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    Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld’s Mon Shu Girl Collection

    Tokyo has always been the inspiration for many an artist thanks to its vibrant city life and unique individuals that roam the city, and it seems even Karl Lagerfeld himself could not be spared!

    The illustrious designer has paired up with Japanese cosmetics brand, Shu Uemura – famous for their Tokyo Lash Bars and eyelash curlers that are second to none, to come up with the Mon Shu girl, a mascot for the brand that encapsulates “Japanese pop meets European chic” to a Tee.

    The kawaii Mon Shu dolly, which is a play on the French term of endearment ‘mon chou’ meaning “my darling” – takes a cue from Japanese schoolgirls, whose uniforms Lagerfeld finds impeccable. “They dress a little like me, even if this is more exaggerated,” said the designer.

    Mon Shu has a short jet black bob with straight bangs, large purple-shadowed red eyes, signature Japanese pink cheeks, red lips, and dressed in Karl’s signature high white collar and black tie. The look could be classified as severe, but then again, isn’t that what Tokyo fashion is all about – pushing the boundaries?

    Karl Lagerfeld has previously stated that he uses Shu Uemura cosmetics to sketch his designs, and has done for over 20 years because “other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colors.”

    He added that, “I wanted to invent my personal vision of a Japanese manga. An Eastern, perfect, mysterious, modern beauty.”

    The collection branded as SUKL features lots of wonderful must-haves for the Shu Uemura fangirl, and the signature colour is definitely the Mon Shu Red which is featured throughout specifically on the lipstick, nail polish, and two pairs of false lashes (one is apparently made of red and black fabric, which is a first for the brand).

    Other items available in the range are a purple gel eyeliner, four lip shades, nail varnishes (which will come with a strip of nail stickers featuring Mon Shu), a brush set, eyeshadow palettes and items from their Tsuya range. But what we’re really excited about at VenusBuzz.com is the eyelash curler with the red strip and Mon Shu chain attached!

    The collection is set to hit stores around the world in October and we cannot wait to get our paws on this collection!

    For more information, visit the Shu Uemura Malaysia Facebook page.

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    Pavilion KL Presents Luxurious New Beauty Hall

    There’s a new precinct in Pavilion and it’s a ‘beauty’-full one.

    Nestled strategically in the heart of the Golden Triangle, the Pavilion Beauty Hall can be deemed as a luxurious form of escapism – one where stressed out and overwhelmed individuals can retreat to for some pampering.

    Previously stationed at a far end corner of Pavilion, this oasis of rest and relaxation has recently shifted to the seventh floor at center court of the mall. Spanning across a total of 20,400 square feet, the relocated and revamped Beauty Hall introduces itself a lifestyle precinct that promises to calm senses and rejuvenate the bodies with the help of experienced wellness and beauty gurus.

    In addition to that, Pavilion has even gone out to provide exclusive services and privacy with a dedicated concierge, a cosy waiting lounge, a dedicated lift with direct access from Level 2 Porte Cochere.

    Catered for both men and women, there are a total of nine exclusive spas and salons deck the Beauty Hall. From specialty stores committed to pampering for the skin to those that are whizzes with your tresses, the tenants are:




    Mayfair Plus

    Swiss Perfection Boutique Spa

    BMIC Nail Spa Salon

    Miko Galere with Keratase

    The Sloane Clinic – offers specialised services for aesthetics enhancements and effective beauty innovations.

    Luminous — A luxury integrative medicine clinic that offers shoppers a health and wellness experience unlike any other.

    So, what are you waiting for beauty junkies (and weary shoppers) — drop by the Pavilion Beauty Hall for a glimpse of what they offer yourself.

    To find out more, please contact Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Concierge at 0321188833, or follow them at Facebook and Twitter.

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    The Inspirational Beauty On America’s Next Top Model With Vitiligo

    Not many people understand vitiligo and one ANTM hopeful is slowly changing people’s perception of beauty.

    Meet Chantelle Young, the 19-year-old girl aiming to be on top!

    The America’s Next Top Model contestant is going into the next season – Cycle 21 with her head held high and she has created quite the buzz for herself even before the show starts.

    You see, Chantelle has a rare skin condition – vitiligo – which causes parts of her skin to be white while the rest of her skin is dark.

    “A lot of people have a story or a background, but mine is painted on my body,” she said in a video.

    Thanks to Chantelle, many people are starting to understand the condition better.

    Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder that destroys the cells that make pigment in the skin. Patches of white can be seen on different parts around the body and for some, the hair in those patches can even turn white.

    Vitiligo affects about a small 0.5% to 1% of people worldwide and it typically starts to appear when someone is in their mid-20s.

    Chantelle was first diagnosed when she was four and growing up she was called ‘cow’ and ‘zebra’, but she’s having the last laugh now as she’s being called inspirational.

    She has not let vitiligo get in the way of her dreams, if anything it makes her stands out as an interesting individual. To Chantelle, we wish her all the best in her career.

    Follow how Chantelle Young is doing from her Instagram.

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    Cult Favourites: Eyeko Mascara & Eyeliners Coming to Malaysia

    As the excitement builds for beauty addicts in Malaysia, we’ve got the lowdown on what you need to know about this cult brand before it hits stores this summer

    There is no doubt that fashion darling Alexa Chung played a huge role in making eye-makeup experts Eyeko the household name that it is today but let’s face it; the products speak for themselves. Known for the blackest of eyeliners that never budge and legendary mascaras, Eyeko quickly became a cult brand for beauty enthusiasts on the hunt for the best products.

    The beauty of Eyeko is that it sticks to what it knows, instead of spreading too thinly and dabbling in a little of everything. Building on its strength for ‘making eyes’, we speak to the founders Nina and Max Leykind on their incredible journey which began in the 1999 , and that has now brought them to this part of the world!

    VB: Tell us a little bit more about the partnership with the effervescent Alexa Chung?

    NL: When we first met Alexa, she kept saying ‘This is what I use to get my cat eye!’, so we thought OK, let’s do more eyeliner. So when she became the face and ambassador for the brand, we came up with new products and made it blacker and more waterproof. The best part is that within 15 days, you’re going to get three times more length and volume!

    VB: What do you think makes Eyeko’s products stand out from other mascaras and eyeliners out there?

    NL: Everything! From the squeezy tube packaging, because you can squeeze it out until the last drop without having to pump the tube – which makes it much more hygenic. Then you have the guitar picks that come with the mascara which act like a little shield (to protect your lids eyes when you apply the mascara) so you don’t smudge up your lids!

    We have thought of everything really, and we had to make it effortless and easy (for the consumers) – and the thing that we keep on hearing is, “Oh thank goodness for Eyeko, I’ll never look back because this really does deliver what it promises!”

    VB: You’re known for being the eye experts, what’s one product in your range that really stands out?

    NL: We’ve won so many awards for our brow gel – which looks wet because it’s serum-infused, so it’s going to help your brows grow. It’s also just one universal colour; you just use less if you’re a blonde and when it dries, it dries matte. When it goes on, it’s going on wet but when it dries, you don’t see anything!

    VB: You’ve got Alexa as your ambassador and have become such a cult brand, what are some of your proud moments for the brand?

    NL: We’re lucky that so many top makeup artists like Kay Montano, Lisa Eldridge, and Polly Osmond are really behind the brand. Even celebrities like Adele, who wore our mascara on her Someone Like You video – she’s often never seen without her falsies, but in that video her lashes are amazing and all that she’s using is our Skinny Brush Mascara.

    VB: So what’s your advice on how to draw the perfect cat eyeliner?

    NL: Alexa always like to do her flick first, and work in. I like to just draw some dots along the lash line and then draw out, but it really depends on what your preferred style is and what works for you!

    VB: What’s next for Eyeko?

    ML: We’re really committed to being in the mascara industry, so for us it’s just about continuously improving our mascara and the eyeliner – that’s our focus. We put all our resources and energy into these two products to sort of make it like your best friend – it’s all about the eyes for us, and becoming the authority when it comes to that.

    The Eyeko range of products will be available in Sephora Malaysia starting from mid June 2014 onwards.  

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    Burberry Set To Launch Skincare Line By 2015

    We see what you did there Burberry!

    Just days after we heard confirmation about Gucci’s beauty line; now Burberry has come to up the game with announcement of its own skincare line.

    Say what?

    Yeah, according to a report in the Telegraph UK, the fashion powerhouse will be rolling out its own skincare range by next year.

    Burberry’s first beauty line debuted back in 2010 and since then it has made quite the foray into the beauty industry with beautiful nail colours and gorgeous lipsticks in its collection.

    Coming up, there’s a Beauty Box concept store planned for Asia and a fragrance targeted at mid-teens launching this Sept.

    Grazia UK predicts that a Japanese skin professional will develop Burberry skincare. Christopher Bailey, CEO of Burberry had previously hinted that the new range would be formulated in line with a skincare expert.

    Additionally, it is anticipated that the products will come with all-natural ingredients and of course, the packaging should be tres chic.

    Nice move Burberry!

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    Confirmed! Gucci Will Be Launching Beauty Line

    Game on! Or is it face on?

    Rumours first surfaced back in June last year that Gucci is looking into creating its own beauty line. Today it has been confirmed that Gucci will definitely be joining the likes of Chanel, Dior and YSL at the beauty counter.

    The luxury brand’s first cosmetics collection is set to launch this September. Beauty junkies can expect eye, lip and nail colours as well as brushes and skin preparation products among the line-up.

    Charlotte Casiraghi, who is the granddaughter of Grace Kelly, has been casted to star in the campaign.

    The Gucci line will be produced by P&G Prestige which has renowned British makeup artist, Pat McGrath as the creative director of its beauty division. So we imagine it’s going to be one heck of a collection!

    Via: Vogue

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    Tory Burch Lip Color Collection in Malaysia

    We do love when the worlds of fashion and beauty collide, from Dior to Marc Jacobs..and now, Tory Burch!

    Tory Burch loves color — and has created 12 distinctive shades for her new Lip Color Collection. From tomboy neutrals to feminine pinks and bold brights, the collection is designed to flatter a variety of skin tones.

    Encased in gold and orange fretwork, each lipstick is a super-chic accessory in itself. The new collection builds on the successful launch of Tory’s signature pinky-nude lip color — “Pas du Tout.”

    Formulated to deliver the ideal balance of sheer yet vibrant color and rich texture with a weightless finish, each lipstick is subtly scented with the notes from the Tory Burch fragrance — cassis, grapefruit and mandarin.

    Many of the shades in the Lip Color Collection have names inspired by Tory’s personal history – from old-fashioned phrases and family nicknames to superstitious sayings.

    As for the name of Tory’s signature shade “Pas du Tout”, it comes from a phrase often said by her father, Buddy. Its part of the original French version of the classic “she loves me, she loves me not” daisy-petal-pulling game.

    “Swizzle,” a reddened plum with silver shimmer, refers to an old-fashioned gentleman’s drink that is a family favorite and  “Tomboy” is a pinky bronze, is a nod to Tory’s childhood identity — and an aesthetic that informs her design sensibility.

    Tory Burch Lip Color Collection will be available end April 2014 only at Parkson Pavilion at RM95.00 each.

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    Sephora Now Available Online Via Zalora!

    Yup, your favourite beauty brand is now online!

    Last week, we shared the news that you can shop for M.A.C Cosmetics online, with free shipping if we might add! Today, we’re excited to tell you that Sephora has gone digital too by joining the line-up of brands on Zalora.

    You can now access not only an array of international fashion brands on site but also the best of beauty brands too.

    It is targeted that eventually by mid-year, you can find the assortment of exclusive beauty brands available on Zalora to be highly similar to what you might find in a regular Sephora store.

    Ooh the excitement!

    Click here to get your Sephora fix! Zalora offers 1-2 day delivery in Malaysia and shipping is free with every purchase over RM75.

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    Women Strip Their Makeup Off for Empowering Dermablend Campaign

    It can be difficult exposing yourself and your perceived flaws to the rest of the world, but that’s why these Dermablend Professional commercials send out such a powerful and emotional message: You are not your skin.

    First impressions usually sets the tone for how people would describe you and for those of us who have less than perfect skin, it can break the soul and self esteem to hear, “You know her, she’s the one with the really bad skin” as opposed to something that describes your personality more.

    Unfortunately, it’s a shallow world we live in and sometimes remaining positive when other people knowingly or unknowingly put you down by making you feel self-conscious about how you look, makes it easy to spiral into depression and not want to venture out of the house. Thus, depriving you of the life you could have or want to have.

    Which is where makeup comes in, and why cosmetic brand Dermablend Professional‘s campaign called ‘Camo Confessions‘ is so empowering to those who feel self-conscious about how they look as two beautiful women remove their makeup in front of the world to reveal their skin conditions: one with severe acne, and the other with vitiligo (a loss of brown pigment from areas on the skin). Yet, the end result is that these women seem even more real and beautiful for their strength and positivity despite their every day challenges.

    Cassandra Bankson, famous for her Youtube video in which she first revealed her acne that now has over 22 million views, explains that she was called a ‘freak of nature’ and ‘exorcist’ growing up. She was even told that her grandfather (who was already on his death bed at the time) was lucky he would never have to see her face again.

    “When you hear things like that on a daily basis, it becomes really hard to love yourself,” she says in the commercial, with tears welling up in her eyes.

    The model and makeup guru who impressed many with her makeup skills through her Youtube channel, says that makeup and cosmetics helped ignite a passion within her, giving her a purpose in her own life.

    “I used to use makeup to cover up and to hide who I was. Now, I use it to express myself and show the world who I truly am.”

    As for Cheri Lindsay, her condition which leaves huge white patches on her beautiful brown skin, means people – especially children, usually ask what’s wrong with her.

    “I chose to just find an alternative – something I could put on my face that could help people look through the initial shock (of her skin condition)…and see who I was as a person,” she said.

    “Can I still live with this and be successful? Hell yes.”

    This campaign follows the brand’s successful previous viral video (starring the ultra-tattooed Rick Genest (aka, “Zombie Boy”) and this time around, Dermablend is asking you to submit your Camo Confession to share your story with the world regardless of your skin condition whether it be acne, vitiligo, eczema, psoriasis or anything that can empower others like yourself.

    Besides that, and Dermablend will also be donating $1 for every one confession to Look Good, Feel Better – an organization dedicated to improving the self- esteem and quality of life of woman suffering appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment through beauty sessions.

    In the words of Cheri, “Just put yourself out there, it’ll make you feel better.”

    Source: AdWeek

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    Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty in Sephora Malaysia

    We check out the collection that’s “Boy Tested. Girl Approved.”

    One of the most exciting beauty lines to hit our shores this Spring is undoubtedly the much awaited Marc Jacobs Beauty collection. With 120 products, 16 innovative complexion and colour cosmetics, and four chic luxurious makeup brushes, this is definitely one collection to be excited about.

    Let’s just talk about the packaging first – sleek curves, rounded edges with a nice weight gives this makeup line that exclusive feel, and the fact that almost each item comes in its individual Marc Jacobs cloth case with prominent branding makes it even more desirable. It’s a comprehensive collection that oozes glamour, and that in itself has us sold. But what about the actual quality?

    The last thing you want is to be disappointed with pretty things that don’t function very well – but the Marc Jacobs Beauty collection delivers.

    We tried a couple of products from the line, and this is what we have to say:

    The Style Eye-Con No. 7 : The Vamp

    Ugh – this palette is so slick, it makes us cry! It’s incredibly slim, which makes it a great travel companion. As the name of the palette suggests, this set of seven eyeshadows come in a matte black, shimmery silver, matte off-white, shimmery purple and green, cool brown and grey.


    You can mix and match these colours efforlessly and we like that you have the option of injection some colour into your smokey eye with the addition of the purple and green to avoid the usual monochromatic look.

    For day time, you can use a light wash of colours and stick to the brown for a work-friendly look. For night time, layer on the drama by using the grey or green eyeshadows for that added intensity, and line with the black. Use the silver for your inner corner highlighter and the white as your brow bone highlighter.

    While the colours are absolutely gorgeous, we’d recommend priming the eyes first with your preferred choice of eye-primer because it did seem like the colours were not as vibrant by the end of the day. However, at its best the colours made us feel like we were walking on a Marc Jacobs runway – very subtle, but this is tres important when deciding on the right shades that go together.

    Blacquer: Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Eyeliner

    We’re so glad more brands are embracing the pen eyeliner and the Magic Marc’er in Blacquer gives you the blackest, shiniest black. Super easy to use and did not smudge even after a whole day of use.

    Blacquer: Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara

    This revolutionary mascara containing e-lash-Tic Lash Technology that works like spandex to make lashes lifted, curvaceous and voluminous. No lash curler needed. It offers extreme wear that`s flake-proof, run- proof, life-proof. Yet, washes off with warm water. Available in blacquer, the blackest black. However, if you’re not a fan of thick bullets, this may not be the mascara for you.

    Remedy Concealer Pen

    With exclusive, anti-aging remedy complex, this all-in-one eraser, corrector and brightener is the perfect fix for flaws or the aftermath of last night. It’s patented with palladium tip cools and smoothes skin on contact for easy application. Available in seven shades, plus one universal brightener (Bright Idea) and 1 universal corrector (Stand Corrected).

    Here’s the final look:

    Manicure lovers should also check out the Enamored Nail Lacquers – we tried this one in Gatsby and it is the most delicious shade of liquid metal. One word of advice, we recommend not using a top coat as that can create the little bubbles you see at the top photo. This polish does not chip easily and is really a beautiful colour.

    This is a must-have collection for beauty addicts everywhere, and will be available in selected Sephora stores from April 17, 2014 onwards.

    Price List:

    Blacquer Mascara Lash Lifter – RM92

    Style Eye-Con No. 3 Eyeshadow Palette (Ingenue/Punk/Rebel/Glam/ SGazer/Mod) – RM137

    Style Eye-Con No. 7 Eyeshadow Palette (Tease/Starlet/Lolita/Vamp/Siren) – RM206

    Blacquer Magic Marc’er Eyeliner – RM89

    Gel Crayon Eyeliner  – RM82

    Brow Tamer  – RM73

    LoveMarc Lipstick – RM96

    Lust for Lacquer Lip Gloss – RM89

    Liplock Lip Balm – RM73

    Foundation (Powder) – RM189

    Foundation (Liquid) – RM189

    Marvelous Mousse – RM214 – RM246

    Remedy Concealers – RM111

    Shameless Blush – RM141

    O!Mega Brozer – RM137

    Enamored Nail Lacquer – RM73