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    ‘Bridal Blossoms’ by Jovian Mandagie is Beautiful

    A wedding is a special occasion that calls for one of the special designs by Jovian Mandagie.

    ‘Bridal Blossoms’ is the latest bridal collection by one of Malaysia’s most celebrated designer, Jovian Mandagie. His talent in creating beautiful dresses is evident with this collection that spells romantic and artful.

    The inspiration of course is drawn from the movement of a flower – strong in nature and soft in appeal at the same time, just like the attraction of a JM bride who is confident, feminine and loves a hint of drama.

    Bridal Blossoms was unveiled at the Jovian Mandagie Annual Fashion Show 2014 yesterday where we were treated to a visual feast of contemporary designs.

    Jovian has taken to focus on creating sculptural silhouette that is romantic in cut, so what you see are flowy gowns that move captivatingly when the bride walks down the aisle. Thanks in part to the play on fabric.

    The material utilised include crepe, tulle, duchess satin, Italian chiffon, French lace and organza silk that were embellished with embroidery, beadings and ruffles.

    The collection is simple but stunning with a selection of cuttings in mermaid, empire, hourglass, etc.

    The runway result as you can see is oh-so-pretty!

    Visit JovianMandagie.com for updates on all of the designer’s collections as the week comes along.

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    Fashion Friday: The Camo Print

    If there’s one print that always comes back in style (or rather never goes out of style), that would be the camo print! 

    Favoured by many as the ‘it’ fashion trend, the revered camouflage makes an appearance year in year out. The camo spell takes over many big brands this season like Christopher Kane, 3.1 Philip Lim, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang and Guy Laroche among others.

    You can understand the appeal of camo as it’s associated with a cool boldness of its own so you can mix it up fashionably. Military cool works really well to create a juxtaposition of tough yet chic look. From tops to dresses, jackets, shoes and bags, the trick to wearing camo is to project your feminine flair and sassiness.

    While the original idea of camouflage is to be in stealth mode, in fashion it’s about standing out with contrast. Mix up your camo pieces with menswear like oversized sweater or straight-leg trousers for an androgynous look or go subtle in a dress pair with camo heels. Play with contrast so you have the perfect balanced silhouette.

    But having said that, don’t be afraid to pair lace and sequins to get that polished feminine look. If that’s not your kind of thing, a safe option is to pair camo with neutral. That always works! Get your camo picks below!

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    Fashion Friday: Plaid Is Back In Trend!

    The 90s favourite of plaid pattern makes its comeback into the cool trend of this year’s Fall/Winter 2013.

    Plaids and checks, do you know the difference? Wait, is there even a difference? Yes, there is! In the simplest explanation, checks are normally two-tone patterns with symmetrical squares while plaids are varied criss-crossed horizontal and vertical lines in multiple colours. The difference between these two are very minor and need not warrant such a fashionable headache.

    As we scout around the malls these days, one thing apparent is that plaid is back in fashion. In fact, early previews from the Fall/Winter 2013 runway show have put plaid as the key trend of major fashion brands such as Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, Moschino, Celine, etc. Two brands that have always embraced plaids – Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood are certainly enjoying its revival.

    If before, we’re pairing plaid shirt over t-shirt and jeans, this time around it’s much more classier than that.

    How To Work It

    Plaid can be a little prim and proper, or stiff, but you can go a little wild with a cut-and-sew top. While most plaids are associated with the usual red and black tartan, mix it up with bright colour to be livelier. The binding factor of plaid is grunge, so a knuckle clutch works to add the element of toughness.

    If you’re not too keen to go all boxy, stay on trend with plaid print scarf or shoes. You can still be all “attitude” but not giving mama the chance to admonish your choice of clothing.

    For the working lady, sophistication can be achieved with a dress of plaid print. Give this look a bite with a dark lipstick or eyeliner to mean business.

    And lastly, the look for this season is rock star-esque! Pay homage to the 90s grunge and punk lifestyle with slim cut plaid trousers and cropped top. Go wild with the hair and extra bling.

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    Fashion Friday: Givenchy Bambi Sweater Trend

    Hot off the runway and red carpet, the beloved Disney character – Bambi – is given a spot in the fashion limelight.

    The current must-have item is the brainchild of Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci. If you can recall the sudden interest in Rottweiler print two seasons back, he is the designer responsible for sending the dog into stardom from the Fall 2011 men’s runway show. The ferocious canine was pictured on sweatshirts and tees, and donned by celebrities as well as fashionistas the world over. Now it appears he has done it again!

    Fashion lovers are coveting the neoprene “Bambi and Female Form Print Sweater” from Givenchy’s Fall 2013 collection which just went on sale this month. But they might just have to wait a little longer as this object of desire is reportedly sold out everywhere.

    The animal sweater hype started a few fashion seasons ago and one of the more prominent brands to have got the excitement rolling is Kenzo with the tiger sweatshirt. It is easy to see why animal sweaters have such a strong appeal among brands and fans.

    It is one piece of clothing that you can wear to make your own statement. And not forgetting, there’s the comfort factor!

    As with any trendy items, you can and you should create your own style with the Bambi sweater.

    Here we’ve styled up two looks should we ever get a chance to own a Bambi from Givenchy. Oh, the neoprene print also appears on tees and bags! In our humble opinion, Bambi is often viewed as this sweet, innocent thing, and Tisci probably mixed it up with a female form to signify a woman’s pure beauty.

    So our idea is to go the other way and inject some tough loving.

    Sweater + Skirt

    Best to keep within the same colour tone to let the print stand out and add a bit of pink to offset the dark mood.

    Sweater + Pants

    As the sweater can be rather bulky, slim down the silhouette with a tapered/skinny pants. Pair with high heels to look sharp or hi-tops for that street vibe.

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    Fashion Friday: One Leather Pants, Four Looks

    One of the trickiest items to pull off (no pun intended!) is the leather pants.

    While it has been a fashion staple for years now, not many know how to get the leather pants right. You’d think how hard can it be to pair up a trousers? Well, this particular pair is rather complex to wear without looking tacky and cheap.

    No doubt, the leather pants is a timeless piece of clothing that makes its rounds into the fashion scene every now and then. Look towards Isabel Marant and Balmain for inspiration. It is also one fashion item that holds a lot of appeal. Leather, when done right, gives you a polished and sexy look.

    When choosing a pair of leather pants, always go for slim cut design to look chic and not like a by-product of the 90s. Psstt…don’t confuse leather for those shiny PVC, the latter is just nasty!

    A leather pants should feel snug not tight, and though this Fall/Winter 2013 trend leans more towards baggy leather pants, we’re not a big fan. Call us traditionalists but we like sleek not bulk.

    Now that we’ve got the basics covered, the leather pants is one of the most versatile piece of clothing you can have in your wardrobe.

    One thing everyone should remember is never ever pair leather on leather unless you’re in a biker’s club. Case in point – David and Vic before they become the Beckham power couple. Big no-no!

    What works then? 

    Look #1 ~ The Smart Lady

    In order for this sophisticated look to take place, the top half should be of contrasting fabric or material like cotton, chiffon, chambray, etc. A shiny top would only look tacky as leather tend to reflect a bit of light too. Wear neutral or soft tones to balance out the harshness of the pants.

    Look #2 ~ The Street Rebel

    For days when you’re too-cool-for-school, you can team leather with a hi-top sneaker for that effortless style. Always keep the top casual and be sure it sits comfortably over your pants. Pair it with your favourite sneakers to go all the way comfy or if you like, notch it up in style with heels.

    Look #3 ~ The Rock Chick

    Leather has always been associated with a certain rebellious streak, like only the rockers would wear this garment. And while the rock Gods would approve of a black on black ensemble, go the other way and infuse a bold contrasting colour to mix it up a little. Carry it off with a dash of attitude!

    Look #4 ~ The Preppy Girl

    For a laid back vibe, tone down the heavy leather pants with a cute t-shirt. The idea is to make your appearance look fun and yet fresh. Again, you can play up on different texture and print to go with the leather for an edgy style. Optional – throw on a blazer for a striking look.

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    Fashion Friday: Style Up For A Girl’s Night Out

    “Oh dear, what to wear tonight?” 

    One of the most fun times a girl can have is a night about town with her best girlfriends. From the dressing up to the lovely dinner and crazy dance after, it is a treasured moment that makes for lasting memory.

    For seasoned social butterflies, these are the nights when dressing up gets noticed and appreciated, especially by the girlies. It fuels our style. They are the ones who provide great inspiration and in a way, help us realise the path to discovering our distinctive style.

    So, when it comes to a girl’s night out, don’t be afraid to adopt a carefree approach and play with daring silhouettes. It is with ‘the girls’ after all, so you can be as crazy or demure, funky or feminine, as you want to. Instead of the obvious bodycon dress, why not try one of these looks?

    Suits Up

    Why leave the sharp look just for the office when you can mix it up for a night out? Just go easy on the formal touch. Get suited up in a pair of tapered-leg pants with an overcoat or blazer which makes the perfect framework for a surprising top like a bralette or crop blouse. Alternatively, you can wear a jumpsuit. Do we hear you say chic choice?

    Full Skirting

    This is the perfect time for you to experiment with volume. A full skirt is just the right piece of clothing because it instantly screams fun and that is what the night is about. Don’t just stick to basic colours, unexpected prints and bright tones creates a strangely festive feeling.

    Baggy It

    Also, in experimenting with volume, baggy jeans or slouchy trousers can be excellent for a more subdued evening. Think the comfort factor but be ironic. Pair your loose bottom with a ladylike blouse or even just a tee and a pointed flat or heel. It’s effortless yet scores maximum points for coolness.

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    Fashion Friday: Ace Those Ankle Strap Shoes!

    The classic never goes out of style and it’s true with the ankle strap shoes!

    The word from the runway is that ankle strap shoes are the ‘it’ footwear this year and it will still be the go-to shoe for the Fall/Winter season. Whether thick or thin straps, all eyes will be on the ankles. Consider it the latest in accessorising!

    At first glance, ankle strap shoes are rather plain but what make it so versatile are the straps. From stilettos to flats and pumps, the shoes exude a certain sexiness and sleek finish which you can pair for a casual or dressy look.

    What seems to make this particular shoe popular is the fact that it has a flattering, elongating effect on the legs. It fits on most body type and offers security with the soles held in place by the straps. Say yes to walking with poise and no to slipping off your heels!

    What to pair with?

    Ankle strap shoes look best with a pair of cropped pants, pencil skirt, midi skirt or skinnies pants/jeans. Something that is tapered cut and minimalist. The shoes add a cool stylish factor for a polished look.

    If you’re concerned about your ankle-straps “cutting you off”, choose a pair with thinner or neutral coloured straps. For an understated style, get a contrasting or two-toned heels with a solid sole and monochrome or metallic straps. This way you can be trendy yet elegant.

    The straps guide

    Thin – Perfect for every pair of legs. No matter thick, skinny or short, you can wear thin straps.

    Medium – The straps look flattering on slight to slender legs, and normal sized ankles.

    Chunky – Tall and leggy ladies are more suited to carry this off. For the vertically challenge, this might give the illusion of ‘cankles’ – thick ankles, and makes you look shorter than you are.

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    Fashion Friday: Denim on Denim

    One can never have enough denim, but who knew you could pile it all in one look?

    Whoever figured denim on denim would be a good combination is a fashion genius, because this is a trend that anyone can pull off  and requires the least amount of effort!

    We take cue from the queen of denim herself, Rihanna, who seems to have covered every possible piece of denim clothing – from the quintessential denim shirt, to that must-have pencil denim skirt..to Instagramming herself in a denim thong. She’s even worn a denim shirt, inside a pair of denim shorts – so apparently, there’s no such thing as a denim overload!


    A Shade of Blue. First of all, keep it simple Sally – you’ll want to use plain blue denims, and the key is to mix and match the shades of blue. Throw in a chambray shirt if you want to use something less thick and hot in our weather, as opposed to a denim jacket.

    Mom Jeans. Cuffed Jeans. Distressed Jeans. In fact, if you could find all of the above in one pair of jeans – that would be the ultimate pair to pull this look off.

    Accessorize. Since you’ll be dressed in a sea of blue denims, you’ll need the help of some accessories to really make your outfit pop. Use rose gold metallics for a grown-up look, or bright neon colours for a trendy, youthful look. Belts play an important role to break out the monotony of an all denim head to toe look.

    Shoes. Follow Rihanna’s lead and choose a nude pair of pointy-toe pumps to elongate the leg to class-up the look for day time, and opt for electric blue suede shoes for a night out. Alternatively, a comfy pair of loafers or wedge sneakers will give you that New York casual vibe.


    Evening Gown. It’s kind of hard to go wrong with denim, but for some reason – a denim evening gown just doesn’t look good, on anyone. Denim dresses should be kept fun and flirty, and an evening gown just makes it look heavy and drab. No amount of pageant jewellery can save this look, even if you have a bangin’ body like Britney circa 2001.

    Denim Cowboy Hat. If Justin Timberlake couldn’t pull it off, you’d be a brave soul to try!


    For Work: Pick a chambray denim shirt and tuck it in to a pencil denim skirt, roll up the sleeves and unbutton the top three buttons. Use nude pumps, and accessorize with rose gold watch and a matching clutch for that quick ‘casual’ meet up.

    For Play: Go crazy with layers – use a denim bralet with a pair of hot pants or cuffed mom jeans, and use a sleeveless denim button-up top which you can knot at your waist. Accessorize with a Boy London beanie, green mirrored metallic sunnies, a neon belt and wedged sneakers that has a hint of neon green and grey.

    For Flirting: A denim dress with a denim jacket which you can place on your shoulders, with lots of silver jewellery – for example  an ethnic style necklace, matching silver bracelet and silver nail polish. Finish off the look with a pair of sky high blue colour blocking stilettos to play with the various shades of blues.

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    Fashion Friday: Cropping It Right

    The revival of the crop tops had us up in a giddy euphoria trying to make the cut as a fashionista. 

    Like the many trends out there, not all of us know how to carry our favourite style off perfectly. Or should I say correctly? Take for example the crop top which has been making the rounds for the last few seasons. It is one item that can make you look like a superstar or super-not!

    Here’s a little history to begin with. Crop top first gained notoriety in the mid 80s when Madonna gyrated in a mesh piece for her music video to “Lucky Star.” Trust the Material Girl to cause controversy. The 80s was also when Flashdance chalked up a cult following and aerobic exercise took off to great height. Girls began cropping off sections of their workout wear to create a loose-fitting top.

    By the time these went out of fashion, in came the 90s crop top in the form of a bustier, which is enjoying its current revival. Miley Cyrus seems to be a big fan. Fashion evolution saw the birth of crops in baby doll tee, long-sleeved, turtlenecks, etc. And thanks to pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, the popularity of crop top continued to soar well into the late 90s. These tops had become so mainstream that it was banned in many schools.

    Products info: Work – Topshop beaded necklace lace cropped top, RM153; Zara tapered pants, RM199.90; Mango quilted bowling bag, RM69; Christy Ng Sugar Crush heels, RM290. Play – Fashion Sanity cropped sweaters, RM35 (mint green) RM50 (grey/blue); Pestle & Mortar buah 5-panel cap, RM115; Temptations high waist denim shorts, RM46; Agape Boutique laceup vintage booties, RM66. Flirt – Miss Selfridge wetlook shoulder crop top, approx. RM93; Zara faux leather skirt, RM229; Luccacal bracelets, RM16 (left) RM21 (right); Aldo high heels, approx. RM400.

    Today, we still see the crop top in all its midriff-baring glory. You can find it in many versions – halter, tank, tube, bralets, bandeau, etc.

    Pairing a crop top for work or play needs some serious dose of confidence. Many are a little cautious about exposing their midriff and while this is mandatory with a crop, work out how best to include this item into your wardrobe. You can choose to show the entire torso or just a little peek of your belly button. Play with varying lengths, materials and layering, but most importantly is to pair it right. Here we have the combo that makes the perfect pairing:

    Full A-line skirt – It is flattering on most figures and gives off the most elegant touch to your outfit despite the flirty crop cutting. The volume of the skirt creates the classic hourglass shape that also spells vintage; eyes are immediately drawn to the waist so you appear delicate.

    Oversized blazer – As crop tops are normally figure-hugging, an outerwear is essential for balancing proportion. Work an oversized blazer with the top and a pair of shorts or tapered pants, this creates a slimming frame while playing down the cropped fit underneath.

    Matchy-matchy – A crop top can usually be found with a matching bottom. When dressed in these ensemble, it is just like you’re wearing a dress with a cutout. Go for sweetheart bustier and pencil skirt, it is the perfect classic style. Be sure to show just a touch of your tummy.

    Sheer blouse – Crops are perfect to be worn under a sheer shirt if you don’t want to show too much skin. You can also wear it under lace, mesh, crochet or fringe tops. It is one of the easiest way to work crop top into your wardrobe.

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    Fashion Friday: Long Weekend Getaway Essentials

    For the Malaysian long weekenders who are planning a fuss-free getaway.

    Raya is so close we can almost smell the lemang and the addictive scent of new notes. We showed you the gorgeous local selections of baju raya recently, now for those who are cheering on the long weekend – we forget you not.

    We imagine you hardworking lot to have booked the hotel deals or planned a road trip with the near and dear. Exciting times! Wherever you are headed to, we have just the fashion essentials you need to pack for your short and sweet getaway.

    No overpacking, no ensembles that scream disaster in the photos. Let’s do this!

    Luccacal neon woven necklace, RM28 each. Velvet Strings angular skorts, RM48. Topshop leather backpack in ox blood, RM413. Mango floral maxi dress, RM499. Topshop 3D print swimsuit, RM186. Fit in Clouds foldable ballerinas (via FashionValet), RM75. Luccacal spikey necklace, RM26. Zara black culottes RM99.90, Charles & Keith mustard platform sandals, approx. RM171.55. Dorothy Perkins round sunglasses, RM139. H&M basic loose tee, RM29.90 each

    1. Cullotes

    The new ‘it’ bottoms as seen on Gary Pepper are laxed, breezy and scream holiday louder than too-short-shorts will ever do. We suggest sticking to neutral colours like black to pair with just about any top you are packing; cropped if you’re feeling adventurous, or loose and tuck in for the exotic Moroccan vibe.

    2. Skorts

    Still in the bottoms department, this oldie but goodie allows you to show your whimsical side. We reckon skorts would be a perfect cycling getup.

    3. Basic loose tops

    No more ‘my top doesn’t match my bottoms’ on a holiday trip if you stick to plain loose tops. Pair with the bottoms of choice, throw in some attention-grabbing accessories and voila!

    4. Platform sandals

    While flip-flops would be great if you’re heading to the beach, platform sandals are more sophisticated in a sense that they would save you from bringing too many shoes for a trip. Strolling around town, fancy dinner out or catching a play? Platform sandals will never look out of place.

    5. Foldable ballerinas

    After too much walking, one needs an emergency pair of ballerinas that still look pretty. This Fit in Clouds pair, as seen on Oprah, would be your new BFF.

    6. Backpack

    There’s no better time to take out your backpack than a mini getaway. Keep your hands free so they can pick out the fresh fruits or the sinful goreng-goreng at the market, and let ’em shoulders smile even after walking for 11 hours. For more backpack styling tips, read our feature here.

    7. Sunnies

    What’s a getaway without some sunnies selfies action going on. We are all for these earthy-toned plastic pair as they go along with basically anything.

    8. Stylish one-piece

    One-piece is back, oh hallelujah! This season, one-pieces comes in lifelike 3D prints that are not only cool but also make for a great belly camouflage.

    9. Day-to-night dress

    With the amount of impromptu plans happening in a getaway, every woman needs a day-to-night dress that brings her from the beach to the bar. A good day-to-night dress should be 1) comfortable under the sun 2) graceful enough to wear to a dressy dining venue. We are loving this floral maxi dress that is both airy and elegant.

    10. Accessories

    Accessories are your weapons to stand out on getaway photos as most of the items you’d bring are basic. Go all out with stacked rings, bracelets and necklaces and have fun with your holiday outfits.

    Handy packing tips:

    1. Keep your makeup pouch simple. Bring the essentials to protect you from the sun and look good in it, and leave the fancy bits at home.

    2. Do a test run on the outfits you’re planning to wear before the trip to avoid overpacking.

    3. Bring no more than 3 pairs of footwear. You won’t need more and they eat up plenty of space.