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    Pink it: 5 Pink Must Haves!

    You may or may not like the colour pink but every girl needs at least one pink item in their closet/make up stash. Why, you ask? Pink adds that extra touch of bright colour or even femininity to your simple every day outfit! Here are out top 5 picks for must have pink items! 1. Hot Pink Bodycon Dress Whether its for an event or a night out with the girls, a hot pink bodycon dress will help you stand out. Be bold and don’t be afraid to put one on! ASOS, NaaNaa Cross Front Midi Bodycon Dress – From RM159   2. Bold Pink Statement Necklace Maybe you’re not…

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    Melissa Launches Online Store In Malaysia

    Pioneers of colorful jelly shoes melissa has finally launched an online store in Malaysia. The website was launched on 1 April 2016 (yes this is not an April’s Fools joke) and will be offering free shipping in Malaysia with no minimum purchase. New arrivals at the MDreams online shop are currently on sales with discounts up to 60% on some designs. We double checked this with local online shop Zalora.com.my and confirm that the new arrivals for Melissa shoes were sold at full price there. We’re not sure how long this promotion will last so do buy a pair before it disappears.   In conjunction with the launch of the e-store, from the April 1st to June 30th 2016,…

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    5 Items We Covet From Epik-Shop [Store Stalk]

    From Lego cufflinks to handmade zodiac rings, this new online store has started its journey to curate the best of South East Asian fashion and home items for its shoppers. Epik-Shop is a gem of a marketplace that quietly entered our radars at the end of 2015 and has since curated an impressive array of South East Asian labels for men and women clothing, accessories and home items. Our overall impression of Epik-Shop is positive. The website is easy to use, visually appealing and carries items for both men and women. The prices in Epik-Shop.com seem on the high side, with women’s clothing starting at RM38 for a t-shirt to RM350 for an overcoat. However, we like that the offerings…

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    6 Fashion Hacks From Instagram

    We scoured Instagram and found some easy and fun fashion hacks for you to try!   1. Bling up your sneakers with gold studs and some glue 2. Stretch out tight shoes by wearing them and heating up with a hairdryer. Make sure you wear thick socks to protect your feet. 3. Wear your white shirt the other way round with a knot for that sexy back look!  4. Add some lace to your t shirt and cut off the sleeves for an easy new outfit. 5. Add some glam to your plain black heels with gold embroidery lace.  6. Ripped your jeans? Don’t throw them out yet. Hot glue some design lace over the ripped…

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    5 Flattering Swimwear For Your Body Type

    When it comes to clothes shopping, few things give women more anxiety than finding a swimsuit. The perfect swimsuit is the right balance of functional yet flattering for our body shape and finding it is like winning a mini lottery. Our editorial team has waded through scores of online stores, so that you don’t have to. We excluded bikinis from this list and focused on monokinis so that all swimwear address the dreaded tummy bulge. Here are our list of swimwear for common body types: Big Bottoms If you are blessed with voluptuous booty, high-cut swimwear can often be a bit too revealing and a tad uncomfortable. You should opt for swimwear with solid color bottoms…

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    7 Things Only Spontaneous Travelers Will Understand

    As Paulo Coelho famously said, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.” Are you itching to jump on a plane while you read this? No worries, we understand. Here are 7 things only last-minute spontaneous travelers like you will understand: 1. You’re always good to go Whatever the time of day, wherever you are, you can pack up a small bag in mere minutes and have your travel gear ready to go. Your schedule always has room for flexibility and carefree ‘last minute’ changes. That’s just the way you roll. Your friends think you have commitment issues but it’s all about experiences folks. 2. You’re a ninja…

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    Never Miss A Sale Again

    Ever fell in love with a dress but it is a little too expensive? Get notified when your favourite items goes on sale with Off The Rack’s Sale Alert! Off The Rack has just launched a Sale Alert tool that enables users to save items in their free alerts list and get an email when they go on sale. Guest writer Nicole Cheah, who blogs on fashion and style takes this feature for a test drive. Off The Rack is an online platform that is also an online community for you to share your OOTDs with, using the hashtag #otrOOTD on Instagram. Follow your favourite fashionistas to not only see their latest outfits but also…

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    Malaysians Spend The Most On Their Wives And Husbands

    Valentines Day is around the corner and netizens are clamoring to buy gifts and plan romantic dinners for their loved ones. If you ever wondered how much people usually spend on gifts or dinners for their loved ones, we have the answer for you right here. How Much Do Malaysians Spend On Their Loved Ones Based on a recent survey by Rakuten, Malaysians spend the most on their spouses, followed by fiances and fiancee and finally their girlfriends or boyfriends. P.S.: If you’re slightly price sensitive due to overspending before Chinese New Year, Rakuten has a 5x Rakuten Super Point-back programme, a 5% rebate on everything purchased on Rakuten, with no limit on the purchase…

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    [Infographic] 11 Strange And Wonderful Ways Valentines Day Is Celebrated Around The World

    In Japan, MEN are the ones who receive gifts on February 14. French women will burn photos of the men who rejected them. While most of us are used to romantic dinners and exchanging gifts with our partners, Valentines Day is celebrated a little differently in cultures around the world. In some nationalities, men send anonymous poems to women. While another gifts each other “love spoons”. Check out the infographic below to see how different nationalities celebrate this day of love: Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3418795/In-Japan-s-MEN-treated-France-women-burn-pictures-spurn-Infographic-reveals-Valentine-s-Day-traditions-world.html#ixzz3z5INIXOy Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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    9 Of The Most Colourful Places On Earth

    Planning your next holiday? Here are some of the most beautiful places that you should consider adding to your bucket list… 1. Hitsujiyama Park, Japan From mid-April to early May , 400,000 pink moss phloxes carpet the hill as colourful harbingers of spring. 2. Tulip Fields, Netherlands Throughout spring, over 7 million bulbs of tulip, daffodil and hyacinth bloom into a stunning and precise array of colors. 3. Lavender Fields, France Visit Provence in the summer months to stroll through the rolling fields of Lavender. 4. Lake Retba, Senegal This bubblegum-colored lake gets it’s otherworld-ly hue from a human-friendly bacteria that thrives in the salty waters. The lake has different shades of pink depending on the season…