean up task? Yes please!

    3. It Steams.

    No, you did not read that wrong – the oven has a steaming option too! This is made possible with two well-designed properties:

    1. A stainless steel lid that stops the food being cooked directly,
    2. A bowl made out of unique material that allows water to boil

    When utilised together, the ‘Steam Chef’ steams dishes to perfection while retaining nutritional value.

    2. Multiple Cooking Modes.

    Installed with the new Lightwave™ system, the oven allows users to adjust grill temperatures and convection fan speed of low, medium, and high. These variations create 6 unique cooking modes: Delicate Baking, Faster Heating Food, Moderate Cooking, Even Browning, Crisp Roasting and Rapid Searing.

    1. It Can Make Dishes Like These…

    Yes, all of those were made with the LG Charcoal Lightning Heater Microwave Oven!

    In the recent LG Home Chef Championship 2013, five selected home chefs showed us what they’ve got and what the revolutionary oven can do. And let us tell you this – we were truly impressed!

    With only an hour of cook time, these amateur cooks managed to prepare dishes like Greens Stuffed Chicken Breast, Percik Chicken Roulade, Ayam Manga, Baked Fish with Cream Sauce and Ayam Kampung Panggang Percik.

    One dish that amazed us most was the Greens Stuffed Chicken Breast by Muhammad Iskandar. Made in the form of a roulade, the meat was juicy, tender and had the right amount of moisture; which is what the LG Charcoal Lightning Heater Microwave Oven promises!

    In fact, the dish impressed the judges so much that they’ve crowned it as the winning dish! Congrats Mr. Muhammad Iskandar!

    For more information about the microwave oven or the LG Charcoal Lightning Heater Microwave Oven, please head over to the official LG website or their Facebook Page.

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    5 iPhone 5S Fashion Cases We Love

    With excitement brewing until we can finally purchase the highly sought after iPhone 5S here in Malaysia on November 1, here are a couple of cool iPhone 5S cases that would look absolutely adorbs on your new toy!

    Before we begin, it’s important to take note that the iPhone 5 and 5S are identical in size and shape – therefore most cases would fit both well. The only thing that’s slightly different is the back camera lens; the iPhone 5S flash uses two LEDs, whilst the iPhone 5 only has one. This means the Flash on the iPhone 5S is slightly elongated compared to the iPhone 5′s circular flash.

    So if you’re planning on buying a stylish fashion case for the iPhone 5S (just in case the basic designs in the Apple store just don’t make the cut), make sure that the flash opening at the back is wide enough to avoid the case from obscuring and affecting your photo quality.  For example, the ‘teardrop’ opening on the case above will probably block the LED flash of the iPhone 5S.

    Now that we’ve cleared that up, here are our favourite fashion cases for the iPhone 5S!

    1. Naughty and Nice by Kate Spade

    Who can resist a cute, glittery case in pink? Kate Spade is definitely the queen of iPhone cases as we feature a number of her designs on our list, and this pink number would make the girliest of girls feel in Barbie heaven. If that’s not your jam, try one of the following instead; (from L-R) the Library Card for the bookworm, Hello Sunshine for indie darlings, and the Loafer Pocket for those who might want to slot a business card or two in the exterior slide pocket.

    2. Metal Wrapper by Marc Jacobs

    Delicious sexy thoughts of Cadbury chocolate come to mind when we look at this purple candy wrapper-inspired case from Marc Jacobs..tasty!

    3. Key-Per by Fossil

    Celebrate your inner artist (or makeup artist) with this adorable case that features colourful (eyeliner) pencil shaving flowers!

    4. Free Hearts Red Mantra case by DvF

    Following our report on Diane von Furstenberg’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, DvF’s focus on wings and feather prints is encapsulated nicely in this case in red hearts made of feathery wings <3

    5. Cedar Street Animal Louis by Kate Spade

    In case you haven’t noticed yet, we really love our Kate Spade covers! For those of you who prefer to keep your new iPhone 5s in its natural form to showcase the lovely champagne colour, get the Cedar Street Animal Louis as a mini-wallet and store a bit of cash and some business cards while you’re at it. This nifty design is perfect for those quick office lunches when you’d rather not lug around your handbag!

    BONUS: RedBubble

    Source: MacWorld

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    Digi Promotion For Official iPhone 5S/5C Launch In Malaysia

    As we inch nearer to the official arrival of the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C in Malaysia, Digi has just recently announced a useful treat for eager iPhone fans…

    Yup, you can now fast track your way to the latest iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C with the yellow-themed telco system!

    Bid sleepless hours and long queues goodbye as Digi will be permitting you to be first in line to purchase the latest iPhone 5s and 5c during the its midnight promotion on the 31st October 2013 with #DiGiFASTLINE. The best part? The promotion is essentially a ‘virtual queue’!

    To skip the physical process of waiting in line at stores, interested iPhone buyers would simply have to do two simple actions:

    1. Register at DiGi Facebook page.

    2. Share DiGi’s iPhone promotion via their Facebook and Twitter accounts using the hashtag #DiGiFASTLINE between 28 October (12.01am) until 29 October 2013 (11.59pm).

    Do note that the more you share, the further you move up the queue! There is one catch though – only 250 participants would be qualified to line up in the ‘virtual queue.’ The lucky individuals would be identified by the amount of Shares, Comments, Tweets, and Likes made on the promo tab by 30th October.

    If chosen, you will get a spot in the #DiGiFASTLINE at one of the five DiGi Stores:

    1. SS2 (Petaling Jaya)
    2. Taman Molek (Johor Bharu)
    3. Pulau Tikus (Pulau Pinang)
    4. Jalan Kulas Tengah (Kuching)
    5. Api-Api (Kota Kinabalu)

    Nonetheless, the preferred iPhone model depend on stock availability. For more information and terms & conditions, please log on to www.digi.my/digifastline.

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    Sony Xperia C Launched In Malaysia

    For the gadget geeks, here’s one affordable and notable smartphone for you to check out.

    Xperia C is the new smartphone from Sony Mobile and the 5” piece is designed to bring Sony experiences to life. Meaning you’ll get high quality, qHD display, a powerful 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor and a stunning 8 megapixel camera with Sony’s ExmorTM R sensor.

    Here are some of the key features that we’re loving:

    Dual-SIM: Oh yes, the phone is dual-SIM compatible! Users will be prompted for SIM selection before making a call or sending a message, with each SIM card being able to be customised separately. Hence, you can now easily separate work from play within one phone.

    Self-Portraits: One for the selfie-taking lovers! You can take a self-portrait with the main camera simply by enabling the smart voice guide. The phone will use voice commands to help frame the shot accordingly. While the “Portrait Retouch” function offers users a chance to soften skin tones to play down harsh lighting conditions or even blemishes.

    Signature Sony design: The Xperia C comes with Sony’s OmniBalance design which was first introduced in the Z. The phone essentially takes the form of a stylish precision-crafted frame with a curved back panel for ergonomic comfort.

    Battery management: With Sony’s battery management technology, standby time is now about four times more by preventing battery-draining apps from sending and receiving data whenever the screen is off, while still allowing you to receive notifications. In simple term, say hello to longer smartphone usage!

    The Sony Xperia C is already available in black, white, and purple with an affordable price-tag of RM999. For more information, visit Sony Mobile Malaysia.

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    The All-New Apple iPhone 5S/5C (Made Easy)

    Remember when we told you that the new iPhone was going to be made out of plastic? Well ladies and gents; it’s all true, and then there’s more!

    In the annual iPhone keynote event yesterday, the mobile giants announced news that cleared the rumours circulating for months amongst their fans and tech fanatics all around the world.

    For the first time in Apple history, two new iPhone were revealed to the public simultaneously. In addition to that, Apple is not simply sticking to black or white colours anymore…


    The Apple iPhone 5C

    Upon watching the keynote event and the official iPhone 5C video, we deduced that this new iphone variation is exactly like the current iPhone 5, except with a plastic casing and a slightly better front camera. If you’re anything like us, you’d be puzzled (and slightly frustrated) about this seemingly trivial move of Apple.

    “The iPhone 5C is built on a foundation on what people love about the iPhone 5,” mentions the mobile giants. In simple terms, Apple is abiding by the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ saying for their iPhone 5C.

    This new addition to the Apple family comes in 5 colours: white, green, pink, yellow and blue; cheery colours that aim to brighten up one’s day! The case is made entirely out of hard-coated polycarbonate and the device is powered by the same processor that the current iPhone 5 runs on. The good news is that this model will have all the full features of the iOS7 and has a slightly better battery life.

    The iPhone 5C comes in 16GB and 32GB capacities, and is rumoured to be priced at SGD848, which is approximately RM2220. With such a big price tag for a phone that’s supposedly of the mid-range category, let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that this new version won’t fall short and feel too plastic-y in our hands.


    The Apple iPhone 5S

    It’s slick, it’s sexy and it even comes with some serious bling – the iPhone 5S is a piece of device that has seriously caught our eyes!

    The key feature that you should take note of this upgraded iPhone model is its Touch ID. Essentially a fingerprint sensor, the system is built right into the device’s newly-designed home button, complete with a scratch-proof sapphire crystal lens and stainless steel detection ring. So yes, it is officially time to bid goodbye to keying in passwords to activate your phone!

    Aside from that, an A7 processor and a M7 co-processor powers the device; making it the first Apple product with such high performance capabilities.

    Constructed of high-grade aluminium with chamfered edges, the Apple iPhone 5S comes in three luxe colour themes: Space-grey, Gold, and Silver. As with its plastic sibling, iOS7 is the selected operating system and battery life is also promised to last longer than the current iPhone 5. It sports a better camera too!

    This premium piece of technology will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, and is currently rumoured to be priced at SGD988 (approximately RM2500).

    With the release of these two new iPhone models, do note that the iPhone 5 will be discontinued. Both the iPhone 5c and 5s will officially launch at The States on September 20, 2013. The Apple products will most likely grace Malaysia by December this year.

    [UPDATE 9/10/2013]

    Get ready to fight queues and crowds, because both of these new iPhones will be available in Malaysia on 1 November 2013 (Friday)! This piece of information is verified by Apple themselves:

    Read Also – Apple iOS7: We Likey!

    Sources: Geekosystem, Stuff, Apple

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    [Review] The 4-Week Experience With Samsung Galaxy S4

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 all that it’s made up to be? 

    It’s been about four months now since the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released and while other phones have emerged from the factory since then, the S4 is still one of the most sought after mobile phone. The hype is still strong with this one! And we’ll share with you why.

    I was given the task of testing out the S4 for a good measurable of time. My previous unit was already giving way (read: lagging and freezing up!) and this couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Take note I’ve been using the S4 for work, play and fun, day and night, so this is a personal account of how I felt with the usability of Samsung’s brainchild. These are the key characteristics that stood out for me:

    Size & Screen

    The first thing that I noticed with the S4 is the size. I’m used to phones that are not any larger than the palm of my hand, this one goes beyond what I would consider as handy. The width of the S4 is a bit trickier to grasp comfortably in one’s hand.

    That aside, the 5-inch HD display is beautiful and with the AMOLED screen, colours appear rich, vibrant and super sharp. A real beauty to look at! This was especially brilliant when playing games (like Minion Rush, yes I was addicted to this at one point!) and viewing pictures and videos.


    Aside from the Gorilla Glass front, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is made up of plastic material. This does not augur well with a high-end level phone. The removable plastic battery cover gives off a flimsy feeling and the downside to this is that the phone tends to heat up pretty fast. A check on various forums revealed the same problem faced by other users. But credit has to be given for its slim and sleek design, as well as the lightweight feel.


    A girl’s gotta have her camera! You know what I mean? When it comes to taking pictures, the Samsung Galaxy S4 did not disappoint. There’s also the much-talked about dual camera shot, which truthfully I didn’t care much for.

    With a 13-megapixel sensor, the S4 did a decent job in capturing pictures in details. The vibrancy is not lost on this one. However, I did find some pictures taken under lowlight to be slightly grainy as per the case with most mobile phones. That said, it wins in terms on capturing modes, filters and effects. And this is where you can find the most fun.

    Extra Features

    One of the things that make the S4 uber cool is probably the eye-tracking software. You can virtually control your phone with your eyeballs, well, sort of. The eye-tracking motion detects when you’re paying attention and when you avert your eyes somewhere else. In this case, the screen grows dimmer and perhaps, even goes off till you bring it back to life.

    Other features to look out are the Smart Pause and Smart Scroll functions; useful when you’re trying to optimise usage of the phone while multitasking. The Air View features also got our attention though I didn’t actually utilise it at all. It lets you hover over the phone to control a video, preview images from the gallery, browse articles online, etc with just a finger or hand.


    If you want a phone that is powerful and smart, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is your guy! He is responsive and sensitive to your needs, and can most certainly be relied on when push comes to shove.

    Read here for more on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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    HTC Butterfly S Debuts In Malaysia!

    The all-new and very sexy HTC Butterfly S has hit our shores, and trust us when we say that you won’t be disappointed!

    Just last Friday, HTC Malaysia launched the sequel of the much-beloved HTC Butterfly – the HTC Butterfly S. Combining style, power and notable performance, this supercharged 5-inch smartphone is a true beauty with brains. Here are some reasons why you should be hyped up about the newly launched HTC Butterfly S.

    A Chic Smartphone Choice

    Similar to its predecessor, the HTC Butterfly S sports a streamlined and sexy design; its curved exterior easily fits into your palms!

    This new 5-inch smartphone features a faster 1.9GHz quad-core processor, offers HTC’s latest Sense 5 user interface and runs on Android Jelly Bean. Additionally, its brilliant screen provides users enjoyable viewing pleasure and great wide viewing angles.


    HTC’s revolutionary UltraPixel Camera is integrated into the Butterfly S. This allows 300 per cent more light to enter than traditional smartphone camera sensors; this ensures sharp images even in low-light conditions.

    The icing on the cake is the smartphone’s front-facing camera – the 2.1 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera gives you more room space and makes it easier for your to take selfie shots of you and your besties!

    Longer Battery Power

    Equipped with a 3,200mAh battery, which is one of the highest capacity batteries in the market right now, the smartphone promises more power for you to take photos, watch videos, browse the internet and listen to music sans worrying about battery life.

    Better Audio Experience

    The Butterfly S comes with the HTC BoomSound – two front-facing stereo speakers and dedicated amplifiers are built in to give users sharper, richer and better sound quality. Beats Audio™ seals the audio deal. So yes – expect to listen to music, play games and watch videos with less distortion and more clarity!

    ‘Video Highlights’ Feature

    Want to make your own video but not really good with editing? HTC’s Video Highlights to the rescue! The function allows you to conveniently create 30 seconds video clips that are readily shareable. All you need to do is to select images from your gallery, pick an accompanying soundtrack and voila!

    The HTC Butterfly S will be available in Fervour Red, Glamour White and Metallic Grey. It retails at RM2,399. For more information on the smartphone, please visit the official HTC website.

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    Sony Xperia Z Ultra: A Stylish Phablet for Women

    The world of fashion and technology share one thing in common: slim is good

    This is what will make the Sony Xperia Z Ultra a coveted item for trendy stylistas the world over, considering how phablets (smartphone + tablet in one) are now being widely accepted as a must-have gadget du jour and everyone is looking for something different that will make them stand out from the crowd.

    1. There certainly is a demand for larger screens – especially when you rely on your smartphone for keeping you entertained when idling by, so of course the bigger the better! Boasting the world’s largest 6.4′ touchscreen Full HD display with Sony’s Triluminos display for mobile, the Xperia Z Ultra has been optimised to experience at least 60% more of the screen than most other smartphones.

    2. With such a large screen, surely one can expect a clunky, clumsy gadget? Nope! The Xperia Z Ultra is as slim as they get for a smartphone this big. Weighing only 212 grams and a 6.5mm body, this is one serious beauty designed using premium materials in one sexy minimalistic deisgn. Yup, this is also the world’s slimmest Full HD smartphone!

    3. What’s amazing is that despite being this big and this light, this smartphone is also resistant to dust and is waterproof – allowing you to film in Full HD underwater. So unlike a certain fruity cult-phone, accidentally dropping your phone into water ain’t gonna require you to send it to be repaired immediately.

    4. The camera features Exmor RS for mobile, HDR for both photos and film, and Superior Auto mode which automatically activates HDR and noise reduction when needed, so you’ll get stunning imagery even in challenging light conditions. Take note though, it does not have a camera flash – and that’s what enables the Xperia Z Ultra to be so slim!

    5. So why would you need a smartphone this big? Well, all the better to see you with, my dear! The Xperia Z Ultra is the ultimate entertainment experience – imagine travelling long distance on a plane and while everyone is stuck with their in-house movies on a tiny grainy screen – you get to watch your favourite shows and movies, play games, and read books on a larger, more exuberant screen.

    6. The Battery Stamina Mode significantly improves the standby time of your smartphone by four times or more as it recognises when you’re not using your display and automatically turns off the functions you don’t need, while keeping the notifications you want. As soon as you press the power button to wake up your screen, everything is up and running again.

    7. The Xperia Z Ultra is also built for business thanks to the super responsive screen with handwriting recognition which is compatible with any pencil and selected stylus or pen (capacitive stylus or metal pen with tip diameter over 1mm). You can even write notes or sketches during calls so you’ll always be ready capture your ideas as they happen!

    Xperia Z Ultra is now available in a choice of black or white colour finishes at a recommended retail price of RM 2,299 for the HSDPA version.

    In conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations, customers who purchase the device will receive a free premium phone casing worth RM80 along with an 8GB microSD card and an Xperia t-shirt. More details on this and other promotions for this festive season can be obtained from Sony Mobile’s roadshow at Lowyat Plaza, happening from 5 – 11 August. For more information, visit Sony Mobile Malaysia.