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    Tutorial: Shu Uemura x PaperSelf for Valentine’s Day

    Add a dash of romance with these gorgeous delicate paperlashes and let your eyes do the talking 

    When you think Valentine’s Day, you typically think pink and all that girly goodness but Shu Uemura’s take on romance with the Calligraph: Ink Spring 2014 eyeshadows and PaperSelf collaboration will set you apart from the rest.

    In this romantic look done by Shu Uemura’s elite makeup artist Lisa Yap, she played with shades of tangerine and shimmery golds as the backdrop to the striking black paperlashes which evokes a feeling of a beautiful sunset or the flutter of wings from a Monarch butterfly.

    Now, Shu Uemura is famous for its Tokyo lash bar and unrivalled eyelash curlers, so let’s talk about the lastest collaboration: the Shu Uemura x PaperSelf lashes. There are two designs, Cupid Angel and Love Lasts Forever. Intricately laser cut paper designs, one features three cupids ready at the aim on a single eyelash, and the other features the word ‘Love’ on one eye and ‘Forever’ on the other eye, with rose and heart motifs.

    The important thing to note is that with all false lashes, you will need to trim them down to fit your eye shape. However, I would recommend using only 1/3 of each lash to be placed on the end of your lash line for a more wearable look. That’s not to say these lashes won’t look great used in its entirety, but it will look more theatrical.

    For this tutorial, Lisa used the Cupid Angel paperlashes on me, and let’s see how easy it is to get this Spring-fresh look:

    Step 1: Lisa first shaped my eyebrows by tweezing away stray hairs (which can be done in store for RM35), and filled it the eyebrow in a modern shape using the Hard 9 pencil in Acorn.

    Step 2: Using the Medium Brown (S 853) shade, Lisa applied this shade on the socket and half of the outer eyelid to create the illusion of bigger, deep set eyes

    Step 3: She applied Vermillion (ME 252) which is a nice warm orange eyeshadow, and dabbed that all over the remaining part of the lid starting from the inner corner. Do not apply above the eye socket.

    Step 4: Using the darkest shade which is Dark Brown (S 884) and a smaller tipped brush, she used this to shade in the outer ‘V’ shape and blended it in.

    Step 5: Using the same dark brown shade, line the outer edge of your lower lash line one third of the way from the outer corner. This will give you the illusion of wider eyes.

    Step 6: Next, use the shimmery beige (G 821) to highlight the inner corner and the rest of the lower lash line until you reach the dark brown shade.

    Step 7: Curl your lashes!

    Step 8: Using the ah-may-zing Calligraph: Ink Liquid Eye Liner (I have this at home, and it is by far the best pen liner I have used), and draw a medium line with a slight flick at the end to elongate your eye shape.

    Step 9: Apply Mascara Length and Waterproof in Jet Black.

    Step 10: Using Light Beige (S 815), apply as a highlighter under your brow bone.

    For the pièce de résistance, apply the Shu Uemura PaperSelf Valentine’s Day lashes. First, you’ll want to snip the lashes to fit onto your eyes. For this look, Lisa snapped off one third of the lash – so in this case, we will be using one Cupid on each eye.

    Next, apply a thin layer of the Shu Uemura lash glue, and using tweezers, place it as close to the lash line as possible at the outer corner of your eye. Adjust accordingly until it looks perfect, and gently press the lashes upward so you can see the pattern clearly. Et voilà! Pretty, fluttery eyes! Blink blink away!

    For the rest of the look, finish off with a Coral blusher (P 560), lipstick (M 944) and gloss ( CR 10S).

    The Calligraph: Ink collection is currently available in stores. The pressed eyeshadows are priced at RM60 each, the Liquid Eye Liner (RM130) and refills (RM65), and the Paperlashes are RM90 per pair. If you like the look, you can head on to the Shu Uemura store and have a makeup artist do the look for you for RM150 (not including eyelashes which will need to be purchased).  For more information, visit the Shu Uemura Facebook page.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to treat yourself extra special this Friday  <3

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    Tried and Tested: Maybelline Lip Polish Range

    Meet Maybelline New York’s latest tools of seduction – the Lip Polish range.

    All set to start a new lip revolution, the Maybelline Lip Polish is more than a lipstick and gloss. Deemed as the world’s first liquid colour balm, the revolutionary lip product is described as a stunning combination of:

    • Lip balm – The moisturising liquid balm cushions, protects, prevents the lips from feeling dry.
    • Lipstick – Pure pigment results in intense and alluring colours that never settle into lip lines.
    • Gloss – The built-in and glossy topcoat gives the Lip Polish the perfect finishing shine.

    To put it simply, the best qualities of key lip products are harnessed into one convenient little tube! This well-designed all in one concept eliminates the need to layer three separate products, but yet ensuring depth and gloss to users.

    To seal the deal for this product, Maybelline has also decided to give it a unique applicator.

    Equipped with long and short fibres that are soft to the lips, the specially designed leaf applicator enables smooth and fuss-free application. Packaged to mimic the shape of a lipstick, the Maybelline Lip Polish comes in 10 exclusive hypnotic colours:

    From sexy reds to lovely nudes, there’s a tube of Lip Polish to match every lip, mood and occasion! We managed to do a swatch of three shades, namely POP 5, GLAM 3 and GLAM 6.

    Each shades was applied with two coats and the shot was taken under natural light. As for how the Maybelline Lip Polish would fare in action, here is a before and after of the POP6:

    One can easily see that the Lip Polish stays true to its aim of delivering strong colours and high-shine. It was also easy to spread (all thanks to the unique applicator), did not have a heavy smell and was not overly sticky – which are definite plus points.

    All in all, this lip revolution of a product stayed true to its aim and effortlessly gave us hypnotizing lips with a great luxurious feel. We approve!

    With all those positive qualities, it is honestly a no-brainer to see why the Maybelline Lip Polish would become a lip essential for ladies on the go. In fact, we’re already contemplating on what shade to get for our next buy

    The Maybelline Lip Polish is now available in Malaysia with a recomended retail price of RM32.90. For more information, visit the Maybelline Malaysia Facebook page.

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    Tried & Tested: Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set

    The most wonderful time of the year has just been made even better for lip-plumping enthusiast – thank you Stila for this awesome lip glaze set!

    Named as Color Me Glossy, this holiday collection carries nine Stila lip glazes in the brand’s iconic click pens. Be they creamy or shimmery, the lip glaze shades range from luscious red, sweet pinks and neutral nudes.

    Truth be told, this is one collection that’s especially apt for the gifting season.

    Packed in sets of three trios, it simply has ‘perfect gift idea!’ stamped all over it. Whether you’re planning to give it as a whole in the box, in sets of three; or even use them individually as stocking stuffers; the possibilities are really endless! As a matter of fact, they even readily come with their own gift tag!

    We did a swatch of this Christmas gem:

    The swatches were done with two layers each per colour. As noticed, the  Stia’s lip glazes gives will indefinitely give wearers a glossy tint on their lips – perfect for those who love to put on glistening pouts! The texture is quite sticky and thick, which may be why they’re quite long-wearing.

    We personally find the lighter colors like Strawberry Cream and Persimmon quite sheer on their own – so we’d recommended these babies for layering purposes. As for the darker shades, such as Dazzleberry and Passion Fruit, the end result was quite opposite from the former – they are quite pigmented and pack a hefty colour punch.

    There is one thing that you should be wary of though – you would either love or hate the glazes’ scent. While we honestly love this collection to bits, we must warn you that some of them smell kind of like cough syrup. Worry not though, because the scent dissipates fairly fast.

    To sum it up, Stila made this collection with intentions for it to be loved. Whether you, or the person you aim to give it to, are looking for a statement pout or a subtle lip tint; Color Me Glossy’s creamy or shimmery tones will do the trick. What more can you ask from a Christmas collection!

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    Tried and Tested: Nivea In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner

    It’s time to bid goodbye to sticky ‘after lotion’ sensations. There is now a new and hassle-free way of moisturising your body…

    Say hello the latest body care range by Nivea, the In-Shower Skin Conditioners!

    Freshly launched, Nivea’s very first body conditioner carries the same principles as conditioners for our hair – it’s a treatment applied right after the cleansing process for favourable and nourishing results. To use the in-shower skin conditioner, there are four simple steps:

    Go about your usual bathing business as per usual, rinse and then apply the in-shower skin conditioner while still wet and in the showers. Rinse again, towel dry and it’s time to get dressed. Yes, it is that simple!

    Fitting right in with existing shower routines, the Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner acts as a lotion substitute as it aims to effortlessly achieve hydrated, smooth and silky skin sans the hassle, sticky residue, and wait for the lotion to dry up.

    This is made possible from the product’s unique formulation – activated by water, the creamy, scented skin conditioner is able to quickly absorb into your skin. In addition to that, the in-shower skin conditioners also come with moisurising properties that help repair up to 10 dry and damaged skin signs, namely dryness, dullness, roughness, peeling, itchy, flaky, scratched, stressed tight and unsmooth skin.

    There are two variants to this range. The Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner is enriched with Sea Minerals, thus leaving your skin hydrated and soft to the touch.

    If you’re one who has drier skin, then the Nivea In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner might be a better choice. This special formulation contains rich Almond Oil that nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling remarkably smoother and softer.

    Intrigued by such a revolutionary product, this writer over here excitedly picked up a bottle of the Nivea In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner and hopped into the showers.

    The results were truly significant – even at my first and only usage, I can vouch that I happily walked out the showers with my skin feeling softer and smother! As for its moisturisation capabilities, I do admit that my very dry skin felt less tight and slightly more hydrated. All in all, I enjoyed the results of the product and already foresee it taking up a permanent spot in my showers

    Retailing for RM16.90 each, both of the In-Shower Skin Conditioners come in 250ml bottles and are available in major pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide from November onwards. For more information on Nivea, please refer to their official website or Facebook Page.

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    5 Reasons Why We Like Tefal Minute Steam Garment Steamer

    Let’s admit this; ironing is one chore that’s a pain in the butt! And no matter how you try to avoid it, there would be days that call for a crisp shirt, smooth dress, and the likes.

    So what’s a girl to do?

    Look for an easier alternative. Aside from changing all your clothes to non-wrinkly materials ones, you can try out Tefal Minute Steam Garment Steamer.

    The nifty machine heats up to steam clean in just 60 seconds, hence the term Minute Steam.

    VenusBuzz.com recently took the Tefal beauty out for a trial run in a photoshoot where the clothes needed to be immaculate on camera. Here are five reasons why we are in love with this mean machine:

    Powerful Performance

    This steamer is designed for professional use with powerful 30g/mn of vertical steam that continuously blast through the nozzle. So it’s perfect if you are in the blogshop or clothing business where you need do to constant ironing. In comparison with other steamers out there, this one by Tefal works above average as confided by one regular garment steamer user during our photoshoot. Wrinkles and creases were smoothen out in no time!


    Not limited to just a few types of clothes, you can practically “iron” on any kind of material without worrying about ruining your favourite clothing item. The garment steamer also comes with large integrated hanger, pant clips and additional hook, so you can work your way around the ironing chores effectively.


    One common grouse about a garment steamer is that it’s bulky and unmanageable. Tefal Minute Steam is compact enough for practicality and ease of use. Its telescopic pole can be dismounted and retracted while the on/off switch is placed and operated at foot level for user-friendliness. But what’s truly convenient is the removable 2.4L water tank, which makes refilling the steamer simpler before firing it up again. Just remember to empty it after using before storing away.

    Additional accessories

    The Tefal Minute Steam comes with a range of accessories that will make your ironing chore lighter. There’s a fabric brush to remove all creases efficiently from delicates to linen plus on thick fabrics, and also a lint pad to remove lint as you go along. While our favourite is the crease clipper that you can use to get between pleats and folds for that perfectly pressed dress, pants and etc.


    The idea of a garment steamer is great! It helps with a chore that most of us would find troublesome. This machine by Tefal gets the job done and allows for a smoother ironing experience. Also for days when you want to re-wear a top or dress that you’ve just worn for a couple of hours last night, use the Tefal Minute Steam Garment Steamer to sanitise and remove odour so it is as good as freshly washed laundry.

    Tefal Minute Steam Garment Steamer retails at RM499 and it’s available at major retail stores – Harvey Norman, Best Denki, SenHeng/SenQ, Courts, ESH, Parkson, AEON Big, Living Quarter, Isetan, Sogo, Tesco, GCH, Sunshine Wholesales Mart, Yeo Teck Seng KL.

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    Tried & Tested: Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair

    You know the age of Complete Correction (CC) creams has donned upon us when even our hair gets its own formulation! We test out the Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Corrector.

    What Is It?

    The Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 is a leave in hair product that aims to perfect your locks into an enviable and easily manageable crowning glory. As mentioned by Joan Malloy, president of Alterna Haircare told WWD: “It is both a treatment and a styler and works on dryness and uneven texture for all hair types.”

    Similar with CC creams for faces, the leave in hair perfecter acts as a foundation and is multifunctional. Its ’10-in-1’ benefits include providing your hair moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, anti-breakage, heat-damage protection, light hold, UV protection, manageability, and strength!

    The (not so) secret ingredient behind the product is none other than caviar extract. That said, certain key ingredients of this item yields pretty big promises:

    • Caviar extract’s amino and omega-3 fatty acids even out the hair shaft.
    • Vitamin C to resist free radicals.
    • Seasilk marine botanicals help provide moisture.

    How To Use It?

    Simply squeeze out some of the CC cream onto your palm and apply evenly on tresses. You can either use this when your hair is wet or dry.

    Did We Like It?

    In our honest opinion, the Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 is all right but is not a product to shout about.

    While we are unsure about its heat protection and anti-breaking benefits (or rather, we couldn’t really tell), we give you assurance that it did give our limp hair a nice moisture-kick, texture and shine. Oh, and it also left our hair smelling real nice! Effects lasted about 5-6 hours, even in the hot and humid Malaysian weather. However, we personally think that it would’ve been better if the leave in product did not leave a slight build up in our hair after application.

    As a whole, we applaud Alterna for creating such an interesting hair product and would recommend this CC Cream to those who are looking for an extra treatment for their hair.

    The Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 is currently available at Sephora outlets nationwide and is retailing for RM90.

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    Do You Have A Pore-blem?

    Endlessly swamped with large and visible pore-blems (pore problems), we take on Soap & Glory’s The Fab Pore and The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion to see if they make for great solutions.

    1. The Fab Pore

    What Is It: Back with an upgraded formula and new packaging, the Fab Pore by Soap & Glory is a nifty 2-in-1 facial peel and mask formulated for those that have oily and combination skin types, and are prone to clogged pores. Simply put, the product aims to serve as a cleansing facial treatment, while minimising and decloging pores at the same time.

    Promising to be a great refresher for exhausted skin, Soap & Glory shares that the secret behind this product lies in its ingredients:

    • Poreshrink-R complex, which is a double-action beta-hydroxy acid that fights spots, reduces inflammation and gently peels away pore-clogging dead skin cells.
    • Fomes Officinalis Mushroom Extract is known for their pore-tightening capabilities.
    • Kaolin Microclay to soak up excess sebum secretion.
    • Rice Microbeads effectively scrub, exfoliate and smoothens the skin, thus giving users a smoother complexion.

    Application: To apply, simply massage the 2-in-1 facial treatment onto your face (focus on your T-zone), leave it on for five minutes and rinse. If there are noticeable clogged pores, feel free to leave The Fab Pore on for 15 minutes instead for deep exfoliation. While it is recommended to use The Fab Pore once a week, it is all right to use it twice weekly to battle breakouts.

    Verdict: On days you feel lazy but want to give your face a thorough wash, this will be your best friend! Seriously now, all that is required is to slather on the clay mask, rub it around your face, leave it on while you go about whatever you want to do, rinse, and voila – a clean face!

    The product applied on nicely, smoothly, and the tiny green beads did its job in giving the skin a nice exfoliation. I left the deep cleansing mask on for 15 minutes and felt a slight tightening some time before washing it off.

    There is one complaint though, while my skin did looked healthier, I did not see any signs of my pores shrinking.

    Would I Recommend It? While honestly on the fence with this product as it lacks pore minimising properties, I do think that it can be considered as it is not that half bad as a 2-in-1 facial treatment.

    2. The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion

    What Is It: Yet another Soap and Glory product that has been upgraded and repackaged, The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion is principally a daily moisturiser for oily and combination skin that aims to make pores appear less visible. This multi-tasking daily micro-smoothing moisture lotion is equipped with:

    • Detoxyboost, which is an organic ginseng-based blend of oxygenating molecules that can help boost circulation.
    • Poreshrink -12H complex, a skin-friendly combination of slow-releasing salicylic acid.
    • Vitamin B6 and Fomes Officinalis Mushroom functions as a moisture-boosting astringent agent that helps tighten pores and reduces sebaceous gland secretion.
    • Superfruit Yuzu as a skin energising, toning and brightening antioxidant
    • Nylon 12 delivers instant mattification because it is a highly porous and absorbent micro-nylon.

    Application: As per any other moisturiser, apply The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion every morning and evening onto well-cleansed skin and then follow with sunscreen or serum.

    Verdict: In all honesty, I’ve been personally using this for a while and I am quite enjoying it! The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion is a minty and lightweight cream-based moisturiser that gives just the right amount of moisture to my skin, minus making it being overtly oily. Nonetheless, I do admit that I wish it were more moisturising. Another thing I adore is the packaging – it’s so cute, convenient and practical!

    Here’s the best news though – yes, it really does minimise my pores! While not much, I can vouch that the opening of my pores were visibly smaller.

    Would I Recommend It? If you’re looking for a lightweight but effective moisturiser that helps minimises your pores, then I would be quick to give you a ‘Yes.’ However, if you have dry skin, perhaps another moisturiser would be a better choice.

    Both The Fab Pore and The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion by Soap & Glory are already available at Sephora stores around Malaysia now. 

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    Tried & Tested: Frontcover “Colours Of The Catwalk”

    The tagline is “Where Make-Up Meets Fashion.” Our curiosity is piqued already. 

    First up, I am a makeup noob. My idea of painting my face involves the occasional eyeliner and lip tint. So when you get your hands on an all-in-one kit, you know that playtime has just begun.

    The Frontcover kits are what you would call a beginner’s introduction to makeup and the added bonus is that you get to look like the fabulous models from the runway. Frontcover carries an extensive range of cosmetics and makeups inspired by the latest catwalk trends that you can experiment with.

    Each box or kit comes with useful tips and step-by-step instructions on how you can recreate the high fashion, magazine-worthy looks you see on its cover. Of course, in addition to that, you get the whole range of eyeshadow, eye pencil, blusher, lipstick and brushes to help you achieve that particular look.

    Every year, there are two limited collections released by Frontcover – namely Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. For this review, we got the A/W 2013 “Colours Of The Catwalk” set that is predominantly metallic in theme.


    In all honesty, the kit is pretty as a present but rather cumbersome to carry around if you’re thinking of travelling with Frontcover. Having said that, we do like the idea of ‘all-in-one’ for an affordable price of RM65. Great as a starter kit! And the packaging supposedly helps keep everything in one place so you don’t miss a single item. Win!


    The eyeshadows, blusher and lipsticks are easy to put on without much fuss. These are more glamorous tones, so you might want to save it for evening events. However, we did try with applying just a single shade of eyeshadow – Gold Blush – for daywear and it was subtle with enough tint to highlight the eyes.

    To top it up, the kohl eye pencil glides on smoothly and the smudger adds on a tinge of smokey effect. What we are not too keen on are the brushes which felt a bit rough upon application. A particular mention to be highlighted is the Bronze Angel Nail Polish, the flat brush applicator was easy to use and the colour is understatedly sassy.


    While I had on the eyeshadow and blusher for only half the day, the colours didn’t run much but noticeably the kohl eye pencil was smudging outwards, leaving me with darker under eyes. It has to be noted that I do have oily lids and this is a contributing factor.


    While you can go with the glamorous runway look suggested on the box, we decided to play up according to how we’d like our makeup to be – natural with minimum effect. In this case, we like how versatile you can be with just one kit. Imagine if you have a few other Frontcover kits!


    This is a basic set and the makeup palette is lacking an essential like mascara. As everything is contained within one box, you may accidentally dent the eyeshadow or blusher when you’re rushing to do your makeup before heading out.

    Frontcover makeup kits are available from Sephora Malaysia. Priced at RM65.

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    MANICyours: Mariah Carey Holiday Collection by OPI

    Mariah’s on a roll! She’s just launched 18 more nail lacquers with OPI for a Limited Edition Holiday Collection!

    While her initial Studio and Stage collections were more ‘girly’ shades of purple, pink and blues, Mariah’s latest Holiday collection features deeper, rich colours to express the warmth of Christmas and New Years.

    This seasonal promotion includes an assortment of red, burgundy, maroon and chocolate brown hues, along with glitter-packed gold, bronze and pearl shades and still features the Liquid Sand textures ranging from icy blue to frosted pink and sparkling graphite. Each of the Liquid Sand shades showcases OPI’s groundbreaking technology for a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle.

    With 18 shades, there’s a perfect hue for every occasion: The 12 crème and glitter lacquers include classic reds, champagne gold, and warm burgundies, while the six Liquid Sand shades should be worn without top coat for a matte finish in icy, frosted colors. To get you in the mood, here’s Mariah in her Christmas element (we certainly listened to it to get us in the mood for this post)!

    OK, so back to the Mariah Carey Holiday collection! The nail lacquers include the following :

    My Favorite Ornament Make this champagne glitter your new personal favorite.

    All I Want for Christmas (is OPI) This marvelous maroon is present-ly my top choice.

    Cute Little Vixen This deep red violet has foxy written all over it.

    Underneath the Mistletoe Is my kiss as spicy-sweet as this candy-apple red?

    In My Santa Suit This generously pigmented red is worth staying on the “nice” list.

    Visions of Love I see this rich burgundy in my immediate future.

    Warm Me Up This spiced coffee hits all the cold spots.

    Wonderous Star This gold-flecked shimmer has heavenly shine.

    All Sparkly and Gold What more can we say…the name says it all.

    Sleigh Ride for Two There’s only room left for this dark hot chocolate.

    Ski Slope Sweetie This golden pearl is everybunny’s favorite.

    I Snow You Love Me Just like I snow you love this disco light confetti.


    Silent Stars Go By This blush of textured pink has parades of sparkle.

    Baby Please Come Home Can’t wait to see you…in this textured and sparkling lilac.

    Make Him Mine But make this textured glistening rose mine first!

    It’s Frosty Outside This frosted silver is so icy it’s hot.

    Emotions This dramatic sparkling coal has got me feeling fine.

    Kiss Me at Midnight It’s time to fall in love with this frosted ice blue.

    We reviewed the Four Mini Holiday Hits which includes mini sizes of Visions of Love, Warm Me Up, Wonderous Star, and All Sparkly and Gold.

    This collection is great because you can mix and match the glitters with the crèmes for two different looks. The first is pairing Visions of Love which is an opaque rich burgundy with two coats of All Sparkly and Gold (think M.A.C.’s Antique Gold pigment in fine-glitter form) on your feature nails.


    For the second look, Warm Me Up which is a play on a nice cup of coffee on a cold Winter’s day is slightly less opaque than Visions of Love but two coats will suffice. Add another two coats of Wonderous Star (fine silver glitter with a smattering of small black circular glitter) on your feature nails. This was so bling (in typical Mariah fashion) that we even had difficulty photographing it!

    We love both combos and if you’re all about the bling, opt for painting all your nails with two coats of both glitter nail lacquers, we just think the contrast works better (and also makes for easier cleaning of nails)!

    All products in the Mariah Carey Collection by OPI contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application.This collection is now available at Colour Culture (OPI Nail Bar), OPI Kiosk and leading nail, beauty, hair salons & spa centers throughout Malaysia. Individual bottles are priced at RM63 each or RM83 for the Four Mini Holiday Hits.

    For more information, visit the Colour Culture Facebook page. 

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    Tried & Tested: Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour

    Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours promises to be your next to-go eye shadow that’s all-natural, suitable for sensitive skin and can be either matte or shimmery. Could such sorcery be true?

    What Is It?

    Originating from Malaysia, Ronasutra is a brand that has gotten good word aplenty from their avid users and makeup junkies all over. The makeup brand is 100% natural and safe to use, but what sets them apart from others is their unique formulation – Ronasutra’s entire range of products are made entirely out of 100% minerals! To learn more about this revolutionary local brand, please check out our previous piece here and our review on their foundation here.

    In their quest of spreading the goodness of mineral makeup to Malaysians, the brand has recently released a range that allows your eyes to speak volumes in a glance – say hello to the all-new Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour!

    The brilliant product comes in five palettes, each with three different shades:

    To give you an idea of how the eye shadows look like in action, we did a quick look with some of the colours from palette E2 and E4.

    The captivating and intense Mauve colour was used as a base shade, while the beautiful Purple Brown was applied from the socket to create an ombre-like Outer V for this look. While we skimped out on this part, the lighter shades such as Pearl can be used for highlighting to make the look pop more.

    What We Like About The Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours

    1. All-Natural. Made from 100% minerals, this eye shadow range is a great alternative if you have sensitive skin. Personally having combination and mildly sensitive skin, the product yielded no adverse effects on us.

    2. Intense But Usable Colours. Even at first glance, one has to admit that the colours truly pack a punch. From the velvety Soft Silver to the rich Plum Brown, the Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours vibrantly reflect the warm and rich hues present in nature. Being fortunate enough to see and sample the entire collection in real life, we can safely say that the eye colours boasts of vivid and fresh colours that will natural enhance ones’ eyes.

    3. Portable. Although the packaging may seem odd to some, this is truly a blessing in disguise. The eye shadow comes in lightweight and handy stackable jars. Thus, allowing users to mix, match and stack the shades according to their heart’s fancy.

    4. Dual Matte and Shimmer Effect. Versatility is taken to a whole new level with the Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour. Depending on the method of application, the effect of the eye shadow may vary:

    • Shimmer effect: Put on a primer beforehand, or dab and apply with fingers for a brilliant gleam on your lids.
    • Matte: Smear a layer of powder before applying eye shadow with brushes to achieve a soft, matte finish.

    5. Easy To Use. Formulated to make make-up application as easy as possible, one can even opt to apply the make up on with your bare fingers (trust us, we tried)! Essentially a loose eye shadow, the product was easy to handle and application was not all that hard.

    6. Halal Formulation. Although the Halal certification for this eye shadow range is currently pending, it is good to know that this product has a 100% halal formulation. This piece of information is shared by Ms. Audri Zin, the Product and Brand Development Director of the brand.

    Overall, we think that this nifty new addition to the Ronasutra family is worth your time and investment. We honestly love how intense yet versatile their colours are. The fact that each palette is travel-friendly and comes in complementing shades are also major plus points in our books!

    Priced at RM38 each, all five of the palettes are now available in every Ronasutra retail outlets and counters around Malaysia. Alternatively, you can also purchase the products via their official website (p/s: shipping’s free!). For more information on the brand or product, please visit here.