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    Career Comeback Programme: The Answer For Women Returning To Work!

    Did you take some time off work and want to get back on to the work wagon but having difficulty in doing so? There’s good news for women who have taken career breaks because a new government grant was just launched to encourage companies to employ women who have taken career breaks. This is a part of a nationwide plan to increase female participation in the workplace in Malaysia. The grant is an answer to may women who have taken some time off to deal with family issues to look after dependants or for other family commitments and returning back to work for these women hasn’t been an easy journey.…

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    [Infographic] 9-Step Cheat Sheet For Becoming An Expert Public Speaker

    The skin goes pale, the hands start shaking, sweat beads appear on your forehead and your mind is running at lightning speed and you start to feel faint. Do those symptoms sound familiar? It may be too close to home for some of you who dread public speaking. It can even feel like you’re falling ill and yet the instant cure for that feeling is when you step away from the podium. Some people really do feel nervous and have a deep dislike for public speaking. Unfortunately, not all of us who dislike public speaking can get away from it. Sometimes, there is a need for it, especially in a…

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    Wobb: The New Recruitment Tool!

    We’re sure that most of you have heard about Jobstreet when it comes to looking for jobs. Well, there’s a new kid in town. And they’re called Wobb.  Wobb?? Yes. Wobb. It is a new Gen-Y recruitment tool in Malaysia and it’s cited to be a hit with job seekers especially those with a creative or marketing background. The site covers a large variety of companies, from e-commerce, gaming, lifestyle, logistics, food & beverage, marketing and event, technology, software, media, education, mobile, telecommunications, trade and even transport! Many of us have been in jobs where we had the unfortunate experience with being a job with a company culture that doesn’t…

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    18 Ways To Be Positive At Work

    Positivity changes everything. It especially makes a difference when the clouds seem dark and when you feel things are hopeless. Don’t let those feeling get to you. Allow positivity to come in and rule the day. Having a good environment and a healthy outlook can really make any situation better. Being positive helps you to also become more productive. We found an infographic that identifies 18 actions and behaviours that will allow you to go through your work day in a more rewarding way. Everything can be a drag to us if we allow it to. The daily commute to work can often set the tone for how your work…

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    How To Do Fearless Networking

    Do you hear the word “networking” and break out in a sweat? Or do you just groan internally because you dread the thought of having to do just that? Being a fearless networker allows you to develop relationship with people of all walks of life and sometimes, you’ll meet some pretty amazing people in the process. Networking allows you to show your value to decision makers and ultimately, help you better position yourself for more exciting opportunities. There are two main networking settings – in person and online. And if you’re worried about that next networking session, fear not for we have some tips for how to network in person.…

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    Guess How Many Malaysians Have Dated A Colleague Before?

    Guess office romance is not out of bounds here! The Relationships@Work study by LinkedIn surveyed working professionals from around the world on the behaviours of workers at the office. When it comes to office relationships, nearly half of Malaysian respondents have at some point in their careers dated a co-worker before. Selangor and Johor were ranked highest in the country! The survey which was done with 11,500 full-time professionals in 14 countries, including 500 from Malaysia also shed light on how workers view friendship and competition. ~ Over half of all Malaysian professionals (58%) believe that friendships with colleagues make them happier at work, as it provides them with a…

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    Mexican Billionaire Calls For Three-Day Work Week

    Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire tycoon has called for the introduction of a three-day working week. What do you think – yes or no? In news that had gotten a lot of people talking, Carlos Slim has called for a new way of working. He told audience at a business conference in Paraguay that working for three days a week would be more beneficial for employers and employees. He said the shorter working week, offset by longer hours and a later retirement could be a way to improve people’s quality of life and create a more productive labour force. “Having four days [off] would be very important to generate new…

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    6 Tips To Manage Your Time More Effectively

    We can get lost in the day-to-day business of our lives; here are some tips to help you manage time more effectively. Two words – importance and urgency! As humans, it is the norm to focus on things which demand an immediate response, like notifications on phones, and to delay things which are most important, like exercising. But to be really productive, you need to look at what you spend your day doing. In most cases, the tasks are not things you chose; rather those are what being asked of you. So it is a constant battle between things that are most important and things that are most urgent. To…

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    5 Real Reasons Why You’re Unproductive At Work

    It’s certainly no fun being cooped up in the office for more 9 hours, missing out on date nights due to unfinished tasks or bringing home pending work. But what if we told you that it might be possible to avoid all that? Even with the best intensions, most of us tend to get distracted and lag behind work. And while we can chalk it up to being human or blame it on unrealistic work expectations, the truth is that your daily activities or personality may be the culprit of your unproductivity. Below are 5 reasons why you’re unproductive at work. 1. You Don’t Believe in Scheduling. Scheduling your time is extremely important and…

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    9 Ways To Be Productive Everyday

    Productivity is probably a word that both sparks determination and draws disgruntled sighs from many of us. We’re expected to work our darnest and deliver results, so the question is how do we get there in the most efficient way? Thanks to Ninja Infographic, you can adopt these nine tips to achieve the most productivity in a day. We’d also like to add one more to the list – cursing! Not kidding, you can read how this will help you here. Have a productive day ahead folks!