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    Fashion Friday: Styling Tips for the Preggers

    Some pregnancy-friendly fashion tips to put a smile on the faces of mommy-to-be.

    It’s funny how since young, most of us have an idea of how our dream wedding should be. From the intangible daydreams to the modern day Pinterest boards – in some form or another wedding acts as a destination for many women. Contrastingly, not many treat pregnancy the same way. Have you ever thought about what you’d be wearing throughout the most life-changing 9 months of your life?

    Recently, I’ve encountered quite a few preggers – at work, in my social circle.. more peers are seem to be happily pregnant. Then it hit me that none of the preggers I’ve met wear smocks, the oversized piece of garment our mothers used to wear during pregnancy. How the pregnancy fashion has changed!

    From the little that I know about pregnancy, it is a tough period with constant body changes, hot flushes, heart burn and mood swings to say the least. But I believe one who dresses up starts a day on a positive note – so let’s not make pregnancy an excuse of poor sartorial, shall we?

    Take it from the preggers

    What better way to take chic pregnancy fashion cues than to look up to stylish preggers themselves. While Kim K has been more of a miss than hit throughout her pregnancy with too-tight dresses, we applaud her effort to dress up. It must be challenging being heavily pregnant under the scrutiny of paparazzi. We noted that the Kanye West’s partner looked stunning in a mini black dress with cape that subtly compliments her curves at the recent MTV Movie Awards.

    Rachel Evan Wood, too, looks chic in black dress with empire waistline (a pregger’s BFF!) while the queen of chic Kate Middleton sticks to adorable shift dresses paired with blazers for structure. Maxi dresses are another pregnancy staple, giving you some space to breathe while still looking boho chic like Angelina Jolie.

    Local fashion entrepreneur and famed blogger Vivy Yusof, who is on her third trimester, swears by maxi dresses, flowy tops and cover-ups to jazz up her pregnancy. Psstt.. FashionValet is cooking up a maternity & nursing section too, after the recent birth of FV Kids.

    “The side profile of a pregnant lady is scary. The front is huge, and to make matter worse, the back grows too! So for me, I tend to invest in long cardigans or fishtail tops to cover my bum area. Leggings, tank tops and maxi dresses are a pregnant woman’s best friend, and trust me… so are your husband’s boxers,” Vivy, who traded her trustworthy heels for chic flats, opened up.

    Easing your way to the pregnancy-friendly fashion

    Honeymama nursing bra (sleep) in nude, RM36. Just Mum Boutique maternity panty, RM17.91. Little Whiz belly belt set, RM71.90. H&M 2-pack maternity bras, RM59. H&M 3-pack maternity panties, RM49.90

    Throughout your pregnancy, some women experience a double cup increase while your thongs wouldn’t cut it anymore. Another thing modern preggers swear by is the belly belt that will allow you to wear your old pants, unbuttoned but secured from dropping.

    Visit trusted lingerie outlets like La Senza to get re-measured especially in your second and third trimester – and treat yourself to comfortable and seamless undergarments. For quality basic maternity lingeries, browse H&M outlets. Local online shops are not behind in this department too, with mommies-to-be and nursing moms spoiled for choice from Mammahouse, JustMum and Honeymama.

    Zara bird print kimono, RM459. Blaq Magik Lvrs oversized denim shirt, RM69. Mango waterfall blazer, RM199. Free Flow basic long cardigan in blue (via FashionValet), RM89. H&M maternity top in black, RM29.90. Dorothy Perkins maternity denim leggings in black, RM249

    Blazers and long cardigans are great investments throughout maternity (and you can so wear them after!). You can basically live in long tank tops and leggings combo during your last trimester and still looking amazing when you have a great cover-up collection. Dorothy Perkins have got you covered with their great basic maternity selections.

    Be experimental with colours and patterns to avoid looking washed-out since your basic maternity wear will most likely be in dark colours. Put on a tailored blazer for work meetings while long cardigans are great for day outs because they cover your bums. For a change, try out the trendy kimono-style cover-ups.

    Miss Selfridge indian pattern maxi, approx. RM228.25. ASOS Maternity turquoise maxi, approx. RM205.40. ASOS Maternity floral maxi, approx. RM219. Miss Selfridge frill maxi in blush pink, approx. RM205.40

    What piece of clothing could tick all these boxes: comfortable, airy, makes a pregger look human-like not bolster-like, covers swollen feet? Meet the maxis, your new best friend. Find a maxi dress that flatters your figure and could accomodate your belly well. You practically have a sartorial sanctuary on your second and third trimester.

    Pick a maxi with bust frills to camouflage the area and giving you a good belly – bust balance. Otherwise, follow Angelina Jolie’s suit and pick a full-patterned maxi to provide an optical illusion of a more flattering body shape. Miss Selfridge has a great maxi range for you to pick whilst ASOS Maternity come up with eye-catching prints and colours for their maxis. Oh, both brands swear by empire waistline – another pregger’s BFF!

    Charles & Keith leopard loafers, approx. RM148.70. Chloe leather flats in salmon (via Net-A-Porter), approx. RM1.514. Antyk Butyk resin bangle in red (via FashionValet), RM58. A Fashion Story wooden eye necklace, RM14.90. Zara black strappy sandals, RM139.90. Luccacal ethnic necklace, RM24. Corgi wedged flats in red, RM169. H&M 3-pack rings, RM27.90. The Extra Piece orange necklace, RM50

    For some, foregoing heels may feel like a going out bra-less. But we wouldn’t want to force our swollen feet on those tight pumps like Kim K did (trust us, they look really painful), would we? By the end of your first trimester, spend some time to find round toe flats and sandals that are both flattering and have enough support to get you through the pregnancy. Nothing overly flat, a proper 1cm of sturdy soles would do you good.

    Still in the accessories department, since most of your maternity clothes are in dark colours – it’s accessories time! Gemstone necklaces, headscarves or eye-catching earrings could brighten anyone’s day.

    A note to the preggers

    Last but not least, mind your hair and makeup. Neat hair and natural makeup will highlight that natural glow only pregnant women have. Once in a while, indulge in a calming pedicure session and don’t forget to do appropriate exercises regularly.

    I have never been pregnant myself but what I do know is your mental wellness is well connected to your physical condition – so don’t feel guilty for indulging during (not only wishing for ‘after’) pregnancy. You, of all people, know that you’re doing the best you can for your baby.

    “I’m just going to be honest here. When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t help but look at all my clothes and go…. uh-oh. I absolutely love my clothes and not being able to zip up was a nightmare. But God is kind. Every life-changing process in pregnancy is gradual, so you will feel more calm in knowing that you are given time to adapt to your changing body and soon, stretchmarks don’t seem so bad. (I say this NOW…),” Vivy shared.

    Have a healthy and happy pregnancy, dearest Venusians!

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    Banish Feet Faux Pas! Dos & Don’ts When Wearing Heels

    We, women do love our heels and no one gets beauty is pain more than us. But it doesn’t matter if it’s Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik, there are just some things you shouldn’t do when it comes to wearing your heels. Let the class on fashion etiquette begins.

    Price tags

    Ladies, we don’t need to know how much your pair of heels cost, get those price tags out! Gwyneth Paltrow was once an offender, so don’t get caught by the fashion police.

    Do ~ Yes, we understand that the price tag stickers are hard to come off. Here’s a trick – dab nail polish remover on a cotton pad, place over sticker and let it soak in for a few minutes. You should be able to peel the sticker off after that. Use a ruler to scrape the residue or if you have the patience, use an eraser to rub it all off.

    Ugly feet

    We are not all blessed with the most beautiful feet around but there’s nothing more unsightly than parading your chipped nail polish, cracked heels or tortured toes in your pair of slinky heels. If you’re already spending hundreds of ringgit on pretty dresses, perfectly coiffed hair, and amazing makeup, surely you can treat your feet better?

    On a serious note, your lust for killer heels can lead to bunions, hammer toes, calluses and plantar warts. All of which could be a painful experience if you don’t take care.

    Do ~ Our feet is the most neglected part of the body. And if you regularly wear heels, or any shoes for that matter, spend some time and money on foot spa, pedicure, massage, etc to pamper your feet. Don’t walk in heel for long period of time, and always switch between heels and cushioned flats to air them and give yourself better support.

    All in a squeeze

    By now, you would have seen pictures of Julianne Moore’s tiny toes peeping out of her stilettos at the recent Cannes red carpet event. No? See above. Ladies, if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. You are doing yourself a big fashion no-no and not to mention, giving yourself painful health hazard.

    Some cutting or design may look cute but you need to know that feet shape and growth/changes play an important role in looking and feeling your best too. In the case of Kim K., her swollen feet should not be tested to the limit with her choice of trendy footwear.

    Do ~ When you’re buying a pair of heels, it pays to walk around in them first. Take your time and see how well the shoes fit – check if your feet slide forward or the straps cut into your skin as you walk, etc. Also, as feet tend to swell at the end of the day, it is the best time to go shoe shopping, just remember that you would need to let them breathe a little.

    Inappropriate footwear

    We’re pointing the finger at you, the chick who-can’t-be-caught-dead-in-anything-but-heels-no-matter-what-the-occasion. The Victoria Beckham’s of the world if you may.

    True story – a girl was strutting (more like staggering) in 5-inch heels at an outdoor gig where the field is muddy and the grass no longer green not too long ago. Now, where is the sense in that? There’s a reason why the footwear industry gives us so many options – heels, pumps, boot, sandals, flip flops – so that you can make the right choice.

    Do ~ Our best advice is to use your senses and judgment. If you’re going to the said concert, ditch the heels. If you know you’ll be running around a lot for meetings and whatnot, wear a more sensible footwear or keep a spare pair of heels/ flats in the car for when you need them. Don’t be the girl that everyone makes fun of and loves to hate.

    Mismatch socks

    Ok, we’re on the fence on this one. Certain factors have to be considered here – what is your dressing style? are you going for a mod look? Slutty schoolgirl or the Apek wearing socks with slipper look?

    Only a few types of heels are suited to match the shoes and socks combo, i.e. covered heels, pumps, Mary Janes, booties. It may look a bit weird on opened toe heels, clogs and sandals.

    Do ~ You need a certain know-how to pull this off. The first thing to remember is that wearing socks will cut off your legs by shaving off a few inches of your height. Second is the texture; go for light and sheer material, avoid cotton as it tends to be bulky and stretch out fast. Next, the length; always keep the top of the socks resting at a slim part of ankle or calf to flatter your pints. Lastly, pair this with short hemmed dresses or shorts for an elongating effect.

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    SNL: Glasses Online

    Taking a break from our usual clothing apparel features on our Shop! In The Name of Love segment, we take a look at the newest and biggest online eyewear retailer in Malaysia – Glasses Online!

    Founded by Christopher Strauch, who has worked with the likes of Zalora and Rocket Internet, Glasses online (glassesonline.com.my) is a fairly new online shopping portal that caters to all our eyewear needs. In fact; they’re Malaysia’s first online eyewear retailer!

    The store boasts of a slew of eyewear from frames to lenses, and even carry designer bands! We guess it’s time to bid goodbye to troublesome eyewear store trips, and shop at the comfort of your home.

    Why We <3

    Lowest Price Guarantee. Glasses online promises to offer customers the best price guarantee. It is stated that if customers are to find the purchased product cheaper anywhere in Malaysia, the difference of the price would be returned!

    Eyewear Galore. What our eyewear-wearing writer likes best is the variety of brands and styles Glasses Online carry! With a gallery of over 150 brand and 35000 styles, Glasses Online can be considered the biggest eyewear store in Malaysia. From Porsche aviator frames to Cooper Vision astigmatism contact lenses; they’ve got them all covered!

    Quality Brands. As they the store works directly with brands headquarters, they ensure that the brands they carry are 100% original and authentic.

    Free Delivery and Returns. No matter the size or quantity of your purchase, Glasses Online offer free delivery of your items to your doorstep! Additionally, they also have a ‘Free Returns’ policy; if the product does not fit, you get to return it back to them within 30 days!

    Why We No <3

    Website bugs. Sadly, we noticed a lag in the website when accessing certain pages (e.g narrowing down our searches). However, we admit and like the fact that they’re web layout is very neat and orderly, hence making shopping easy.

    Do-It-Yourself Prescription. As Glasses Online is an online portal, they obviously do not help you test and take down your prescription. You would have to go to an optician to get your PD (pupillary distance) measurements.  However, Glasses Online do provide you with information and detailed instructions on how to get a precise reading out of the PD slip.


    So guys and girls, what are you waiting for – drop by Glasses Online for a look!

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    First Look: ‘Orked’ by Jovian Mandagie x Tesco

    This year, the designer of choice for Tesco is the very talented Jovian Mandagie. 

    Called Orked, the exclusive collection by designer Jovian Mandagie was officially launched for online preorder yesterday on Tesco. In celebration of the collaboration, all of Jovian’s 24 ready-to-wears were previewed at a special fashion show held at Neo Tamarind KL.

    Tesco’s designer collaboration has been a yearly affair that fans can look forward to and last year, we saw the 20 by Rizalman x Tesco collection going off the racks when it hit the stores nationwide.

    Likewise, Jovian Mandagie’s pieces are expected to garner the same effect if not more when it hits the store this June 24th onwards.

    This is the first year that Tesco is opening up the designer collection for preorders between May 15th and May 26th. With every pre-ordered item, customers will receive an exclusive Orked by Jovian scarf which will all be ready for collection at your selected stores from June 17th to 23rd.

    The Orked collection boasts of chic kurung labuh, kurung moden, kebaya, kaftan and long dresses in sweet pastel hues. Think soft shades of lilac, blush pink, mint green and flavescent yellow.

    The Jovian touch is not loss with his signature peplum, draping and mermaid silhouette apparent in the beautiful, flowy numbers. What you can’t miss is his love of detailing such as embroidery and flower appliqué. Loved it!

    The award-winning designer chose the theme ‘Orked’ for his collaboration as the flower is one of the most unique flowers in the world. In essence, the orchid personifies the characteristics of a modern woman who is strong, resilient and yet feminine. This is his Raya gift to his fans.

    Orked by Jovian Mandagie will be available at the following Tesco stores with prices starting at RM199 per design:

    Ampang, Mutiara Damansara, Klang, Shah Alam, Setia Alam, Puchong, Kepong, Kajang, Nilai, Seremban 2, Melaka, Desa Tebrau Johor, Seri Alam Johor, Station 18 Ipoh, Taiping, Tanjung Pinang, Penang, SP Selatan Sungai Petani, Mergong Alor Setar and Kota Bahru.

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    First Look: Kobi Levi’s Disney Villains Footwear

    Designer Kobi Levi gives recognition to famous Disney villains in his latest footwear collection. 

    Called ‘Witch-Craft’, the collection of ‘wearable sculptures’ feature Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and the Evil Queen from Snow White.

    Levi said that he has always loved Walt Disney characters since his childhood days and he enjoys the fantasy and naivety that is present in the Disney world. “The villains are special because they are iconic and interesting. They are most memorable for me.”

    The choice of Ursula, Maleficent and the Evil Queen as muse for his footwear was an easy one. They each have a distinct uniqueness with their character and temperament that make up a quirky collection.

    The Israeli-born designer is famously known for his outlandish shoe designs which has even claimed a fan in Lady Gaga. She wore the double boot pair in her Born This Way video.

    His Disney villains designs which were uploaded on his blog two months ago have been garnering quite the attention lately. Each pair in the series features hand-painted face of the villains on the insole.

    He first started the blog in 2010 as a means to update his friends on his latest designs without having to email each and everyone of them every single time. Since then he has been making waves with positive reactions on his one-of-a-kind ideas. His other quirky shoe designs can be seen here.

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    Fashion Friday: Dress Up to Your Mum’s Decade!

    This Mother’s Day, hand the bouquet to mum while decked in the outfit from her younger years.

    I procrastinated. A lot, before the first word was typed into this article, thanks to the hours spent on shifting through my mother’s old photos from the late 60s and early 70s. Those black and white gems captured the perfectly coiffed hair, glorious circle skirts and carefree shift dresses worn when mum was hanging out with her sisters and friends. Influence of Twiggy and The Beatles was apparent as the fuss-free fashion took over the feminine era of the 50s.

    Not even a little did I regret the Fashion Friday procrastination, for the heartwarming mum’s ‘ooh!’ and ‘ahh!’s filled the house for that couple of hours; the excitement was even shared with her sisters abroad who confessed that they laughed to tears.

    This week, our team and friends have shared their mothers’ old photos with us. Let’s recreate the nostalgic joy for mum by dressing up according to her teenage years decade! Dig up some old photos, do some style research, get her a fresh bouquet of flowers and above all – spend some quality time with mama this Sunday.

    The feminine 50s

    This is a decade that celebrated womanly figures, when fashion was resurrected after World War II brutally slaughtered it. Hips and curves were flaunted through nipped waist and full skirt; think Marilyn Monroe. Hair was perfectly puffed up and waved with no strays allowed.

    My mum’s clan was a living example of 50s poster girls with their glorious womanly attireChannel the 50s with a selection of dresses as seen on our SNL Sunny Sideup Closet, heeled-flats and a puffed up do. And oh, don’t forget your teeny tiny tote!

    The mod / androgynous 60s

    The women empowerment era made many slowly moved away from cinched waist and pushed-up bust. The top of the crops were shift dresses, mini skirts and pixie cut as seen on the era’s icon Twiggy and Audrey. Makeup was kept to the bare minimum with only doll-like lashes taking the centre stage.

    Gender-associated dressing was abandoned, with women starting to pick up on fitted blazers, culottes and boxy silhouettes (remember Jackie O’s iconic pillbox hat?). Colours were outbursting and music shouted freedom, signified by the heyday of The Beatles.

    Editor Audra’s mother was the epitome of the carefree and confident 60s women. Often spotted in shift dresses that complemented her petite figure, her hair was short and fuss-free. Whereas, my aunt was a true androgyny believer in her neat pixie cut, slicked back like a true gentleman would. Armed with the ‘it’ blazer, she redefined beauty in her own rights.

    Recreate the look with a shift dress paired with calf-length socks and coloured flats. Alternatively, slick your hair back using wax and button up your tailored blazer to pair with printed leggings.

    The musically-influenced 70s

    Music, lifestyle and fashion are inseparable, as apparent in the 70s where the hippies brought into spotlight the tie-dye shirt and midi to maxi flare skirts. Other trends through the decade were heavily influenced by the flamboyant ‘Saturday Night Fever’ with its bell-bottom pants (insert compulsory John Travolta’s go-to disco pose here) and platform shoes – worn by both men and women. In that spirit, anything glittery too, was hot.

    This is also the era where DVF came up with her timeless wrap dresses. The late 70s, on the other hand, was owned by the punk. The fashion is not at all dead following its revival this season, even marked by the ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’-themed MET Gala this year.

    Senior Writer Gwen relived the 60s by wearing a jolly midi sundress inherited from her mama, paired with the classic black platform sandals. The witness of the decade, Nash Maran’s mother, shared similar love towards the aforementioned dress that she wore with wavy hair back in the day. Emulate the carefree style with one thing in mind: keep the arms bare!

    The funky 80s

    Go big or go home. That’s the 80s funky spirit where big, curly hair reigns alongside loud attires in loose fit. Some of the must-have items include the now-trendy sneakers, printed leggings and lightweight sport jackets. Don’t shy away from accessories like big plastic earrings and colourful sunnies. While Madonna circa ‘Material Girl’ was the icon of the decade, Indonesia’s band Club Eighties relived the jovial lifestyle in the 00s.

    Features Writer Jyy Wei’s mother swore by the bold 80s lifestyle with her big hair that she wore with loose checked shirt and midi skirt. This Sunday, blow up your hair and put a bright adornment on it, wear your loudest leggings and complete the look with a boyfriend shirt. Sneakers on, neon earrings on and you go girl!

    The Asian heritage

    If there’s one thing our mothers from different decades share – it would be their love for the traditional heritage. From kebayas to kurungs and sarees, on the most important days our mothers trade skirts for the timeless traditional wear.

    Mine inherited the love for Indonesian traditional kebaya from her mother; together the duo proudly donned the national symbol on her graduation day. Loshana Shagar’s mother shares the similar view as she struts in saree – both in special occasions and daily life. Her special saree was stunningly red and gold, perfectly complimenting her complexion.

    This Sunday, iron your best baju kurung and wake mum up with the widest smile you could manage. Otherwise, pair a kebaya top with your maxi skirt and batik clutch (also makes for a great Mother’s Day gift!) and tell her: “Selamat Hari Ibu!”.

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    Handbag Styles And Trends To Look Out For Fall/Winter 2013

    Ah handbags, that one fashion piece where you can have tons stored in some hidden cabinet at home, but still can’t resist the calling of getting another one!

    Some call it addiction; some call it a hobby or collection – be what it may, it is undeniable that handbags are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe! And, as with any other fashion piece, styles and trends would change with seasons.

    In order to keep up with what fashion houses are offering, we take a look at Vogue’s best handbag picks from the fall/winter 2013-14 catwalks. From Prada to Victoria Beckham, here’s a glimpse of what handbag styles and trends are ‘in’ and ‘out’!


    The Minaudière

    We were delighted to see the various brands playing around with this silhouette! Valentino, Chanel and Christopher Kane have designed very beautiful and modern-esque pieces that ooze luxe, elegance and style (and made us wish we were rich).

    Just look at how fab queen Fergie rocks the bag!

    Why We Love It: Yes, we do know that its size is a wee bit impractical but it is admittedly perfect for a night out with your man or girlfriends. This tiny bag also acts as the finishing touch and accessory to your outfit!


    The Foldover Clutch

    Hold on to your clutches, because they’re here to stay! Though, this season is more about the foldover kind – brands such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Burberry have crafted some well-designed pieces. And we like what we see!

    Oh, and we reckon Charlize Theron likes them too!

    Why We Love It: Those who can’t get over the Minaudière’s size would love the foldover clutch. Big enough to fit your wallet, phone and some essential make up, yet stylish enough for night use; nice! Loving this Burberry Prorsum piece and how you’d pair it with a leopard print skirt – so fresh!


    The Doctor Style

    The Doctor silhoutte may be just what the doctor ordered! This timeless pieces may look like something repeated from previous seasons, but designers such as Marc by Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham understand that some styles are forever.

    The trendy Ashley Olsen is one that has taken a liking of this vintage-looking bag!

    Why We Love It: The doctor silhouette is pretty flexible in terms of day and night usage (just remember that smaller sizes are more suited for dinner parties). With its spacious compartment, structured and chic vintage outlook, the doctor’s bag is definitely a choice accessory.


    The Bowling Style

    This steering bag silhouette is everything a bag should be as it cleverly combines practicality and style. Brands such as Prada and Miu Miu are highly utilizing the silhouette. However, we also notice them upping the design with some patterned textures.

    Their fans? The ever-hot latin actress, Eva Longaria is just one of the many who sees the charm of this functional bag!

    Why We Love It: This stylish bag is simply versatile, comes with handy internal pockets, sturdy double handles and a top zip closure—making it one of the best carryall bags for the girl on the go.



    Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Philip Lim are seen incorporating this funky and fun texture into their bags.

    Why We Love It: Simply because it’s a fun and vibrant texture – think Cruella de Vil! However ladies, we do hope that those bags in the runway and the ones that you carry are faux fur.

    Darker Colours & Stuctured Shapes

    Move over bright colours, because earthy warm hues are in. In fact, aside from Miu Miu and sporting pastel colours (that are also of a neutral tone), most high-end fashion houses are turning to the darker side. It is also noted the the bags of the coming season sport a more ‘structured’ outlook (like the Doctor and Bowling silhoutte).

    Why We Love It: In all honesty, we are relieved that bright colours are slowly taking their leave. The new darker shades emanate a certain sophisticated charm and are purely easier to match. Oh, and if you think these hues lack life, light and neutral pastel colours are the alternative. Also, the definitive shifts to structured bags are a positive sign as the effortlessly fit in with daytime, work and night attires!


    Sources: VogueDish The DirtEranziPurse Blog, Cool Spotters 

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    SNL: Sunny Sideup Closet

    Word is, vintage is in and hey, we’re not complaining! For this week’s Shop! In The Name Of Love segment, we take a look at one of the more prominent vintage boutiques in Malaysia – Sunny Sideup Closet.

    Quirky prints, structured cuts and beautiful retro designs  – those are just some of the few reasons why vintage lovers love the timeless style! Although pretty sought-after now, vintage apparel providers are hard to find in Malaysia. And that’s where Sunny Sideup Closet comes in! Founded in 2009, Sunny Sideup Closet is an online boutique that specializes in vintage attires. From funky graphic prints to pretty pleats, it can be seen that the online boutique has tried its best to satisfy our ‘blast from the past’ cravings!

    Why We <3:

    Vintage Galore. As stated, Sunny Sideup Closet is essentially a vintage online boutique. In fact, they’re one of the more reputable vintage boutiques in Malaysia that carry a slew of vintage dresses.

    ‘New’ items. Recently, the shop has started to bring in non-vintage items! However, it should be noted that the new items collection is not as expansive as their vintage catalogue.

    Inexpensive. One of the things that we love most about Sunny Sideup Closet is how affordable the apparels are! Heck, we even spotted a dress on sale for only RM15! The non-sale vintage items range between Rm40 to RM50, while the new items are from RM50 to RM70. Oh, and they also offer free shipping for purchases above Rm100!

    Regular Updates. Sunny Sideup Closet would update the site for at least two times in a week, ensuring us buyers constant fresh goodies!

    Pleasant Shopping Experience. Having purchased off Sunny Sideup Closet before, we vouch for the shop’s prompt and quality service. Top that off with strong bazaar presence, quick replies and friendly shop owners and voila, you’ve got yourself a pleasant shopping experience!

    Why We No <3:

    Selected Items. Although they do have other segments like ‘skirts’ and ‘belts’, majority of the apparels in Sunny Sideup Closet are dresses.

    Quick To Sell. Many a times have we spotted a dress we’d like to purchase but, to our dismay, are labelled ‘reserved’ or ‘sold.’ Yup ladies, the items at Sunny Sideup Closet get sold quickly. So, as the saying goes; the early bird gets the worm (or in this case, the quickest fingers get the purchase).

    To get your vintage clothing fix, why not check out Sunny Sideup Closet or their Facebook page.

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    The Lure of Preloved Designer Bags

    As a status symbol, designer bags are enjoying an appeal like no other; even with preloved ones, the cult status is to-starve-for.

    All over the world, there’s a growing appreciation for designer items and for many, the idea of glamourising one’s wardrobe with a Chanel or Louis Vuitton seems like a very appealing fashion. The ‘It’ bags are as much of a burgeoning brand awareness as an evolving lifestyle.

    Designer bags are favoured because they are known to be sturdy and reliable. The material and craftsmanship are top notch. These bags often last for a long time and in the case when you are bored of your bag, you can always sell it off to make room for another buy.

    Gone are the days when ladies shunned away from preloved or used handbags due to various reasons like superstition and pride, now it is seen as a smart investment. And, why not?

    Like how the watch is a symbolic item for the men, women find the handbag as an extension of her personality. Whether it’s the satchel, hobo, shopper or clutch, a bag is a very big part of a woman’s life. That is why many would invest in a really good piece or two for all her needs. Most women keep our lives in the bags we carry anyway, so it’d better be up to the job!

    The Malaysian Buying Trend

    There’s no denying that designer bags are expensive. But with preloved offers, it is now more accessible to own a slice of that sophistication. In Malaysia, we have a number of offline and online shops selling preloved designer bags. Many offer competitive prices and easy payment to suit each buyer’s needs.

    Among two of the well-known sellers are Glampot and Attic House, which are both running their businesses off and online. These two establishments only carry 100% genuine products and bags can be sold on a consignment basis – where you leave your bag with them to be snapped up by potential buyers.

    With preloved designer bags, the selling price will definitely be lower than a new one and you have the option of paying by installments. It is more a bargain for the buyer than the seller, who may have to shave off a few hundred ringgits of what was expected.

    Malaysian women are now willing to fork out a substantial amount of money to own a piece of luxury, some up to over RM10,000. Luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Gucci are the most sought-after when it comes to designer handbags.

    One woman shares that she only buys designer bags if there’s a resell value. And because bags are an investment, she says it is important to consider the durability, functionality and learn how to take care of the goods the proper way. More often that not, women simply throw their bag around and carry inappropriate bag to the wrong events and such; this is “bag abuse” as she calls it.

    Yup, designer handbags appeal to people from all walks of life and with preloving ways, the coveted bags can be a dream come true for many.

  • Fashion,  Tips

    Fashion Friday: Blue & White for Women & Men

    A Spring classic gets a twist this season – making it a new must-have for both women and men.

    Nautical typically brings about the retro blue, white and red combo inspired by the mighty sailor. Without fail, the wardrobe classic reappears every few season or so – each time with a slight difference to it. While the classic blue and white stripe tee will never go out of style, this season blue and white appears refreshed, refined and a little more grown up.

    Taking yet another clue from the East, blue & white appears in Chinese porcelain-like patterns in dresses and breezy button-downs among others. The fashion inclination reminds us of a show-stopping Roberto Cavalli dress Victoria Beckham wore back in 2009. The body-hugging mermaid tube gown was all kind of wonderful: womanly, goddess-like and filled with statement.

    Fast forward to SS13, Temperley London redefines modern femme fatale through blue & white combo in her collection. The icy blue blends gently with white in see-through and embroidered fabrics. Teamed up with nipped waist and flowing skirts, her creations are feminine with a hint of mystery.

    Blue & white how to

    The colour combo sends out a clean and soothing vibe – making it suitable for both work and play. Plus, we also found out that blue & white complements yellow to brown skin tones well; making it a good wardrobe investment for an Asian soul. Be inspired by the minimalist art deco trend and keep it simple when decking yourself in blue & white.

    For a day full of meetings at work, pair your fitted blue shirt with tailored white pants that would allow you to move quickly and gracefully. Complete the look with a white blazer, a pair of nude wedges and your go to tote.

    For a more laid-back day out, allow yourself to breathe with an oversized white shirt and blue patterned pants, or fabric jacket and cullotes with a pair of sandals. Clutch your carry-all and KL sun ain’t got nothing on you!

    Blue & white for the boys

    From dads and executives to the stylish youngsters – blue has been the boys’ go-to colour for ages. When paired with black or grey – blue appear rather formal but when white comes into the picture, boy do we have a dapper getup! Very few (if any) men could pull off white pants, so until then we should stick to the white top and blue bottoms combo.

    Music and Theatre Editor Wong Boon Ken, 24, shares of his undying love for blue and white.

    “I believe there’s a shade of blue for every ocassion. After all, there’s a reason why the most classic jeans are made in blue. The colour is very versatile and when paired with white, you get yourself a foolproof combo.”

    For the men, plonk in your white t-shirt and blue bermudas paired with your trustworthy slip-ons and a satchel for your day off. When dressed to impress, wear your crisp white shirt and blue pants with an optional blue chambray blazer. To top it all off, you can never go wrong with a good pair of leather brogues.

    A fashion trend both you and your man can apply? We’re psyched!