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    We’ll be having 1,600 pandas traveling across our country very soon on the next stop of their world tour.

    Yes, even these adorable creatures get their world tour and with good reason too. But not the usual furry creatures that we all know and love so well. These pandas are a different lot.

    In effort to promote the message of panda conservation and sustainable development, these 1,600 pandas will be visiting more than 15 iconic landmarks across the country for the ‘1,600 Pandas Malaysia Tour’. With the theme of ‘Initiating the Culture of Creative Conservation’, the tour will be held for the first and only time in Malaysia from 21 December 2014 to 25 January 2015.

    The pandas will arrive in Malaysia after more than 5 years since the first appearance in France. Previously, it had caused quite a frenzy on social media and it also gained strong local participation across the globe. The 1,600 Pandas World Tour which started in 2008 as a collaboration between WWF and acclaimed French artist Paulo Grangeon.

    The tour has since appeared in more than 100 exhibitions across various countries such as France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Malaysia will be the 1,600 Pandas’ third stop after Hong Kong in the Asian region. It will not be finally making its way to Malaysia!

    Paulo Grangeon, an enthusiastic French sculptor with more than 30 years of experience, created the 1,600 papier-mache pandas in various poses, emotions and sizes using recycled paper, as a symbolic representation of the amount of pandas left in the wild.

    Paulo Grangeon will also be creating a special version white mascot panda paper mache representing the uniqueness of Malaysian culture to be used for workshops, specifically in honour of the Malaysian tour. The main aim of the tour is to bring awareness to the locals on the importance of panda conservation and sustainable development, symbolically encouraging Malaysians to be more aware of our natural environment and the need to conserve it.

    The 1,600 pandas will appear more than 15 iconic landmarks in Malaysia. More details of the stopover will be revealed in due course.

    The ‘1,600 Pandas Malaysia Tour’ is brought to you by Faster Advertising together with consulting curator AllRightsReserved. Funds raised from the ‘1,600 Pandas Malaysia Tour’ will be channeled to support WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts.

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    Help Save PAWS & Save 600 Animals!

    Help save PAWS & 600 animals!!

    On the 10th of November, 2014, The Petaling District Land Office issued a notice to the PAWS Animal Welfare Society, ordering the society to vacate its Animal Shelter within 14 days. There are currently over 400 dogs and over 200 cats at the Animal Shelter. The 14-day eviction notice came as a big shock to PAWS.

    The PAWS Animal Welfare Society, was founded in 1987 by a small group of local and expatriate volunteers. The society depends entirely on the generosity of the public, donations from corporations and proceeds from the sale of souvenirs at animal events.

    PAWS is located in Subang Jaya and they were neither informed nor given any chance to respond prior to this sudden notice to vacate the land. They are now in urgent need of more time to locate a new shelter land, construct the necessary facilities, and to safely transition all the animals there.

    The PAWS Animal Welfare Society is in need of your help. Here is what you can do to help them now:

    1) Raise this issue with your local MP, and any councilors or influential figures.

    2) Share this with your friends to help raise awareness and seek the united power of animal lovers to urge the Land Office to offer a more reasonable and amicable solution.

    For more details, please check out PAWS’ official post at on their Facebook page here.

    You can also contact PAWS at:

    1. PAWS Animal Welfare Society Tel: +603-78461087
    2. Email: pawshelter@gmail.com

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    It’s Official, ‘Lepak’ is Recognised in Oxford Dictionaries

    If you didn’t know..now you know

    Photo source: smoked-hss.com/

    While the Spanish have their siesta and the French have je ne sais quoi so commonly used all around the world, perhaps lepak will soon receive the same treatment and become just as accepted now that it’s listed in the Oxford Dictionaries!

    Every Malaysian’s favourite pastime, ‘Lepak‘ has been described by the language experts as, “(especially of a young person) spend one’s time aimlessly loitering or loafing around”.

    However, the example given by Oxford Dictionaries is actually more Manglish (portmanteau for Malay and English) as it’s used as a present participle. In this case, we think Urban Dictionary‘s definition is more comprehensive, giving other examples of usage:

    Or this catchy song by Banchothematrep:

    “Lepak lepak, 


    lepak lepak, 

    do nothing”

    Now, here’s hoping autocorrect will get with the program.

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    David Beckham Comes To KL For The Launch Of Haig Club Whisky!!

    Diageo, a leader in the alcohol beverage industry just launched its new Single Grain Scotch Whisky, Haig Club.

    It was developed in partnership with David Beckham and British entrepreneur Simon Fuller. The launch recently took place in Scotland and amongst the privileged few who were present for the celebration was none other than Malaysia’s very own Dato’ Jimmy Choo.

    The video clip below show the behind-the-scenes story that is part of the build-up to the Malaysia Haig Club launch this November:

    David Beckham caused an uproar of excitement as he graced our fair city to launch the whisky at The Majestic Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Dato Jimmy Choo hosted him at the star-studded event.

    Celebreties, socialittes, movers and shakers in town were there to attend this event and they took to Instagram to document this momentous occasion with the star.

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    Breaking News: Shoppers Queue Overnight For New H&M X Alexander Wang

    Since the announcement of the H&M X Alexander Wang collection, the world has been literally abuzz with eager and much awaited anticipation.

    When we saw the beauties at the exclusive media preview, we promise you, it will be the fight to the death to grab what you want when the doors of H&M Lot 10 and H&M Avenue K open up later this morning.

    Die-hard fans of Alexander Wang have been lining up since the evening of November 4, two days ahead of the launch!

    There are also personal shoppers and “agents” who are in this queue to shop on behalf of their clients who do not wish to queue up but who simply must have this collection. The clients pay up to a 30% premium on top of the retail prices of any items they want to buy. All payments are made upfront and there are no guarantees as to whether they are able to get what they want. If the item they want is not available, a full refund is given of course.

    Here are the best shots of the day, captured by Malaysians in town via their Instagram accounts. Credits as listed on the images below.

    @robintagus captured these serious hardcore Alexander Wang fans braving through the rain to remain in the queue. Now, that’s what we call dedication!

    @ayeshaaqilah, reposted @ticpicks’ photo. These girls came prepared as you can see, and are all ready to stick it out through the night. They’ve been there in the queue since yesterday morning.

    @amrirahim from the PR Agency handling H&M Malaysia managed to capture images of the first fans. They started lining up at 9:35pm on the 4th of November! That’s 48 hours prior to the launch on the 6th of November.

    And on the instagram account of @avenuekmy, their shot captures the shoppers camping out and getting as comfy as they can to get some shut eye before storming into H&M at 8am when the doors open.

    #wangwars have officially begun!

    Update : We heard that the collection has run out in both stores. For those who did not manage to get their hands on any, we have some wallet-friendly inspired alternatives here.

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    (Concert) Michael Bublé Performing Live In Kuala Lumpur!!

    The long wait is over! The well-known singer, songwriter and actor, Michael Bublé is finally coming to our side of the world!

    Dainty Group International announced that Michael Bublé will be bringing his global tour to Asia in January and February 2015.

    After is hugely successful Asian tour in 2011, Bublé will play concerts in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong KongBangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila and Tokyo. The singer has had smashing box office records all over the world and with him coming to Kuala Lumpur, it will be a fantastic way to kick off the new year!

    I can’t wait to tour Asia in January and February next year.  I look forward to seeing my friends and making new ones.  Thank you for supporting my music. I have so much love for my fans.” Bublé said.

    Michael Buble Asia Tour Dates

    Tuesday 13 January 2015
    Presented by Dainty Group International and Unusual Entertainment

    Friday 16 January 2015

    Hong Kong
    Wednesday 21 January 2015
    Presented by Dainty Group International and Unusual Entertainment

    Saturday 24 January 2015*
    Presented by Live Nation and BEC Tero 

    Kuala Lumpur
    Tuesday 27 January 2015
    Presented by Dainty Group International and Unusual Entertainment

    Thursday 29 January 2015
    ndonesia Convention Exhibition, BSD City
    Dyandra Entertainment by arrangement with Dainty Group International

    Saturday 31 January 2015

    Friday 6 February* 2015
    Presented by Live Nation

    Venue details will be coming soon. In the meantime, for more information, visit this site.

    (Updated on 17-11-14) Concert details:

    Date: 27th Jan 2015 (Tuesday)

    Time: 8:30pm onwards

    Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

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    NEW: Apple Unveils The iPhone6 & iPhone6 Plus

    The wait is over. The new iPhones will come in two different sizes, it was announced on Tuesday, 9th September during an an event in Cupertino, California.

    The two new iPhones will have a 4.7-inch screen and the other with a 5.5-inch display. The iPhones will go on sale in America from 19th September. With these two new devices, Apple hopes to be able to entice customers all over the world and to convince Google Android users to switch. As stated in Time, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the new devices were “the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone.”

    The larger phone will have additional features with higher resolution displays. Built-in software will allow the phone to be used horizontally, similar to using an Apple table. It is the thinnest phone Apple has created thus far.

    The phones will also have longer lasting battery life compared to the iPhone 5S. Both will feature an 8-megapixel camera with a f/2.2 aperture and 1.5µ pixels. However, there is a difference between the cameras on the iPhone6 and the iPhone6 Plus. For e.g. the iPhone 6 has digital image stabilisation whereas the iPhone6 Plus has far better improved optical image stabilisation, which will allow you to take photos even in low light.

    Video features on both phones have also been improved. The phones can shoot 1090p video in 30 or 60 frames per second, and it also has a cool 240fps slow-mo video mode.

    If you’re a selfie addict/fan, you’ll love the front-facing camera iSight, which has improved face detection plus a new “burst” selfie mode to help you get the best shot possible!

    There are no details as to when it will arrive in Malaysia but we can bet that there will be eager Apple fans waiting to get their hands on it.

    Source: ZDNet & Time

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    Blood Donation Drive – July 13, Calvary Convention Centre

    Donate blood, save lives!

    The Calvary Church in response to a call by the National Blood Bank will be organising a blood donation drive this Sunday, July 13th 2014.

    The blood collection will be supplied to hospitals nationwide. If you are keen to do your bit, details of the drive are as below:

    • Date: July 13th, 2014 Sunday
    • Time: 11am – 2pm
    • Venue: Calvary Convention Centre, Bukit Jalil (map)

    For more information, call 03-8999 5532 or visit www.calvary.org.my

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    Australian Women’s Weekly Honours Burn Victim Turia Pitt In Iconic Magazine Cover

    Congratulations Turia Pitt for covering Australian Women’s Magazine!

    Some time ago, the very beautiful Laverne Cox was featured as the cover for Time Magazine, marking a positive step forward for magazines and transgender individuals all around the world. Today, we see yet another great move in the magazine world.

    For the July 2014 issue of Australian Women’s Weekly, burn victim Turia Pitt was chosen as the cover — a move that is boldly breaking conventional fashion standards in the best possible way.

    Pictured in her natural, beautiful and not retouched state on the cover of the magazine, Pitt sustained burns to 65% of her body in the year 2011 when she was caught in a brushfire while running an ultra-marathon in Australia. The 26-year-old had to undergo about 100 surgeries and spent more than 864 days in the hospital fighting for her life.

    Three years after her accident, Pitt says that she is the “luckiest girl alive” and has become a motivational speaker, author and as of late, the newest cover model for Australian Women’s Weekly.

    As mentioned by the inspirational individual herself:

    “Being on the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly is a huge honour. I feel very humbled. For me, it sends the message that confidence equals beauty. There are a lot of women out there who are so beautiful but don’t have the confidence, and that’s what gets you over the line.”

    Spoken like a true kindred spirit!

    We are absolutely in love and applaud that Women’s Weekly had chosen Turia Pitt to grace their cover. Here’s to more positive moves as such in the near future.

    Information and Photo Sources: The Globe And Mail, Daily Life, Huff Post

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    Malaysia Is The Fattest Country In Asia!

    Well, this time ‘Malaysia Boleh’ is not something to be proud of!

    According to Science Advisor to the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid, Malaysia has the highest number of obese people among Asian countries.

    Based on new findings from British medical journal, The Lancet, there are 49% of women and 44% of men in Malaysia found to be obese.

    The Lancet rated Malaysia at number one with 45.3% of its population to be heavyweight, followed by South Korea – 33.2%, Pakistan – 30.7% and China – 28.3%.

    Last month, news report showed a study has found that one third of the world is now obese and overweight. Not one country has managed to reduce obesity rates in more than three decades.

    With the latest revelation, obesity could prove to be a big problem as it can increase a person’s risk of diabetes, heart problem, stroke, arthritis and more.

    Malaysia, we need to get healthy! Stat!

    via: The Star, Free Malaysia Today