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    Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Announced As LINE Ambassador

    He came, he saw and he conquered! Choi Siwon of Super Junior fame, dazzles in his latest appearance for LINE.

    The fun app LINE is set to be an even bigger part of mobile messaging service locally as it was unveiled today their plans for a huge Malaysian invasion. And to kick start, Korean star Choi Siwon has been appointed as the first brand ambassador of Line.

    The singer/actor was in town a few weeks ago for the commercial shoot which got fans riled up in hopes of meeting their favourite idol. The commercial shot in various places in KL showcases the story of a couple who are in a long distance relationship but grow closer by interacting through Line.

    Awww…Siwon plays the perfect boyfriend, no?

    Also presented during the press conference this morning was Siwon’s very own virtual brand room and avatar on LINE PLAY. Siwon revealed that he is a fan of Line stickers especially the character James whom he feels is very special. He reckons Line is the perfect platform to get in touch with his fans and for them to keep up to date on his latest news.

    This marks Line’s various celebrity partnerships which also saw the support of G-Dragon of Big Bang fame where he recently released a new song through his official account. If you’re interested, fans can download an exclusive set of G-Dragon stickers which will allow them to listen to the latest single “GO” for free.

    Meanwhile to add a more local flavour to its services, Line has also launched official accounts for Malaysian celebrities like Zizan Razak (Raja Lawak), Danny One, Liyana Fizi, Isaac Dang, Chris Tong Bing Yu, Jane Ng and Keqing.

    We’ll be seeing more of Line in the months to come as they expand their features and services throughout the year. Currently, there are about 130 million Line users in 231 countries.

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    Half of Bieber’s Followers Are Fake!

    His supposedly “King of Twitter” title is in question now that a report revealed half of his followers may not actually be real. 

    He may be one of the most followed celebrity today but sometimes, the numbers just don’t add up. Social media statistics company, SocialBakers has found that out of the singer’s 37 million “strong” Twitter followers, almost half of them are fake. That’s 16.7 million of his fan base, consisting of fake Beliebers or empty accounts, with another 2.6million being inactive.

    This now puts the Biebs at second place after Lady Gaga in the rankings of most Twitter followers. His crown had been shortlived, having only been bestowed earlier this year.

    Fake accounts are categorised as those that never tweet, have very few followers, repeat tweets or send out spam messages.

    Now the question is whether this is the works of trolls or publicity-hungry PR folks?

    Popularity is at stake here. A large following on any social media platform is a reflection of how popular you are. But this also means a larger percentage of fakes. So the more famous, the more fakes.

    In a report by the New York Times, there’s a thriving market for fake Twitter followers. And according to Italian security researchers, Andrea Stroppa and Carlo De Micheli quoted in the same report, there are over two dozen services which now sell fake Twitter accounts. It is estimated that there are as many as 20 million fake accounts on this particular social media.

    The average price for 1,000 fake Twitter accounts is $18 (RM55) and you can buy retweets from $9 (RM27) per month for 5 RTs per day to $150 (RM454) per month for 125 RTs daily.

    Source: Statista, The Telegraph, New York Times

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    Laptop Buying Guide: Things To Ask Yourself When Getting A New Laptop

    Any of you girls looking for a new laptop? If yes, then the good news is PC Fair starts tomorrow (12/4/2013 – 14/4/2013)!

    Now comes the hard part – narrowing down selections and picking your shiny new laptop. We know decisions are not easy to make, what more on something that isn’t that cheap? So, to ease you predicament, the Venusbuzz team came up with five questions that you should ask yourselves when tackling this heavy decision.

    1. Mac or PC?

    First thing’s first – do you want a Mac or PC? Generally, Macs are pricier than PCs, but they do offer better screen resolution and battery life. On the other hand, you get to customize your PCs to your liking, and most printers are readily compatible with the operating system.

    2. What are you buying it for?

    So, why do you need a laptop? Let’s face it, all of us are not looking for the same purposes and qualities when buying a laptop, and it depends on what you need the laptop for. For basic usage? Work? Are you going to do a lot of designing? These are some basic points to think of first.

    Technically, the specs, storage and sizing would nicely go alongside each other. Hence, the only thing you need to decide on is which range of laptop you need- either for basic computing tasks (surfing the web and e-mailing), something a little faster (for video or photo edition), or for high-end usage.

    3. Do I need such a big laptop? What about my screen size?

    Generally, the bigger the screen is, the harder it may be to bring the laptop around. However, anything smaller than 11” which make reading a pain in the behind to you. We say that the ideal size would be between 13” – 15” ones. But then again, those 17” laptops really do give you a better viewing pleasure.

    4. Am I going to bring it around often?

    The whole point of a laptop is that it is a highly portable work station. Therefore, it is obvious that you would be constantly bringing your laptop along with you. Now – how would you like it if you always have to carry an extra 2.5kg to get some work done outside? Right, we thought you would say no. Worry not, most brands have come up with an ultra-light series (which are significantly more expensive) to cater to that concern of ours.

    Though, please keep in mind that the laptops with more powerful specs are generally bigger. And, if you’re the type that doesn’t mind substituting weight for power, you should think of this next question…

    5. Is long-lasting battery life crucial to me?

    Some of us would think that, ‘oh hey, it’s ok if the battery isn’t that great, I can always find a power source!’ But, trust us on this, no. Battery life is particularly important for those constantly on the go. And truth is, as mentioned, you would be constantly bringing your laptop around with you to do work.

    To put it simple, don’t be swayed by the multiple salespeople and options available. Just remember your initial reason of getting a laptop and consider its price-tag with factors like weight and portability. Remember ladies, more does not necessarily mean better (especially if it comes with a heftier price-tag)!

    And when it’s finally time to make that big purchase, remember to ask proper questions to make the right decision!

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    There’s Such A Thing As A Lazy Gene!

    Feeling lazy all the time? Blame it on your parents, and their parents, and their parents before them. 

    For all the times that I’ve felt too lazy to get up from bed, do my homework, clean my room, I now have an answer. Science says laziness may actually be in our DNA!

    No kidding! Experiments on rats found that there could be a genetic predisposition to our laziness.

    A group of scientists was able to selectively breed rats that were either very active or very lazy, and they believe that this shows genetics are at play. This was in response to the study on willingness to exercise.

    Researchers put the rats in cages with running wheels which act as a subtle insinuation for them to start exercising. During a six-day period, they measured how many times each rat voluntarily went on the wheels. The top 26 runners were then bred with each other while the 26 laziest rats were paired together; all these were done through 10 generations.

    The rats which were descendent of the more active line, were found to be 10 times more likely to run than rats in the couch potato line.

    Co-author Professor Frank Booth from the Missouri University stated that this could be an important step in identifying additional causes for obesity in humans. We may actually just be wired to be lacking of motivation to exercise.

    Explains it all – lazy lahhh…!

    Source: Live Science

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    Shop! In The Name Of Love: Nasty Gal

    Thinking of giving your wardrobe a little  revamp? Looking for a little something that will make you stand out? Well then ladies, how about popping over to Nasty Gal.

    Although started off initially as a vintage e-bay store, Nasty Gal has grown into a full-fledged international style hub. Their theme? We say it’s simply unique with a touch of attitude!

    So ladies, if form fitting cut-out maxis, galaxy-print Litas or sleek leather jackets sounds good to you, then Nasty Gal will definitely tickle your edgy fancy.

    Why we <3:

    1. They ship internationally. For only $15 (approximately RM46), you get your overseas goodies delivered right to your doorstep! And here’s the best bit- it’s a flat rate! Might we suggest taking advantage of that and split shipping cost between a few girlfriends?

    2. Vast Selection. Vintage outers, floral overalls, chunky accessories, sky-high heels, flats, swimsuits.. they’ve got fashion piece from head to toe to turn you into a major trend-setter!

    3. That unique edge. As mentioned, most of Nasty Gal’s pieces are catered to ladies who prefer an edgier and rock-ish outlook. But don’t worry if you’re more of a girly-girl, we’re quite certain there would be a piece or two that you would love (psst, we spotted a sweet-looking floral overall too)!

    4. The Community. Nasty Gal also has a blog that updates quite frequently. It features beauty trends and fashion tips on how to rock your Nasty outfits! Shoppers also get to upload and share pics of their purchases or styles. What a great way to get some fashion inspiration (or show off yours and inspire others)!

    Why we no <3:

    1. It’s a tad pricy. We don’t mean to burst your bubble ladies, but Nasty Gal is a bit on the up-scale side. We’ve even seen a designer piece that’s almost RM1000, ouch! But hey, some items are worth the splurge, right?

    2. Flat rate shipping has no tracking code. Upon checking, we realized that the $15 flat rate shipping does not come with a tracking code. That only means that the postage isn’t registered. To be able to track the progress of your delivery, it would cost you another $20. Bummer!

    But don’t just read about it here, why not visit Nasty Gal to check it out for yourself!

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    The Tax Payer’s Guide: 10 Most Common Type of Tax Reliefs in Malaysia

    Listen up everyone! If you’re unaware, the tax submission dateline for personal tax is just around the corner. 30th of April to be exact!

    Ka-Ching.. There goes our money! The good news is, not every salaried worker is liable to pay tax. The even better news is that there are various ways of reducing your taxable income. To makes things easier, we’ve listed down 10 of the most common types of tax reliefs that are available in Malaysia;

    1. Self relief (RM 9,000)
    Every taxpayer is entitled to a relief of RM 9,000 every year.

    2. Medical expenses for parents (maximum of RM 5,000 per year)
    Each taxpayer is entitled to claim a relief on medical expenses of their parents. This includes fees for doctor consultations, medication purchases and medical supplies. Purchases of medication and medical supplies from pharmacies are also allowed.

    3. Fees for acquiring specific skills or qualifications (maximum of RM 5,000 per year)
    Fees for acquiring any technical, vocational, industrial, scientific, technological, law, accounting, Islamic financing skills or qualifications at tertiary level or any course of study at post graduate level are eligible for this type of relief. Examination or enrollment fees for the above industries are eligible too!

    4. Purchase of books, journals, magazines and other similar publications (maximum RM 1,000 per year)
    That’s right dear readers. We sure hope that you’ve been keeping those bookstore receipts, ladies!

    5. If you have a child/children
    a. If your child is unmarried and 18 years old and below – RM 1,000 per child
    b. If your child is over 18 years old and in:
    – Local university, colleges or similar establishments RM 4,000
    – Overseas university, colleges or similar establishments RM 4,000
    c. If your child is disabled child and unmarried – RM 5,000
    d. If your child is disabled child and pursuing tertiary education – RM 4,000

    6. If you paid for any life insurance premium, approved fund contributions or private pension funds (maximum RM 6,000 per year)
    This covers all insurance premiums paid for life insurance. Contributions to the EPF are also included under this relief.

    7. Insurance premiums for education or medical benefits (maximum RM 3,000 per year)
    Any form medical insurance and your child’s Education Insurance plan are also eligible for tax relief.

    8. Purchase of computer for personal use (maximum up to RM 3,000)
    This is one of the more common one that everyone would know of. However, you can only claim relief on this purchase once every three years.

    9. Purchase of sports equipment (maximum RM 300)
    Purchases of sports equipment are eligible for tax relief of up to RM 300. Only equipment though, sports clothes or shoes are not eligible. Darn it!

    10. Broadband subscription fees (maximum RM 500)
    Broadband subscription fees of up to RM 500 are eligible for tax relief. Who knew our Unifi or Stremyx monthly fees would come in handy here!

    So dear readers, please don’t waste all these available reliefs. They have been given to us by the government to reduce our burden, use them to the uttermost! By simply including one or more of the above, you may be able to move down a tax bracket and substantially reduce payable tax. Just remember to keep all those receipts and statements for the Inland Revenue Board to review, aye!

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    Could Your Body Be Toxic?

    Here’s a scary fact – there have been over 80,000 known toxic chemicals released into the environment so far, and every human being carries around at least 700 contaminants in the body! Oh my!

    And here’s another worrying stat – the average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood. Newborn!

    It is inevitable, really. Toxic chemicals are present all the time. This human race is constantly exposed to chemicals through the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink, shower and clean with. Everything that we touch daily are coated with chemicals in one way or another.

    When these chemicals accumulate in our body, it can create a lot of problems for the host. While some are excreted in a short time, others continue to invade our body which then overwhelms our system. The trouble is many of us may exude signs of chronic toxicity but we don’t realise that we’re really toxic! Check if you constantly suffer from the following:

    • Fatigue, low energy
    • Muscle aches, joint pain
    • Sinus congestion
    • Headaches
    • Bloating/ Gassy
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhoea/ Foul-smelling stools
    • Heartburn
    • Sleep problems
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Food cravings – sugar, salt, coffee, junk food
    • Trouble losing weight
    • Skin problems, acne, rashes, eczema, psoriasis
    • Puffy, dark circles under the eyes
    • Premenstrual syndrome
    • Bad breath

    These are just some of the noticeable symptoms; for a simple diagnosis – when waste builds up, we get sick. Thus, it is important to take precautionary action.

    What to do?

    Toxins can have real adverse effects on our health and life. Your first line of defense would be to minimise exposure to the “poisons”. You can’t control the environment but you can certainly make the right choices when it comes to your body. This means cutting back on caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, and salt to pave the way for a whole body cleanse.

    That’s right! Detoxification!

    When your body is imbalance, your internal cleansing system such as kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs can’t do its job effectively. So a good detox helps to purge your system of impurities and boost your body’s immunity. In turn, you will have more energy, a healthier appearance and fewer aches and pains.

    In addition, exercise regularly to sweat out the toxins, drink plenty of water every day and submerge yourself in a detox bath weekly (put 1/2 cup of baking soda or sea salt into bath water, soak for 15 minutes and then scrub your skin gently with a fibre cloth).

    Source: ChemicalBodyBurden.org, JourneyToWellness.com, DrHyman.com

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    Eye Want Candy: Eddie Peng

    Though not a heavyweight in the Taiwanese acting scene, Eddie Peng is definitely a looker!

    Who is this Eddie Peng?

    Born in 24 March 1982, Eddie Peng (Peng Yuyan, 彭于晏) is a Taiwanese Canadian actor. Initially, he did not plan to be an actor. He had majored in Economics at the University of British Columbia and was expected to be a businessman. However, upon returning to Taiwan because of his grandmother’s death, he was discovered by director Yang Daqing, who cast him in the TV series ‘The White Paper of Love (愛情白皮書)’. I guess we owe Yang Daqing big time!

    5 Reasons to Scream ‘Eye Want Eddie Peng!’

    5. An Actor

    Eddie Peng has an admirable acting resume. For his main role in the Jump Ashin! movie, Eddie was shortlisted for the Best Actor award at both the 28th Taiwan Golden Horse  Award Ceremony and the 13th Taipei Film Festival.

    His other famous films include LOVE and Cold War. He also stars in drama series, such as The Concerto and the Taiwanese version of My Sassy Girl.

    4. He can sing

    He sings too! Although his singing career is not as strong as his acting, Eddie Peng has released a few albums. Additionally, he will be singing for his upcoming film, A Wedding Invitation. Can you just imagine him serenading you? Because we sure can!

    3. Girl, Look at that body!

    Eddie Peng was always seen with a hot and fit body. But the actor stepped up his game and attained a more chiselled physique while shooting for his 2011 Jump Ashin! movie. In the movie, he acted as Ashin, a boy with polio who strives to be a gymnast. For the role, Eddie Peng was required to go on an 8 hour training program for 8 months.

    “During that period, my body hurt from my hip and all the way up to the back. My neck, fingers and palm had broken skin. The grinding pain made it possible to only wash your face and hair with your fingertips! “says Eddie. Awwww, poor fella. But it sure did pay off!

    2. Kind Heart

    This hot man is a heavy advocator of the Love Life campaign – a Taiwanese charity movement that was started by Blackie and Christine Fan to aid and help children suffering from cancer.

    In Christmas 2012, Eddie Peng dressed up as Santa Claus and went around hospitals to visit and spend time with the children.

    Such a sweetheart!


    1. He only has 3% Fat.

    While the normal body contains approximately 20% fat, Eddie Peng only has 3% fat.
    Let us repeat – only 3% body fat.

    Eddie Peng was required to buff up and tone his body until such a state for the upcoming MMA movie (to be released 2013). The boxing movie also stars the famous Hong Kong actor, Nick Cheung.

    For the role, Eddie Peng dedicatedly only ate chicken breast and the whites of boiled eggs. His work-out regime included 3 hours of fitness activities and 5 hours of boxing.

    Sounds excruciating! But boy, are the results drool-worthy!

    What you’ll need to make your man looks like Eddie Peng:

    Casual: plain t-shirts, checkered button up shirts, relaxed dark jeans, plain long-sleeved shirts

    Formal: fitted suit, relaxed slacks and light-coloured collar shirts.

    Accessories: hot, hot body!

    Sources: Baidu, 67.c0m, whatsonchengdu.com

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    Dating: What His Touches Mean?

    Men and women exchange contact on a daily basis. But what does it really mean when he touches you here or there? Let’s decipher.

    Find out if he’s the one: 11 Qualities That Make Him A Keeper!

    Men are notorious for not always saying what’s on their mind, so a good indication is the way he moves. How he touches a woman, casually or accidentally, can tell a lot about how he feels about you. Body language after all makes up about 55% of our communication.

    But is it platonic? Romantic? Or sexual? Oh, it can get so confusing sometimes.

    Well, don’t get your knickers in a twist just yet. Welcome to our body language crash course.


    Our face is the one area of our body that we are fiercely protective of. That is why we have established that personal space with our very own imaginary boundary. No one is supposed to cross that line and we rarely let anyone do so.

    When a man brushes your cheeks, taps your nose, rubs your chin or touches any other part of your face, it’s a sign that he desires a closer relationship. If he is pretending to help brush away an eyelash, you should be alarmed. It’s his way to showing he is interested, if he wasn’t, he would have probably pointed it out to you verbally.


    We usually wear our personality on our hair. Our favourite style conveys the kind of person that we are and sends across a message to the admiring public. Hair is also seen as a symbol of strength and allure.

    When a guy gives your hair/head a good – gentle not rough – stroking, he is responding to your statement. It may not necessary be a romantic move but see if he lingers on longer than he should, that’s a sensual sign he may have a romantic motive to get up close. Stroking is also a sign of grooming from our primate forefathers, it shows a willingness to protect.


    The most obvious indicator for emotions are the hands where as a child, we regard them as a familiar safety guide while as an adult, we take it as a sign of acceptance. High-fives, handshakes, wedding rings, etc.

    These gestures may not mean much but if a man holds your hand longer and longer every time you see each other, it’s reason enough to question his motive. Look out for signs of undivided attention together with his touches. He might be trying to tell you something.


    Generally, when someone touches our back, it is a gesture of support and reassurance. Hence, the term “pat on the back” for every good job done. But this applies to the upper back only, where it is a neutral friendly zone.

    If a man moves his touch lower, it carries a more intimate meaning. The small of your lower back is really sensitive and the more he leaves his hand around this area of your body, the more you can be sure of his attraction towards you.

    Waist and hips

    A woman’s sides, waist and hips represent a strong sexual symbolism. Think woman’s childbearing abilities!

    When face with a man who is touching you in this area and standing in close proximity to you, it is a sure sign that he wants you. If you show no signs of disinterest or pulling away, basically just receptive towards him, don’t be surprised if he tries to kiss you.

    Legs and thighs

    There’s no denying that women’s legs are a big turn-on for men. They view them as a sexy tool in the art of seduction.

    If a man lightly touches your thighs when you’re sitting down for a chat, he’s approaching it as a way to become more intimate. If you find him pretending to have touched you accidentally, it means he’s testing your reaction. When he thinks you’re into him as well, be prepared for a few more rounds of light caresses.

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    3 Steps To A Slimmer Face with Makeup

    Did you know you can change the shape of your face without going under the knife?

    The beauty of makeup is that you can sculpt your face using a few simple products to appear more chiselled and model-esque!

    First, look into the mirror and decide what your face shape is – is it round, square, oval or heart-shaped? Each face shape have different areas that need to be contoured and highlighted to give that slimming effect.

    Step 1: Sculpt with Primer

    Prep skin with a primer (try L’Oreal’s Pure Light Primer) using the CCTV Technique (T-zone, cheeks, and chin) to sculpt your face.

    Step 2: Contour with Foundation

    Based on the different face shapes as per above, use a darker shade of powder ( try L’Oreal’s Light-Infusing Liquid/Tri-Powder Foundation) and blend along following the arrows above to create the contouring effect.

    Step 3: Accentuate with Highlighter

    Apply a highlighter (try L’Oreal’s Light Touch-Up Pen) to accentuate and add more definition to your face.

    The L’Oreal Skin Luminating Tri-Powder Foundation SPF19PA+++ comes in five shades – Nude Vanilla, Apricot Ivory, Golden Ivory, Vanilla Ivory, and Golden Caramel and is available in Malaysia at RM59.90, with refills at RM39.90.

    For more information, visit L’Oreal Malaysia Facebook page.