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    Top 4 Fun Activities For Children This School Holiday!!

    School holidays are upon us and with it being the longest school holiday in the academic year for the children, it is important to have activities for them to keep them occupied. 

    And what better way to have them occupied by them having fun whilst learning or experiencing new things?

    Here’s a list of things to do for the children this school holiday:

    1. Living Arts Holiday Camp

    This five-day holiday camp is tailored specially for kids aged 5-13 years old with promises lots of activity and fun. Kids will be divided into two age groups for the classes. They can enjoy classes like Zumba, gymnastics, speech and drama, and even, hip hop dance. There’s even a nutritional workshop and arts and crafts fun help to round out this holiday programme. Hurry up and book now. Spaces are limited.

    Date: 24th till 28th November 2014

    Address: No 1-3, Jalan S 8/11, Dataran Mentari, 46150 Sunway, Selangor Darul Ehsan

    Price: RM499.00 for the 5-day camp but you can choose to do a shorter duration. Please call them for further details.

    Contact: 012-735 7244

    Website: living-arts.com.my

    2. Arts & Robotics

    The School at Jaya One has been growing through leaps and bounds when it comes to offering parents great choices for their children. Part of The School at Jaya One’s STEAM Festival of Learning, they bring you the Art & Robotics event. If your child is into science and robotics, this is definitely an event you’d want to sign them for. Your child will definitely have a fun-filled day. How could it not be when it involves handling robots to shooting paint onto canvases?! Even some of us adults wouldn’t mind that! But it isn’t just all play. Children will also be asked to paint and write and think about how technology can help us to save the environment. Those paint-shooting robots will be designed by Malaysian contemporary artist Amir Zainorin. Very cool. Enough said.

    Date: 25th till 30th November 2014

    Address: Roboticist, First Floor, The School at Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

    Price: Four lessons/month, RM240 (VEX IQ), RM430 (VEX EDR). Please call them for further details.

    Contact: 03-6201 5999

    Website: www.myroboticslearning.com

    3. Mini Science Workshops

    This is part of the STEAM, Festival of Learning at The School at Jaya One, and these mini workshops organised by the Science Bridge Academy promise lots of fun experiments from the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. Expose your child to the wonders of science with these fantastic line-up of workshops. Learn about exothermic and endothermic reactions as well as speed and airplanes. Your child can also expect a fascinating talk about genetics and the human race.

    Date: 5th till 7th December 2014

    Address: The School at Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

    Price: Some workshops are free but others are charged at RM20.00 per student. Please call them for further details.

    Contact: 03-9222 5018

    Event Website: www.sciencebridgeacademy.com

    4. KL Kids Festival

    With the flurry of festivals that have been going on in our city, it’s great that kids now have their festival too. The KL Kids Festival is a three-day event caters for kids ages three and up, with more than 30 shows, workshops, and activities. From activities like the Tropical Safari, arts and crafts, clay arts, and drums workshops, they will be not be bored or have lack of things to do. With some time for dancing and sing-along sessions, or watching performances featuring family pop outfit Go!Go!Go! from UK, Pororo the Penguin as well as Larva, your child will have a fabulous time. And on top of that, there’ll also be a meet and greet session with Ironman and Transformers at Superspace!

    Parents are also encouraged to join in the activities, and thankfully, there is also a rest area for parents to take a breather.
    One and two-day passes are exclusively available from the official ticketing agent, Groupon Malaysia.

    Date: 5th till 7th December 2014

    Address: Level 3 (East Wing), Menara MATRADE, Jalan Khidmat Usaha, Off Jalan Duta, KL City Centre, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

    Price: Please call them for further details.

    Contact: 03-6207 7077

    Event Website: www.facebook.com/KLKidsFestival

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    LEGOLAND Malaysia: LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model Display

    LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort launched its latest attraction, the LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model Display, where we broke the news in September. 

    The attraction features many exciting and interesting facts that is unknown to most. As the school holidays are upon us, make a day out of it or even have a fun weekend getaway with the family at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

    Here are some crazy facts to whet your appetite to entice you to pay them a visit. Do you know that there were a total of 1.5 million LEGO Bricks used to create the LEGO Star Wars Miniland? If you stack up the bricks on top of each other, it is equivalent to 31 times the height of the Petronas Twin Towers!!

    This unique exhibition has been created and put together carefully by dozens of skilled model designers and builders, animation technicians and also specialist landscapers. It really is one of its kind and you’ll find everyone in the family will enjoy it.

    The model display will also feature authentic Star Wars™ sounds, actions and lighting effects to create a realistic and enjoyable experience for the whole family. Another cool fact is that all the models for this project were built-in various locations around the world including Malaysia, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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    Fun Things To Do During The Long School Holidays

    School’s out! It’s time for some fun!

    In case you have not realized, the dawn of a lengthy school holiday is upon us – most students will be on holiday up till June 15, 2014. While that might equate to less traffic jams and crowded malls in the grownup world, it more importantly means that the young ones would be free to have some holiday fun and quality family bonding time.

    To help you utilize and maximise this wonderful time, we’ve compiled a list of fun activities you and the family can enjoy.

    Dinoscovery by Discoveria at Avenue K 

    If you or your young one has a soft spot for dinosaurs, Dinoscovery should definitely be in your ‘Must Visit’ list! Filled with dino animatronics, interactive games and a mini scavenger hunt, Discoveria’s latest exhibition is a travel back to the phrehistoric ages sans the fear of getting eaten.

    Kids will enjoy the attractions, and adults will get to immerse themselves in a pool of dino knowledge. To learn more and for ticket prices, click here.

    Sunway Lagoon

    Sun, water and fun! This award-winning theme park is a magical kingdom of pure fun and excitement; certainly a place to consider for those wanting outdoor activity that’s within Malaysia. What’s best is that they’re constantly thinking of ways to improve on the attractions. Such as the new Cleopatra edutainment…

    … and the exhilarating Hi-Dive attraction – where trained professionals perform an awesome Hi-Dive stunt show for Sufbeach visitors.

    The Hi-Dive stunt show happens at 1.30pm, 3.00pm and 5.00pm from May 28 to June 15. Note: the 3.00pm show is only during weekends. Check out our piece here for further details on the entire park, or the official Sunway Lagoon website.

    Legoland at Johor

    If travelling is not an issue for you, then a visit to Legoland might peak your interest. Take your pick within the dry theme park or water park, and get ready to have some brick fun. For our detailed reviews, feel free to browse through our articles here:

    ‘What We Really Think About Legoland Water Park Malaysia’

    ‘5 Reasons Why We Love Legoland Hotel’

    ‘A Review of Legoland Malaysia, Johor’

    Skytrex Adventure at Shah Alam National Botanical Park

    For an extra serving of adventure and adrenaline rush, might we suggest a trip to Skytrex Adventure at Botanical Park, Shah Alam. The forest adventure features three challenging courses that’ll have you standing, climbing, walking, swinging and zipping; a great way to test you and the entire family’s balancing skills, strength and mental confidence.

    As safety is understandably a major concern, the good news is that trained professionals are around the track. Further details on Skytrex Adventure here.

    ‘75 Years of Batman’ Exhibition at Pavilion, KL

    Batman is in town! Hosted at the centre Court in Pavilion KL, the exhibition is a major delight if you’re a fan of the comic book and movies. There are tons of activities in store. Visitors can experience watching an impressive Batmobile Hologram experience (for a small fee), browse through a wide array of figurines and collectibles, pose next to the Batmobile, or even meet Batamn during his cameo appearances.

    The exhibition and activities will be ongoing from May 28, 2014 until June 15, 2014. To keep up to date with the event, please visit Pavillion’s Facebook Page.

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    Adorable Photos of Mom & Daughter in Yoga Poses

    What we love about yoga is that anyone can do it regardless of race, gender and..age!

    More importantly, it’s something the whole can family can really get into as a fun fitness and bonding activity, and Laura Kasperzak’s family is a testament to that.

    Besides promoting health and mental wellness, the 36-year old yoga instructor based in the United States and mother of two has been practicing yoga for 17 years, often involving her family in her daily practices – and the rest of the world approves.

    To date, she has over 800,000 followers on Instagram who can’t get enough of the photos of both Laura and her adorable daughter in yoga poses that are completely inspiring.

    And the girls aren’t the only one who practice yoga in this family – Laura’s husband and son are also yoga practitioners and you know what they say, the family that works out together, stays together!

    Laura has also created a website with a friend called TwoFitMoms which is a website and movement dedicated to providing guidance and tips on yoga, fitness, nutrition, wellness and healthy living.

    What are your thoughts? Is this a family activity that you could get into?

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    Top 10 Fun & Educational Websites For Kids

    With the school holiday currently in session, many parents may be hearing the “I’m bored!” grumblings from their little ones. Well, to help you and your kids out, we’ve searched and compiled a list of fun and educational websites to pass the time.

    National Geographic Kids

    Keep your children engaged and their mind active with games, videos, information, cool photos and quizzes on this educational site. There’s also a sub-section called National Geographic Little Kids for the younger group of 5 years and below too.


    Discover something new everyday, get bite-sized fun facts and information through this site. Wonders of The Day is especially interesting to get answers to intriguing questions like How Fast Can A Feather Fall?, Can You Feel A Colour?, What Is Gelato? and more.

    Up To Ten

    This website is created specially for kids, you guess it, up to the age of 10. It has over 700 educational games and activities so there’s plenty to enjoy. Parents are encouraged to get involved in their kids surfing by opening an account for free and no obligation.


    This is a cross between educational and entertainment site. The games are disguised as learning tool like Grammar Gorillas and Math Baseball to help your child develop skills in math, reading and literacy of course. Plus, there’s a comic section where they get to read Diary of A Wimpy Kid and etc.


    More boredom busters here with arts and crafts projects, magic tricks, wacky facts and jokes. Predominantly entertainment based, this site also have educational sections like Weird Science where your kids can do fun experiments or Healthy Snacks recipes to get them involved in the kitchen.

    Lawrence Hall Of Science

    A fun site for the curious little scientist as complex scientific questions are answered in a simple, engaging and child-friendly manner. When your child finds something they’re interested in, clicking the link will bring them to a brief explanation and activity suggestion where they can explore the question further.


    If you have a budding chef at home, this kid-friendly cooking website has all the makings of a master cook. It contains some 350 step-by-step video recipes that encourage families to use healthy, fresh and basic ingredients. This site is also to foster family bonds and eating well.

    Primary Games

    A fun place to learn and play as your child get to play all manners of games dedicated to math, reading, sports, puzzles, etc. All are free to play and new content is added every week, but more importantly each game is reviewed to ensure that it is kid safe.


    Basically, this works as an infotainment site for school age children where they will receive all current events and issues relevant to them. They get to read up on sports, entertainment, health and style; the channels are designed to help build your child to be a well-rounded and better-informed person.


    This is a social network built for tweens and it is a great way to teach your kids about online safety before letting them venture into other online networking sites. Users actually need to pass a test before getting their “chat license” and there’s even a filter which automatically remove and report the use of foul/inappropriate language.

    Credit: Parenting.com, Canadian Living, Digital Trends

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    Legoland Water Park Malaysia Debuts Lego Slide Racers

    Legoland Water Park Malaysia is now in action!

    In a special media preview, the VenusBuzz.com team was privileged enough to be the first few to check out Legoland Water Park Malaysia! While currently still experiencing the brick-filled theme park, we’ve got to tell you this: the place would be a delight for fun-seeking families.

    One ride that you should most definitely try out is the Lego Slide Racers – an exhilarating race down slides on a mat!

    The mechanics is simple: grab a mat, climb up a tall fleet of stairs, prop onto the slide station of your choice and jump into a whole lot of splashing fun!

    In all honesty, we can vouch that this is one of the most adrenaline-charged rides in the family themed Legoland Water Park.

    Truthfully speaking, the ride itself is not exactly miles long or horrifically tall, but don’t let that fool you! With only a fairly thin mat as your companion, the fast-paced slide ride kickstarts with an enclosed wide loop that converts into an open air downwards slide of doom before you make a big splashing halt at the base.

    So yes, it’s best you grab hold onto said mat as tight as you can (because we sure did)!

    In addition to that, we feel that this ride would be especially fun if experienced with friends or family members – it’d become a race to see who reaches the end the fastest! There’s just one complaint: you have to be prepared to climb up a very, very tall fleet of stairs before you slide on.

    Legoland Malaysia Water Park opens their gates to the public on 21st October 2013. Click here for ticketing details and here for our ‘Exclusive First Glimpse’ post. For more videos, check out VenusBuzz.com’s YouTube Channel here

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    [Exclusive] First Glimpse Of Legoland Water Park Malaysia

    The VenusBuzz.com team goes to Johor for an exclusive first preview of the Legoland Water Park.

    As we count down to the opening on October 21st, we bring you the first glimpse of what you can expect at Asia’s first Legoland Water Park. This is the extension of the current Legoland Theme Park which opened to much fanfare last year.

    More than 20 unique water based rides have been built for the Legoland Water Park and are waiting to be discovered by both the young and old. Among the highlights are Build-A-Raft River and the Joker Soaker.

    While it’s dubbed as the largest Legoland Theme Park in the world, you can actually cover the whole area in half a day. As such, it would make sense to get the combo tickets for admission into both the theme park and water park. Here’s a suggestion – visit the former during the milder morning weather and enjoy the cooling water of the latter in the afternoon.

    Legoland Water Park’s attractions include:

    Joker Soaker

    A play structure where children can aim water cannons on one another. The surprise is when a giant bucket pours 350 gallons of water on the wade pool below!

    Build-A-Raft River

    Customise your own raft made from Lego soft bricks before floating down the river. The river bends across half of the park area and is a nice, slow ride with the famly.

    Lego Wave Pool

    Just chill back and ride the waves. Families can just cool off here. The waves are not strong.

    Splash ‘N’ Swirl

    Ride down the slide solo or with a friend.

    Imagination Stations

    Families can build bridges, dams and cities out of Duplo bricks and test them against the water current. They can also play with LEGO bricks across several stations, building fun items like ducks.

    Wave Rider

    Slide down 240 feet in this open body route and make a splash down below.

    Tidal Tube

    Similar to Wave Rider, this one is closed body!

    Brick Blaster

    Take a turn down the slide with two or three people in a tube and pass through two tunnels of extra fun!

    For the older children, there a few other rides for you to try out too:

    Red Rush

    Four people can ride together down a long curving track on a super wide half pipe.

    Splash Out

    Quick adrenaline rush! Ascend to the highest point of the water park and choose from one of the three unique slides for a ride of your day.

    Twin Chasers

    Side-by-side enclosed red tubes that stretch 130 feet and pour into a wading pool below.

    Lego Slide Racers

    Speed is fun in this case! Race down the slides with five others on a mat and see who gets to the bottom the fastest.

    To check out VenusBuzz.com’s videos from Legoland Water Park Malaysia, go to our YouTube page here.

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    [CONTEST] Get ‘Kreative’ with KidZania Photo App Contest!

    Sharing moments and documenting your children as they grow up has never been easier than ever with gadgets and apps to make it all the more exciting!

    The beauty of immortalizing your child in a picture – dressed as a star, a doctor or any of their dream professions, will always be something pleasant to look back on as they grow older and now you have the perfect opportunity with KidZania’s new photo app!

    KidZania Kuala Lumpur has come up with a cool photo app which enables your child (or yourself!) to snap a photo in various scenarios and with the option to include the KidZania characters too.

    We’ve got an exciting contest, and you may stand to win a Family Pass consisting of 2 Adults and 2 Children worth RM300 in a few simple steps!


    Firstly, you will  need to download the app from your devices which is available for both Apple and Android users.

    Once you have downloaded the app, that’s where the fun begins! Choose your own photo and get ‘kreative’ with a variety of cute, colourful themed KidZania stickers:

    Once you’ve found a ‘kreative’ kombination, upload and post your photo on KidZania’s Facebook page tagged with #KidZaniaKL #VenusBuzz by October 13.

    The most creative entries will win tickets to KidZania where you can explore a city just for kids, and we have 5 Family Passes to give away!

    That’s not all, for those that show proof of app download at the KidZania airport counter, you will receive 15% off the kid ticket from now until 13 October.

    So what are you waiting for, get ‘kreative’ with KidZania now!

    *Terms and conditions apply. 

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    LEGOLAND Now Has A Water Theme Park!

    LEGOLAND is kicking it! Although already deemed as one of the to-go places around Malaysia, the attraction has decided to add in a little more fun into their program…

    LEGOLAND now has a water-based theme park!

    Built as the largest LEGOLAND Water Park in the world, visitors are bound to have one heck of a water fun time. This Malaysian attraction boats of over 70 LEGO models and more than 20 unique water-based rides, such as the Imagine Station, Build-A-Raft River and Splash ‘N’ Swirl. Additionally, the water-based theme park can be enjoyed separately or in combination with the LEGOLAND Theme Park.

    The gates to the Legoland Water Park will open on 21st October 2013, and ticket pricings are as such:

    Day Tickets

    Adults – RM105

    Children and senior citizens – RM85

    Theme Park and Water Park Combo Passes

    Adults – RM175

    Children and senior citizens – RM140

    MyKad holders get to enjoy a discount of RM10 on the Water Park Day Tickets and RM 30 on Combo Passes. In addition to that, tickets are already currently available for purchase online here.

    For more information on Legoland, visit their official website.

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    The Gruffalo: The UK Musical Adaptation Lands in Malaysia

    Imagination is a powerful thing and sometimes, just sometimes..it might turn into reality!

    Bring the kids to catch The Gruffalo, an award winning picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler which has sold over 10.5 million copies and has since been developed into plays at both the West End and Broadway!

    Good news for us Malaysians is that the musical stage adaptation of The Gruffalo will be making its way to The Gardens Theatre @ Mid Valley, PJ Live Arts @ Jaya One, and The Performing Arts of Penang @ Straits Quay this October!

    What is it about? The story follows Mouse into the deep dark wood on a lunchtime hunt for hazelnuts. Armed with just a nut map and a very vivid imagination, Mouse runs into several animals ready to turn him into lunch – the smirking, wheeler-dealer Fox; an eccentric, retired Woodland Air Force General Owl; and the maraca-shaking, party animal Snake.

    Rather than becoming the main course of their next meal, Mouse kills their appetites with stories of The Gruffalo – an imaginary, monster friend..or so he thinks! Little does this clever Mouse know, but The Gruffalo does actually exist – and now Mouse will have to escape his jaws, too!

    In a production that has become the toast of London’s West End, Tall Stories vibrantly reinvents this delightful tale through its signature style of bold, multifaceted storytelling.

    Directed by Tall Stories’ co-founder Olivia Jacobs, this triumphant trio of performers fill the forest with colourful characters and toe tapping, sing-along songs. This monster of a show beautifully captures the magic of Donaldson and Scheffler’s adored “modern classic” (Observer).

    The show has been toured nationally within UK, and internationally to Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, North America, Germany, Australia, New Zealand now is coming to Malaysia.

    Ticket Prices: RM50, RM63, RM76, RM89

    Family Package of RM234 (4 tickets) – Phone or In Person ONLY



    The Gardens Theatre @ Mid Valley

    Date: October 7 – 24

    Time: Monday – Thursday @ 10am & 12.30pm

    Tel: +603 2276 1402 (contact Donna @ 012 230 2469 for school rate)

    Fax : +603 2273 1402


    PJ Live Arts @ Jaya One

    Date: October 12 – 27

    Time: Monday (14th & 21st Only) @10am, Tuesday (15th Only), Saturday & Sunday@ 2pm & 5pm

    Tel: +6017 228 9849

    Website: Gardner & Wife

    Performing Arts Centre Of Penang@ Straits Quay

    Date: October 29 – November 3

    Time: Tuesday – Friday @ 10am & 12.30pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 2pm & 5pm

    Tel: +604 899 1722

    Website: Ticketpro